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What is LiveJasmin?

LiveJasmin comes to mind as a leading live cam sex, porn, and dating site. As one of the world's premium sex cam sites, LiveJasmin features an amazing number of nude cam girls and models, HD-grade sex chat rooms, a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and 24/7 professional customer support service. Users enjoy high-standard functionality and features, amazing user satisfaction, state-of-the-art studio, video quality, and audio clarity.

LiveJasmin focuses on live-streaming adult sexual activity and nudity. You'll also find the site a hub for sex-related activities such as striptease, sexual intercourse, oral penetration, masturbation, sexual entertainment, and more. There is a huge catalog of sex-performing LiveJasmin camgirls and women on LiveJasmin. Users will also discover many male, ethnic, lesbian, transgender, couple, bigass, brunette, and blonde models.

Moreover, this adult cam site was launched in 2001 and has since risen to compete fiercely with the big adult content sites out there.

More so, LiveJasmin's choice of reddish web background symbolizes desire, passion, and sexiness. It is all about romance and love, and our LiveJasmin review covers you with loads of info on the go. But how does LiveJasmin work?

How Popular Is LiveJasmin?

LiveJasmin has been around since 2001, and it has always been a strong platform with many models. The number of models is always a good indication of how popular a camsite is.

At the beginning of the camming industry, when 200 models were a decent amount of models, LiveJasmin had more than that. As the market grew, so did the platform. However, it is not the first one because of freemium camsites like Chaturbate and StripChat. But it is not far from that.

If you compare two distant dates, 2013 and 2021, the number dropped. It lost about 800 models. But it is a long period. The site may be slowing down, but if this indicates that they will go out of business, they still have decades ahead before considering shutting down.

Currently, LiveJasmin is ranked as # largest camsite in terms of online models.

In terms of active models, they have about active models. These are the models that go online on the site quite often. To be more clear, have worked at least per day in the past 30 days. This time is half the average time all models spend on the site. This is how MyCamgirl counts active models.

Is this a lot? Well, turning this number into a rank puts this camsite on # .

Working Closely With Studios

Almost since its inception, LiveJasmin has been working closely with studios, mainly from Romania and Hungary, but also, in the last few years, with studios from Colombia.

This business relationship has increased, and in many cases, LiveJasmin has in-person meetings with studio owners, managers, and even camgirls to run some numbers and give directions. Because of that, the site ends up getting a lot of new models. Studios recruit models, and because of their good relationship with Jasmin, they favor LiveJasmin's platform instead of putting their models to work for the competition.

Also, notice that prior to 2018, models were allowed to create multiple accounts. Many girls had at least two accounts, with some girls holding several accounts. There are many reasons behind that, but this is a thing of the past since LiveJasmin closed all duplicate accounts and stopped allowing it.

These two points, studios and duplicate accounts, explain why the platform saw a huge influx of new models in some periods. When a new studio joins the platform, it brings all its models at once. If it is a big studio, it can register hundreds of models in just one day. The spike on the graph below is believed to be the effect of a huge enterprise studio with offices on multiple continents and nearly thousands of models working for them.

For some reason, the admins seem to prefer to work with Romanian and Colombian studios. This has led the site to fail to hold many successful camgirls from other countries. A good example is NataliaGonharova of Chaturbate, who was AgathaBossi on LiveJasmin but moved away from the site a few months after joining it.

Where Are the Models From?

For years, the most popular country used to be Romania. Until a Romanian studio expanded its operations overseas, and Colombian models started landing on the site. Currently, the most common country is with % of the active models. comes in second with %. See the top ten below:

Country Models
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)

How LiveJasmin Works

If you want to have a private, one-on-one conversation with sexy models, LiveJasmin is the right place to be. The platform offers users the opportunity to access a wide range of sex services from the models. The good thing is that LiveJasmin allows you to use the services in excellent HD live-streaming studios. The porn experiences and sexual escapades are in real-time, from the bedrooms, mobile phones, studios, and tablets of the LiveJasmin camgirls.

Your location doesn't matter; you can do dirty talks with nude models using interactive sex toys. LiveJasmin features stunning videos, audio, and picture content of couples and trans performers. There are other categories of sex models you'll find on the platform.

The site's outlook features an exclusive theme and easy-to-navigate design, making LiveJasmin a dedicated platform for nude webcam stars. Here are exclusive user-oriented features of LiveJasmin:

Premium Stories

LiveJasmin premium stories are just like Instagram stories. It helps users to connect and interact with the camgirls and models more intimately. When you unlock the premium stories, you can get to know every detail about your favorite Livejasmin camgirl. You'll learn about her sex experiences, orientations, sexual needs, and desires, moods, and personality type. As a result, you can listen to her and learn how to best take care of her needs when you chat.

The stories are available on the left menu under the "show type" filter (if you are on the homepage). This will list all models with stories. You can also access a model's stories by clicking on her avatar. If it has a yellow circle, it means that she has stories.

But like on Instagram, stories remain available only for 24 hours (unless the model deletes it before). There is no option for the model to make it available forever. But many models tend to repost old stories.

Notice that models can also publish free stories, and many do this. But don't hope to see any nudity on free stories. It is against the rules. You can see many censured pictures to encourage you to buy access to the premium stories.

Regarding the price, models can set between 3 to 20 credits for 7 days of access to their stories. Don't assume that a higher price is equal to more stories. It really depends on how committed the girl is to the stories and her fans. The best way is to check for some time how often a girl posts stories.

Some suggestions?

  • Daiana is known for frequently posting stories, many of them featuring explicit content;
  • MaeMoon posts great and hot content, but she is not very reliable in terms of schedule;
  • CristinaRouse shares sexy non-nude pictures on free stories and nude pictures on premium;
  • MoIIyMoore uses the stories mainly to promote her stream but includes nice nude pictures;
  • AlmaGrace asks a bit more for her premium stories, but she shares unique explicit content;
  • ToryLuvy doesn't post that often, but when she does, she posts exclusive selfies showing her tits;

Livejasmin Fan Club

LiveJasmin Fan Clubs work more like a discount and boost club. It gives you discounts on stories and a point boost on Club Elite. The prices, discounts, and boosts are the same on all models.

Level Price per month Premium Stories Elite Points
Bronze $5.99 25% off 25% boost
Silver $21.99 50% off 50% boost
Gold $42.99 Free of charge 100% boost

You pay for a 30-day period, and you can cancel at any time. If you care about those perks and use them, then it is a nice deal. But if the model rarely posts premium stories, there having free access to her stories is useless. The boost is pointless if you don't care about your rank on Club Elite.

Just notice that the fan club is individual. You subscribe to a single model's fan club and get discounts on her stories. The discounts are not applied globally. Except for the Elite points. That is applied to your account. So, if you subscribe to two fan clubs at the bronze level, you get a 50% boost (25%+25%)

Two other perks are more for members who care about their egos:

  • Special badge: That will appear before your name in the chat room. It is a simple star with the color of your membership level;
  • Special surprise animations: A set of different surprise animations available only for fan club members. So when you tip, the animation (to which nobody pays attention) is different;

Unfortunately, the fan club feature lacks more options and offers. It would be more interesting if the Gold level would get exclusive content. But this is something that LiveJasmin models are not reliable. LiveJasmin has tried it before to make models upload decent content more often. In reality, only studio models do so because LiveJasmin pushes studios with deals, and then studios get models to do. But if you ask any model, none of them are interested in producing content. They only want to complete their shift and go home. They only do it because studios tell them so.

Livejasmin Free Membership

The free membership on LiveJasmin is a very limited basic account. The platform used to allow free members to perform a lot more actions and interact with models easily. But after years of abuse from freeloaders and complaints from models, they started limiting what a freeloader can do.

The definition of a freeloader in this instance is slightly different. A freeloader here is a member who never bought credits on the platform. A member who bought credits before but spent them all and now holds no credits now, is not a freeloader, and they don't have limited actions.

A freeloader can:

  • Opportunity to sign up and log in (duh!);
  • Freely view galleries of models;
  • Watch the model's broadcasts for 10 minutes;
  • Add a few models to your favorites;
  • Send pre-made text in chat rooms;
  • Cast a vote for award-deserving models;

Notice the pre-made text thing. Yes, if you never bought credits, you can't chat normally. You can't type whatever you want. Instead, you select some cheesy, boring text from a dropdown menu to send to the chat room. You can get this same experience without joining the site. As a guest, you have this same limitation. In fact, a freeloader can only do the same thing a guest (non-registered member) can do. Except for the casting votes. Freeloaders can vote for models on the Awards. That makes no sense and opens the contest to manipulations.

While these limitations are a bummer, they are there for a reason. No, it is not to force people to spend money. It is to ensure a good quality service for those who spent money on the site, and also a better environment for both members and models. Imagine that anyone with an email address could do anything and interact with models.

Paid LiveJasmin Membership

You get all the limitations unlocked as a premium or paid LiveJasmin member and can use the site normally. You're entitled to the various services and benefits that free members enjoy. In addition, you'll also have access to the following services:

  • Turn on your mics to hear models moan;
  • Turn on your webcam to view models' activities and for them to view you;
  • Play games with models;
  • Claim bonus credits;
  • Initiate private chats and shows with models;
  • Gift models surprise virtual gifts;

LiveJasmin User Interface

The first thing that attracts you to the LiveJasmin website is its color. The platform is reputed for its trademark deep red color. The color idea is to entice adults to the site using some glasses of red wine and sensual videos and photos of models.

The sleek interface is user-friendly and has many themes, features, and functionalities—the intuitiveness of the site syncs with the refined and class experience that members enjoy. But you should remember that these features and services don't come for free. You've got to pray some fees.

Top 6 LiveJasmin Models

LiveJasmin houses different models, and it doesn't matter what your choice is; there's something for everyone. These Livejasmin camgirls welcome you to the site's homepage, streaming live on different modes. Whether you're a beginner user or a veteran, you have equal access to the public activities of the models.

Is your choice the innocent Arabian amateurs, the hot Italian camgirls, the strap-on American trans, or the stunning nude models of German descent? These soulmates have got their pussies and clits waiting to welcome your dick. You cannot run out of a model, including the paid-to-see exclusive fetishes. The trending models are placed by the left-side corner of the LiveJasmin homepage.


The list starts with a veteran camgirl who has been camming since 2010: KarinAss. She is known for her amazing booty and a huge arsenal of sex toys. Her ass is the only thing you see in free chat. No, that is not due to privacy. She knows that her ass is her money-maker. Therefore, that is the focus of free chat to convince members to go into a private chat.


This Romanian camgirl is another veteran who can deliver amazing cam shows. ToxicSophie is a mature brunette woman with big tits, an athletic body, and a pussy that can take any dildo. Consider yourself lucky if you catch her free in public chat. Most of her time is spent busy performing hardcore private chats.


MariaRya is a Russian camgirl who made her debut on LiveJasmin in 2008 when she was just 18 years old. She built her fame as Melenna1 or simply Melena with a young body and perfect pink pussy. Later, she got herself into solo porn with sporadic lesbian actions. Today she is known as MariaRya, and although her cam shows may be a bit automatic, she still performs crazy private chats imposing no taboos.


This is a Ukrainian camgirl who has been on LiveJasmin for years. Don't confuse her with AnastasiaSpaces. That is her twin sister. Masha is a successful independent model from a country where independent models are rare cases. The reason is how easily she can perform hardcore cam shows with several dildos, including anal sex.


It is extremely hard to catch AlexandraClark in free chat. The reason is that this veteran Ukrainian camgirl has a small restricted group of fans that take her in private as soon as she gets online. But don't assume she is good only in the eyes of a few. The small group could be larger if other members had a chance to chat with this cute, busty camgirl.


Evixa is a veteran camgirl from Romania who has been camming since she was 18 years old. In more than ten years of working as a camgirl, she has only had accounts on LiveJasmin. She is known for her big fake tits, a well-shaved pink pussy, and, the best of her, her round booty.


GiselleMurray is one of the top earners on LiveJasmin, with a high demand. She is very popular due to her big natural tits and disposition to perform hardcore shows without restrictions. She is known for having a small group of loyal fans who take her into private chats for long sessions, but she is also popular among random members who take this Romanian camgirl to quick hardcore shows. She pleases all types of members.


For a long time, NikkiDiamond69 was one of the most popular and top earners on LiveJasmin. She was also one of the rare American camgirls to work on the platform for more than two days. Her reputation was so high that, at some point, other camgirls mentioned her as an example of success. NikkiDiamond69's influence brought her the opportunity to recruit camgirls. She has since moved away from this cam site to work in porn and eventually become NikkiFetish on other cam sites.


Also known as Onyxia

Retired LiveJasmin Camgirls

A fair mention to camgirls who were top models on LiveJasmin, very popular during the period they worked there, but they have quit.

  • 00CutieLily: One of the cutiest camgirls. This Hungarian busty girl built her fame on her cutie face, slim body and big natural tits.
  • SweetiModel: A hot Russian girl known for her amazing body, natural big tits, and perfect round ass.
  • Dayana: Aka SEXtasyDiva and DayanaDiva, this Romanian woman was a camgirl for 15 years on many camsites, including LiveJasmin.
  • AlettaOceanXXX: This Hungarian porn actress is still active in the industry, but she put her camming career on hold in 2018.
  • Onixyaa: Also known as Onyxia. This Romanian-based camgirl was known for extreme anal sex shows.

LiveJasmin Pricing

How much content you have access to on LiveJasmin depends on how many dollars you're ready to part with. Invariably, your membership level will determine how you can engage the models or view shows. Notwithstanding, non-paying members can access a lot of free cam shows. However, there's a cap on how much time you can take part in the free-to-view shows. You'll be required to buy credits to tip the models and be qualified to view some shows.

The price of LiveJasmin credits varies from plan to plan and the number of credits you're willing to buy. The payment method you choose is also a factor to consider in the total cost of the premium LiveJasmin account.
Below is an example of a typical LiveJasmin credit plan, the payment options, and the price per credit. Added to the banking methods below, LiveJasmin also supports cryptocurrency and Paysafecard.

Livejasmin Credit/Debitcard Options

Credit Price Payment methods Number of Credits Price Per Credit
$35.99 MasterCard/Visa CreditCard 27.99 $1.29
$79.99 MasterCard/Visa CreditCard 67.99 $1.18
$112.99 MasterCard/Visa CreditCard 97.99 $1.15
$178.99 MasterCard/Visa CreditCard 157.99 $1.13

Notice that this is the base price in USD. LiveJasmin converts to your local currency if it's not USD.

On-site virtual currency is what almost every camsite uses. This helps members detach from the real value. Most people will associate the value of one credit with one dollar, which is inaccurate. So, when a girl charges 1.99 credits per minute, depending on how you bought your credits, the real cost varies between $2.24 and $2.57.

Let's put some numbers from real data. Currently, the average price for a private chat on LiveJasmin is $ , with price going from $ up to $ .

But don't freak out by $ per minute. That is the highest price, and less than 15 models charge that. The lowest price of $ , although not the most popular, still is quite common to find.

LiveJasmin Community

Livejasmin is popular among young folks thanks to its social media presence. You can engage performers, models, and fellow users. You can always interact with the models on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can chat, make content, and watch videos in real-time on LiveJasmin's Facebook page.

As of writing, LiveJasmin has a followership base of over 25,000+ and 20,000+ likes. This goes to confirm the incredible story of this top-quality entertaining and lifestyle website. You can also do all the video chats in real-time on the Facebook page.

LiveJasmin Customer Support

They are simply the best customer support across all camsites. They are even better than most big mainstream customer support. The fact that they have a 24/7 live chat makes them better than most camsites.

But they are not just available to give you scripted replies. They actually try to solve your issue, no matter what it is. It can be a little help to understand a feature or a serious issue with a performer. Their customer support is incredibly efficient.

The agent in the live chat support has the power to review private sessions and issue refunds, and they will do it if they see that your complaint has any fundament. But don't ask them to ban models or fix bugs. That is a different department, and they will pass your request to the right person.

You can also reach the team via phone and email. They respond perfectly to all feedback, complaints, inquiries, and requests. With a few clicks, your Livejasmin rep will come to your aid.


What Are LiveJasmin Elite Points?

Livejasmin elite points are points you earn after you use credit. Regardless of whether you're involved in gifting virtual surprises to models, private chatting, or video call, you'll receive elite points on every single credit you use. You can accumulate these points so that you can increase your rank popularity on the LiveJasmine platform. Some of the ranks you can attain include Casanova, Romeo, Lancelot, Sweetheart, Crush, and Lover. The highest point you can reach is Casanova.

Can I Delete my LiveJasmin Account?

Yes, you can cancel and delete your LiveJasmin account anytime. However, you may need the support of the customer service team to complete this. You must provide documents to prove you are who you are. They don't want unauthorized people shutting down accounts.

Your LiveJasmin account will be permanently deleted and deactivated. Since they are located in Europe Union, they really delete accounts upon request because refusing to do so, or soft-deleting instead of true deletion, may get them in deep trouble.

Is LiveJasmin Legit?

It is 100% legit. LiveJasmin is one of the legitimate and regulated webcam sites. The LiveJasmin traffic doesn't just come; it is triggered by the daily quality of live activities on the site. Users have nothing to fear because the platform offers a real-time sexual experience of the models. The Livejasmin camgirls aren't fake or made up. They are honest and offer real-time performances on the go.

LiveJasmin Pros and Cons


  • Extensive search filters;
  • Premium membership offers an extra credit bonus;
  • VibraToy enhances the interaction between viewers and models;


  • Limited live couple and lesbian models;
  • No downloadable mobile app;
  • Chat rooms and models are standardized to the same look;

Final Thoughts

As a way of wrapping up, Livejasmin has become a cam site to beat in the industry. It has all the features and functionalities you'd expect in a camming platform. You may want to try your hand at the stunning nymphs that dominate the platform. You can rest assured that you'll get value for every penny and time you spend with the models. Finally, you can register, and in no time, the LiveJasmin admin takes you in to start a new life. It creates excitement and fun for the online cam and sexy members.