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Ever wonder how good a girl is in private?

Or how naughty she can be? Is she faking? Does she have toys? Find all about camgirls on detailed reviews that include videos, pictures and useful info.

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What Are These Reviews?

Short answer: These are reviews written by me, based on my own experience with the camgirls.

The reviews are the heart of MyCamgirl, the big bang for the site. It all started with me being deeply disappointed with my experiences with camgirls in private chats. I should express my opinion.

After searching for some forum or blog already talking about this, I found none. All that I found were sites with ready-made advertising posts that wouldn’t even allow me to comment. In one particular forum, with hundreds of threads about camsites and camgirls, the admin warned me not to post anything about any camsite or girl. The forum was more on read-only mode. That was the panorama back then.

So, if you want something done right, do it yourself. That was what I did, and, in 2007, I published my first review in the infamous BlogSpot. And that was how MyCamgirl was born.

Are The Reviews Honest?

Hell, yes! That was the whole point of creating MyCamgirl. The reviews are here to offer honest and helpful insight into how camsites work and what to expect of camgirls.

You won’t find here ready-made promotional posts with some boring text that could fit as a description for any camgirl. LiveJasmin is famous for providing this kind of content to sites so they can heavily promote their models everywhere.

MyCamgirl has hand-written reviews based on actual experiences with camgirls. And when I say experiences, I talk about going in private chats with the girls. After all, anyone can see a girl in free chat. But what everyone wants to know is if she is good behind closed doors.

How MyCamgirl Chooses The Camgirls?

I just follow my taste. I know that other sites run analytics to figure out the most searched camgirls and terms, and build content about that. But I prefer to write about the girls that I had experience with. No matter if they are a superstar or an underdog. The camgirls I choose are the ones that are attractive to me and, therefore, the ones that I personally put my money on to have a private chat.

Although some camsites sometimes ask me to write reviews about some of their top models, I never do it unless it happens that one of their models is also a camgirl that I like.

Sometimes, some camgirls also approach me, asking me to write reviews about them. Since 2007 I had only three camgirls that I like asking me for a review. All the other camgirls were completely unknown to me and/or not attractive to me; therefore, I never wrote one single word about them and politely refused the request.

Why Some Camsites Don’t Have Any Reviews?

It can be for many reasons:

  1. The camgirls a particular camsite has are not my cup of tea;
  2. The camgirls in the camsite focus on different shows that don’t attract me or are hard to fit in a review. For example, I don’t have private chats with non-nude models, or the camsite is tipping-based, and all the action happens in public chat, so there is no point in writing a review if anyone can see what the girl can do. That’s why there are not too many Chaturbate camgirls;
  3. The camsite is awful; It is one of the reasons I stopped writing reviews about ImLive camgirls;

Are Reviews Ever Removed?

It can happen, yes. If the camgirl is no longer working; Therefore, a review about that girl becomes irrelevant. That is what happened to my very first review. It was about a young and cute girl, but a couple of years after publishing the review she quit camming.

I wish I could keep my first because it has a historical meaning to the site, but there is no point anymore in having a review about a camgirl who stopped camming in 2009 and never came back. She was a camgirl on Cams.com, if you are curious, and that is all I can say.

What If The Camgirl Asks To Remove The Review?

It can also happen because the camgirl herself decides that she does not want to be on MyCamgirl. But in this case, the camgirl usually does not like videos of private chats freely available for download, and she has no problem with the review itself.

I remove the photos and videos in situations like this, but the review itself, i.e., my opinion about the girl, remains available. Girls are ok with that as long as my opinion about them is positive.

The problem is when the girl disagrees with me and wants me to remove the whole review. This happens quite often with negative reviews or reviews that detail every step of the camgirl’s performance.

Well, as I said before, the reviews are honest and based on my experience with the girls. If I have a bad opinion about a camgirl, she most likely performed poorly in private chat.

Furthermore, I choose camgirls that I find attractive. Therefore, if I have a negative impression of a camgirl, it is undoubtedly because of her performance, not her appearance. After all, what is the point of taking a girl into private chat if I don’t find her attractive?

How Often MyCamgirl Posts New Reviews?

Oh, well, whenever I can. I wish I could post one review per day. But it is not possible.

It just takes too much time to write a review correctly because:

  1. I need to spend time in private, which is never just five minutes. Sometimes I have more than one private chat;
  2. Organizing my thoughts and choosing words wisely is not an easy task;
  3. Selecting and editing the best moments for the video and the good photos is a slow process;
  4. Putting everything together also takes some time;

I would say that to do it the right way, I need at least one week. Professional writers would take less time, but they wouldn’t take care of the videos and photos. And most of them wouldn’t spend too much time in private chat, or maybe not at all. Remember, MyCamgirl only has honest reviews. That is why you find exclusive reviews with unique content here. It’s not the same pre-made advertising text and boring pictures that you can find anywhere.

Can Members Post Reviews On MyCamgirl?

Yes, you can. Since 2022, it has been possible for any member to post reviews on MyCamgirl. It won’t be published in this same area because I keep my reviews away from user reviews to avoid confusion. But members can write reviews about any camgirl.

These are called user reviews. There are a few rules, but in general, members can say whatever they want. It even allows users to upload videos and pictures.