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Chaturbate, How Public Shows Sent Them to the Moon

Chaturbate, How Public Shows Sent Them to the Moon

By mycamgirl August 25, 2021

There’s currently a visible oversaturation of the online sex work market. At the same time, though, I’ve seen an incredible increase in viewers and users for various sites on the web. One, however, stands out more than the others. And, because I’m always on the lookout for the best camsite, I just had to dive […]

New Change: LiveJasmin Unleashes Topless In Free Chat

New Change: LiveJasmin Unleashes Topless In Free Chat

By mycamgirl August 18, 2021

Since its inception, LiveJasmin has always had a rigorous rule about nudity in free chat. It is a big no! Models can tease in lingerie but never show any private parts, not even be topless in free chat. But that has changed! VIP Shows is the game-changer Everything changes recently with VIP Shows. I went […]

LiveJasmin Big Improvement: Couples And Lesbians Are Being Re-Introducing

LiveJasmin Big Improvement: Couples And Lesbians Are Being Re-Introducing

By mycamgirl August 18, 2021

In May 2020, LiveJasmin announced their decision “to discontinue multi-performer accounts, like couples and lesbians accounts.” Their explanation was that they want “To ensure that our members enjoy more dedicated connections with models.” Well, ok. I personally didn’t like it. I never really spent much time on couple categories, but I would sometimes go private […]

LiveJasmin And The Sensational Interactive Toy

LiveJasmin And The Sensational Interactive Toy

By mycamgirl June 23, 2021

After many years, LiveJasmin is bringing back the interactive toy feature. Well, it is the old VibraToy feature with a new outfit. They now use Lush from Lovense with tips. But is it really a sensational interactive toy? Does it work well? Yes, you read right. They are bringing it back. The interactive toy is […]

Biggest tips on MyFreeCams

Exclusive: The Ultimate List of The Biggest Tips on MyFreeCams

By mycamgirl June 11, 2021

This is the list of the biggest tips on MyFreeCams. It started being built in 2010 when a girl asked me if I knew what was the biggest tip on MyFreeCams. Originally, the idea was to list only the top 20 biggest tips. However, as tips were getting bigger and bigger, the list was later […]

VIP Shows on LiveJasmin

What Are LiveJasmin VIP Shows? Are They Really Good?

By mycamgirl February 22, 2021

LiveJasmin introduced VIP Shows around 2017, following Streamate, which had already its own VIP Show system, called Gold Show, many years ago. But is it worth it? What are VIP Shows? First, a quick explanation to those who don’t know what VIP Shows are. This type of show a mix of Countdown Shows and Group […]

Understanding LiveJasmin categories

LiveJasmin Categories. A Detailed Explanation About Each One

By mycamgirl January 9, 2021

LiveJasmin categories have changed quite a lot in the past years, and the rules of each category, although simple, are not explained anywhere.

LiveJasmin glamourification, what is it?

The Unique LiveJasmin Glamourification, What The Heck Is This?

By mycamgirl December 6, 2020

If you are an active LiveJasmin member you probably already have noticed that some models, well, many models have new names. This is LiveJasmin glamourification, it is how they call it, and the goal is to give the model a new name that, first of all, must resemble an actual name, and it must look […]

Top 10 busiest camsites (by models online)

Exclusive Deep Analysis: The Top 10 busiest camsites

By mycamgirl July 22, 2020

This is a piece of data that can be useful for models and members — a list of the busiest camsites. Do not confuse with the best camsites. Models may want to look for sites that are not saturated, and members may want more models to choose from. Of course, quantity does not always mean […]

Freshening up the camsite list

Time to clean the house. Freshening up the camsite list!

By mycamgirl July 6, 2020

For a very long time, people have been asking to add new camsites to the list so they can add more nicknames on CWSW. Better than that. I think that better than that is to actually clean the list. Remove irrelevant, and dead camsites. Well, I finally did it. Some sites have been added, some […]