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Giselle Murray

Giselle Murray

Giselle Murray

Age: 27 years
Description: She is a camgirl from 2014, and works under 1 different nickname on 3 different camsites
Studio model
Hazel eyes
Anal fisting
Dirty talk
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big natural tits
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GiselleMurray: Behind the Screen With Scams, Manipulations, and Intimate Charm of LiveJasmin's Romanian Camgirl

GiselleMurray of LiveJasmin

GiselleMurray, or Crina Tudor, is a veteran Romanian camgirl who has been camming since July 2014, mainly on LiveJasmin.

She is popularly known for her big natural tits and hardcore cam shows, including anal and fisting. But also known for her scams and manipulations.

GiselleMurray on LiveJasmin standing topless in front of the camera

Early Years

GiselleMurray began working as a webcam performer in 2014. She worked for a studio in Bucharest, her hometown in Romania. She started this job shortly after she turned 18. She joined Charm Studio after a friend from high school recommended it. Her friend had also just started working as a webcam performer at that studio. This was her first job experience, fresh out of high school.

When she started working at the studio, they made accounts for her on three websites: LiveJasmin, ImLive, and Streamate. All of these accounts were under the same name, GiselleMurray.

Despite having no experience in the adult industry, not even in doing amateur porn, Giselle performed well without any signs of being shy and without imposing any restrictions.

GiselleMurray sitting nude on chair wearing white stockings and high heels
From her early cam shows in 2014

GiselleMurray first joined LiveJasmin when she was 18 and claimed that she was still virginal. Shortly after graduating high school, she started having private conversations online before getting naked for people - no matter their age or experience! Even being so young and new at performing stripteases or masturbating while being watched live was no problem at all for this young lady; moreover her shows also involved using sexual toys or engaging in anal sex!

Back then, she was dating her high-school boyfriend and didn't tell him anything about her job as a camgirl. Eventually, she told him. As an apology gesture, GiselleMurray let her boyfriend pop her cherry, and she had sex with him.

Hiatus While Studying in England

Two months after GiselleMurray started camming on LiveJasmin, she enrolled in a university in England and moved to that country. She tried to continue working by streaming from her place in the UK. But her studio didn't like the idea since they couldn't control what she was doing online. Because of that, she had to stop camming.

During this period, she didn't work as a camgirl. While in the UK, she ended up cheating on her high-school boyfriend, and they ended the relationship. This is a sober story of her life that she repeatedly tells her close members to prove her trust in them.

One year later, she decided to drop out of university and return to Romania, even though she had no plans for her life in her hometown. She spent a month at home playing games until she decided to go back to the cam studio in Bucharest.

When she returned, her studio was working closely with LiveJasmin. Because of that, her accounts on ImLive and Streamate were no longer available.

2016, An Extremely Busy Year For GiselleMurray on LiveJasmin

GiselleMurray has always been very popular on LiveJasmin, spending most of her online time in private chat. But at the beginning of 2016, this went to extreme levels because a regular member would take her into private chat daily. According to girls from her studio, she mostly spent the time in private chatting but sometimes performed nude shows.

Retirement From Camming

She ended 2016 with 97% of her online time in private chat, making her one of the busiest camgirls on LiveJasmin and the most profitable in her studio. It is believed that this year went so well for her that she decided to retire. Other camgirls have mentioned that she prepared for this retirement by saving money and becoming a sugar baby for her best member.

It is believed, however, that after retiring, she created her own accounts on LiveJasmin, Streamate, MyFreeCams, and SkyPrivate to work from home. These accounts are secret, and nobody knows if they really exist.

Returning To LiveJasmin In 2018

In November 2018, after almost two years offline and without working anywhere, GiselleMurray returned to her studio looking for a job. They immediately re-activated her account and put her to work steadily on a premium shift at night. Considering her popularity and how well she performed before, the studio decided to give her a premium slot that only top models can take.

According to girls from her studio, she returned because she ran out of money after losing her sugar daddy and had no other job opportunities.

Luckily, most of GiselleMurray's fans on LiveJasmin were still active. When she returned, although a bit out of shape, they immediately started taking her in private chat.

GiselleMurray's Cam Shows On LiveJasmin

She is known for performing explicit and hardcore cam shows. Usually, Giselle does not refuse any request. From a simple and innocent striptease to extreme anal sex, she tries to do everything members want. She is widely known for doing anything members want.

In her early years, she would use only her fingers. But later, the studio bought sex toys for her, including buttplugs and a squirting dildo.

Romanian camgirl GiselleMurray pumping a squirting dildo in her pussy
GiselleMurray showing her pussy after the squirting dildo ejaculated inside her
Romanian camgirl of LiveJasmin nude in private chat putting four fingers in her pussy
GiselleMurray nude in private chat pushing five fingers in her pussy
Brunette GiselleMurray trying to fist her pussy

Extreme Anal Sex With GiselleMurray

The best of GiselleMurray, according to her members on LiveJasmin, is her willingness to perform sex acts and take that to an extreme level. An example of that is her anal sex acts.

One of the secret feats Giselle had was her ability to fist. This is a sex act that she can perform for any member, but most members don't dare to ask her that. Although she never managed actually to put her whole fist inside her, she tried many times. She would, with some effort, put four fingers in her pussy and also in her ass.

She uses lube, but surprisingly, she uses just a little bit, making it harder for her to fist. But she tries anyway.

GiselleMurray in doggy position putting two fingers in her ass
Romanian camgirl doing anal sex with dildo
GiselleMurray spreading her asshole during private chat on LiveJasmin

GiselleMurray's Social Skills

She is also known for being friendly and good at talking and listening. In other words, a people person. Unfortunately, she has used her social abilities to take advantage of members. She is described by her closest members as a very skilled con woman.

It is common for GiselleMurray to try and contact regular members outside LiveJasmin, sharing her personal information and using her accounts on social networks. She uses this personal contact to build a more intimate relationship with the members, making them feel they have a true connection.

Some of her techniques include sharing her birthday (April 17), her real name (Crina Tudor), some personal pictures of her in real life with friends and family, and some of her social accounts. By sharing so much personal information, Crina builds a relationship with the prey and shows that she trusts them.

She then uses this to manipulate members to go private chat or simply keep them around in case she needs help. Her studio usually turns a blind eye to this situation because it means money to them.

If you are looking for a similar model like GiselleMurray but without the scams, Anerix is a good option. Although she has fake tits, she does have a similar face.

You Can Often Find GiselleMurray On LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin is like a home for GiselleMurray. She has had accounts on other camsites because of her studio. But she has been camming solely on this webcam site for most of her career.

LiveJasmin is one of my favorite camsites. Crina has worked there under the nickname GiselleMurray since July 2014. That is, in fact, the camsite where she goes online more often.

GiselleMurray in doggy position licking a dildo
GiselleMurray on her knees giving a blowjob to a dildo
Romanian camgirl on LiveJasmin sucking a dildo

GiselleMurray Breaking LiveJasmin Rules

The platform has strict rules, and many models fear breaking any rules and losing their accounts and earnings. But in reality, unless reported, models don't get punished by LiveJasmin.

One of these rules concerns contacting members outside the site, a rule that GiselleMurray broke repeatedly without consequences. Since this allowed Giselle to manipulate members into spending more time in private chat with her, even if reported to admins, she probably wouldn't be suspended.

GiselleMurray chose LiveJasmin simply because of her studio. They created the account for her, and they decided on which camsite she would work.

Is LiveJasmin A Good Camsite?

As a webcam site, it is a stable option. The price for a one-on-one isn't that high. It is rather low if you compare it with the other camsites. The stream is superb and smooth, in full HD, and I don't remember seeing the site ever crashing.

It has its faults. Because of its rules, models have the same appearance, with the same room decoration, proper lighting, and makeup, to the point that it is boring. However, I find a camgirl to fulfill my requests with an average of 1,000 girls online at any given moment.

LiveJasmin has also changed some rules to safeguard the models. For example, before, models should perform explicit shows immediately after a member starts a private chat. Ideally, it is still like that. But models have more room to say no and deny doing a show. On one side, that is perfect because the girls must have the right to choose what and when to do. On the other hand, members start a private chat, paying a premium price with a girl who enumerates things like masturbation and live orgasm as part of her show, but then things change, and she points out she can't, or she asks for tips. That is one point they must fix. Figure out a way to give more authority to the girls without pissing off members.

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