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Aletta Ocean/Dóra Varga

Aletta Ocean/Dóra Varga

Aletta Ocean/Dóra Varga

Age: 36 years
Description: She was a camgirl from 2012 to 2019, and worked under 4 different nicknames on 4 different camsites
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AlettaOceanXXX: Miss Hungary Turned OnlyFans Porn Actress

Aletta Ocean, also commonly known on camsites and OnlyFans as AlettaOceanXXX, is a Hungarian model and porn actress who participated in Miss Hungary 2006 using her birth name Dóra Varga. After receiving much attention for her participation in the national contest, she decided to pursue a career as a porn actress, using the stage name Doris. However, she has changed her stage name multiple times during her career. You may know her as:

  • Doris
  • Artemis Gold
  • Aletta Florencia
  • Aletta Alien
  • Doris Alien
  • Aletta Ocean
  • AlettaOceanXXX (the name she uses on camsites and OnlyFans)
AlettaOceanXXX wearing white dress siting on outdoor sofa

Dóra Varga: The Miss Hungary

Technically, she is not a Miss Hungary because she didn't win the content. She finished in the top 6. But she surely makes sure to mention the contest so her image can be attached to it.

Because porn has a huge industry in Hungary, it was not a surprise when she decided to use her 15 minutes of fame to become a porn actress. In 2007, the following year after the contest, Dóra Varga made her debut in a hardcore porn movie. Since then, she has appeared in over 250 porn movies and is credited in more than 900 porn productions.

The content in her sex videos has no taboo, and Dóra performs multiple types of sex with different actors and actresses, including:

  • Straight sex
  • Gang bang
  • Lesbian sex
  • Blowjobs
  • Facial cumshot
  • Bukkake
  • Creampie
  • Anal sex

Throughout her porn career, Dóra adopted multiple aliases and worked for famous porn companies like 21Sextury, DDFNetwork, Bang Bros, and Brazzers.

AlettaOcean on her knee surrounded by five men during gangbang
Hungarian porn actress having sex for a porn movie with four men
Porn actress having pussy and asshole licked by two women

Entering the Camming Industry With Recorded Videos

AlettaOcean's debut happened in 2012 on Streamate through a porn studio. However, she was never live on camera. That is because her account was part of a group of bot accounts running pre-recorded videos.

This was part of a deal Streamate had with some porn studios. Streamate would allow and protect the studios participating in the program to run bots that would chat with members while playing a pre-recorded video in a loop.

When in a private chat, the video would show the model getting naked and performing sex acts. There were over fifty bot accounts, and AlettaOcean's was one of these accounts. Attention to the interesting fact that she has never spent a single minute in private. This means that no member ever fell for this cam bot.

This situation is detailed and exposed in a blog post about fake accounts and cam bots.

Camming as Real AlettaOceanXXX

In January 2017, after making her whole career as a porn actress, Aletta Ocean joined the camsite LiveJasmin as AlettaOceanXXX. This time, it was the real her instead of a pre-recorded video.

Perhaps, because of her status, she was never asked to go through the LiveJasmin glamourification process, allowing her to keep the triple X on her model name.

She also became a Chaturbate model in 2018 with the name alettaoceanxxxxo1. But she had a very short presence on this tipping-orientated camsite, streaming for about fifteen minutes after logging off and never returning.

Hardcore Cam Shows on LiveJasmin

AlettaOceanXXX cam shows on LiveJasmin was as hardcore as her porn movies. She would work from home, usually streaming from her living room, using her leather sofa as a bed.

AlettaOceanXXX nude in topless sucking a dildo during private chat
AlettaOceanXXX in doggy position on a white sofa
Hungarian porn actress on a white sofa during cam show on livejasmin
Hungarian alettaoceanxxx nude in private chat
alettaoceanxxx masturbating nude on cam

Naturally, as a hardcore porn actress, AlettaOceanXXX had available a wide range of sex toys. But all of them were simply different shapes of dildos. She didn't have a Hitachi or a sex machine.

In her private shows, AlettaOcean would jump straight to the hardcore part. There was no moment for striptease. In less than a minute, she would be fully naked, holding a dildo, ready to perform the show.

Expensive Cam Shows

She was one of the first camgirls on LiveJasmin to charge $9.99 per minute. Because of her status and reputation, LiveJasmin allowed her to set this very high premium rate.

Despite the expensive private chat, she was in high demand, spending over 75% of her time busy in private chat. Usually, Aletta would spend just a few minutes in free chat before a member would take her into private.

But her success camming on LiveJasmin was not enough to convince her to have a regular schedule. AlettaOceanXXX was active on LiveJasmin for two years, between the beginning of 2017 and the end of 2018. But in practice, she worked for about one year, split into two periods of six months.

After her first six months in 2017, she stopped using LiveJasmin. Then, she returned one year later for another six-month period. It is possible that she was under a contract with LiveJasmin to get online on the site.

AlettaOceanXXX on OnlyFans

Following the boom and the trend, in 2019, Aletta Ocean joined OnlyFans, using the name AlettaOceanXXX and asking $8.99 for a one-month subscription. You can check her account, but it is premium, so you won't see much without paying first.

On this premium OnlyFans account, she posts nude and explicit content. Most of the content is pictures of her porn movies, some professional photos, and some selfies. The selfies are the only exclusive content she posts. The other photos are material that members can find on adult sites and porn tubes.

She posts previews of her premium content on Twitter on her official account.

Working as Escort

She was behind the scenes doing extra work since she made it into the top 6 in Miss Hungary. On MyCamgirl, we don't discuss this type of work unless it is well-confirmed and verified. In this case, Aletta Ocean has openly promoted her escorting services since 2013.

AlettaOcean maintains a website where clients can book a date with her. As usual, she has high rates:

Escort rates
Period Price Price per hour
1 hour 1500 € 1500€/hour
2 hours 2000 € 1000€/hour
3 hours
2500 €
4 hours
3000 €
8 hours
5000 €
12 hours
7000 €
24 hours
9000 €
2 days
15000 €
3 days
20000 €
1 week
35000 €

These high prices explain why she would only accept to go live on LiveJasmin for $9.99. A one-hour private chat with AlettaOceanXXX on LiveJasmin would be cheaper than a one-hour date with her; however, the price per hour would be similar to a 12-hour date.

Because of the highly profitable escorting business, Aletta decided to put the camming career on pause. With the connections in the industry, she can have a decent stream of clients and never run out of opportunities for dates.

For the services as an escort girl, Aletta accepts to travel inside Europe to meet with her clients. She meets with men and couples. According to her site, she only accepts meetings in hotel rooms; however, a review posted by a client reveals that she takes clients in her flat in Budapest for £2000.

When booking a meeting with AlettaOcean through Kingley International Agency, the client must make a deposit and provide a picture of himself.

Plastic Surgeries and Body Modifications

Throughout her career, this Hungarian porn actress has made many body modifications. Her first modification was a lip injection using Botox to enlarge her lips. This started in early 2008. Because the Botox wears off after a few months, she is forced to inject more Botox constantly.

AlettaOceanXXX topless showing tits after implants and nose after surgery
Profile picture of AlettaOcean showing ass after surgery

Six months after getting her first botox injection, she got breast implants, enhancing her tits from B to D in March 2008. In 2010, she went under surgery again to enlarge her tits even more, going from D to double D.

At some point in her career, she also got a rhinoplasty for aesthetic rather than health reasons.

The last intervention was on her ass when she added implants to make her ass bigger and rounder.

None of these body modifications has stopped people from taking her into private chat or booking a date with her.

In this Instagram interview from 2021, Aletta Ocean answers some of the common questions, including her plastic surgeries.

Where Can You Find Her?

Currently, and since the end of 2018, she has not been camming on any camsite. She is available for dates in real life and constantly updates her premium OnlyFans account. She also has an account with SkyPrivate but has not had any bookings for live chat since 2021. Therefore, a live cam chat with AlettaOcean is currently not possible.

How MyCamgirl Knows So Much?

Most of this page is based on hours of research. As a camgirl, Dóra Varga was not that popular because she barely spent much time online compared to camgirls who make this their main job.

But also, years of experience have helped me put together this information. I just know how to navigate online and where to find relevant facts about adult performers.

Another tool that helped me figure out a few things was MyCamgirl Analytics. The data available told me when exactly she started camming on LiveJasmin and for how long. It also revealed the cam bot that was using her videos on Streamate.

What Is MyCamgirl?

If you got here searching for this Hungarian porn actress but without knowing what MyCamgirll is, I will explain. MyCamgirl is a site dedicated to camgirls. It all started in 2007 when I decided to write reviews about camgirls to share my good and bad experiences in private chats.

Many years have passed, and the site has evolved significantly since then. From a simple review site, it became a tool and information hub. You can read honest reviews, find on what the camsites where she works, discuss in detail on the forums, analyze camgirls' online activities, and much more.

You have:

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  • Statistics: A place that shows all the activities of a camgirl

CWSW And What This Page Is About

The expansion of the MyCamgirl site brought the creation of the Camsites Where She Works (CWSW) area. In this area, members can get information about the models, including their names and the camsites where they work. It's also possible to create discussions about them.

The CWSW has more than Twenty thousand pages on the MyCamgirl site. All that thanks to the users who helped with their experiences and added pages and accounts.

With the advent of the MyCamgirl face search, which allows users to use AI to search for a girl face-to-face, the CWSW section grew even more.

What About MyCamgirl Reviews?

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Detailed Cam Sites Statistics

As mentioned above, this was one of the tools that helped me find more insights on AlettaOceanXXX. With the data available on the Stats pages, I could see when she was online and whether she was still camming.

With the live snapshots, I was able to find her other accounts. That was how I found out that in 2012, she was on Streamate. After checking her online activity and snapshots, I could easily determine that it was a cam bot.

The camsite statistics, or analytics, is an area on MyCamgirl that presents individual pages on camgirls from multiple camsites. Each page shows details like when a camgirl was online and for how long, her longest private sessions, biggest tips, and much more.

This data is collected by a group of bots that check the list of online models every minute. These bots have been doing this since 2011.