Evixa My Booty Rock

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Name: Raluca
Age: 30 (October 18, 1993)
Location: Romania
Evixa · EvaLopezxxx
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She’s precious! Pretty hard to catch her online, but she’s precious! She’s a diamond, a shiny diamond! The Rock probably signed her ass! With delicious not-big/not-small titties, some cute tattoos, and a style worthy of a sheik’s mistress, Evixa can win your heart in the blink of an eye!

Always dressed classy, always gentle and slow in motions, always a lady with a beautiful smile on her face! If you are here for some softcore fun – like when you take a girl to dinner and after you make love to her and NOT for hardcore adventures, like when you get a chick on Tinder to fuck her brains out – then Evixa will take care of you!

Evixa's Perfect Ass
Evixa’s Perfect Ass

Her eyes are out of this world, that’s a fact, without any doubt! Alien eyes, if we can say it like this! If a pair of eyes looking so exquisite have never been seen on earth, it means that they are alien, don’t you think? By far, this is the best feature of Evixa! Besides her cool nickname – a one-word username, of course. Do you know what you can understand from her nickname? That she a veteran on LiveJasmin, since back in the days when one-word nicknames were still available on the site. Her name didn’t even have to go through the LiveJasmin’s Glamourification process.

Super sexy and elegant

Sexy dress, elegant necklace, make-up on! Your mother would really love to see her next to you! But your friends would fantasize about Evixa showing her pussy on cam! Keep your relationship with this hunny bunny a secret! Keep that ass for your slapping only!

As you can clearly see in the private show, she’s all into preludes; she loves to know that you’re watching her! Sure, the pussy is visible, but there’s nothing elegant into sticking a dildo in it all day long, from dusk ’till dawn! You can do that with Miley Cyrus or whatever the fuck, but not with Evixa – she’s too classy for this bullshit!

You can be her boss, your wish is her command, and this means that she will follow your word, no questions asked. Therefore, if you want Evixa to go mad on a sex toy, she will, but be a gentleman and better let her show you the Moulin Rouge hanky panky that she likes to expose for her visitors!

The price per minute is affordable – consider the price cheap if you consider that she is one of LiveJasmin’s hottest models. And if you take into consideration, of course, the quality of her moves, the striptease, the cost of her fake boobs, her golden watch, and the money spent to buy that fancy cat. But be careful – Evixa is the kind of lady that can make you fall in love with her! Then you find yourself once again coming back for one more hot private session with her.

Making Evixa cum

That was intense. It was my first private chat with Evixa. We were having a good time when she mentioned having an orgasm. I was naturally interested.

She warned me that it wouldn’t happen in 2 minutes, and she wouldn’t use sex toys. She needs her own time to do the thing in her own way. And she can’t say how long it would take exactly. I said: no worries.

Honestly, it was not that long. Maybe 6-7 minutes. But it was genuine. No over the top reactions other girls do, like MartinaBlair; like they are getting an electrical shock or something. It was just Evixa, enjoying herself. I could see she had her mind focused on her deepest sexual desires while masturbating only with fingers.

I was already convinced to return to Evixa for more private chats only for her booty clap. But after that orgasm, I just found yet another good reason to see her again.

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