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Stories: Exclusive Camgirls Videos From MyCamgirl's Private Vault

What Are Stories?

First, I would like to give credit to who is due. If you think I am going to praise LiveJasmin, you are wrong. I am going way back to January 2013, when Vine debuted.

Yes, stories were the core of Vine, the first social network to create this idea. That was the only thing Vine had. It was simple and creative. A six-second video was all you could post.

It sounds stupid. What can someone do in six seconds? Well, that is where the creativity kicks in. At least for those who have a pinch of it. It was a huge success, though Twitter needed to be smarter to figure out what to do with it.

The success was so great that other social networks started copying it. Because, you know, 9 out of 10 ideas social networks CEOs have are taken from other sites.

Snapchat was the first to copy it, followed by Facebook. Then,, which was precisely like Vine but focused on songs to monetize music royalties. TikTok technically didn't copy the idea because TikTok bought, taking a ready-made product and all the content, and then shutting it down.

After that, pretty much every social media launched its own version of stories. Instagram increased the length limit because, yeah, they probably realized their users can't tell a creative story in six seconds. They also removed the loop out of the equation. So, instead of playing the same story in a loop, the app moves to the next story. The story expiring in 24 hours creates the urge to continuously check the app not to miss anything. These changes intentionally create social media addiction to keep users engaged and show great numbers to investors and advertisers.

Stories on Adult Sites

Of course, adult sites copied this idea, too. To be fair, usually, it is the mainstream sites that copy ideas from adult sites. Just look at YouTube. They copied many features from PornHub and other smaller porn tube sites.

Speaking of PornHub, they have stories, too. They call them shorties. The site says it is still in beta.

Within the camsite category, LiveJasmin is the only one to have stories. The camgirls can upload free and premium stories. In order to watch the premium stories, members must pay a fee. Of course, the free stories don't show explicit content.

Camgirl Stories on MyCamgirl

It is very much similar to LiveJasmin stories. With a few differences:

  • All stories are free to watch
  • It may contain explicit content
  • After 24 hours of its publishing, the system archives the story

How to Watch Archived Stories?

For now, there is no option. I can't unarchive a story because this function does not exist.

It is not a bug. We just didn't implement it. I am still considering options on whether to unarchive stories or not and how users can access the archive.

So, for now, after a story is archived, it remains archived.

Will There Be Nude Content?

Hell, yes! I mentioned it above. The stories will have nude and explicit content. It means that you can watch camgirls naked in action.

What Camgirls Will Be There?

Perhaps I should call this feature MyCamgirl's vault or personal archive instead of stories. Why? Because the stories are of camgirls that I had some type of interaction. Private chat, Gold show, just a tip, you name it.

So, answering this question: What camgirls will appear in the stories? It can be any camgirl. I can't say who it will be because I never know who I will take into private chat tomorrow. But I can say this: I will use content from my old collection I gathered through the years. But I will refrain from posting content on camgirls that have quit a long time ago.

Before someone contacts me, please don't ask me to post stories of your favorite camgirl. If she is your favorite camgirl, I am sure you have spent countless hours in private chat with her and probably have way more content than me. Therefore, why would you want more of her? It would be best to consider writing a review about her instead.

Are MyCamgirl Stories Free?

Yes! At least for 24 hours. After I publish the story, it will remain available free of charge for 24 hours. You can watch it on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can even download the story if you have the tech skills.

But after 24 hours, the story becomes unavailable. You can still see the previous stories, but they will be blurry.

Just a side note on downloading stories. We didn't develop a download button just because we didn't think it would be necessary. If you know how to look under the hood, you know how to download it. We also didn't implement any mechanism to prevent people from downloading the content.

How Often Will Stories Be Updated?

Well, whenever I have time. I want to post daily. But this is not possible sometimes.

In any case, don't count on that to be a promise. If you don't see new stories, just come back another day.