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Age: 35 years
Description: She is a camgirl from 2006, and works under 8 different nicknames on 4 different camsites
Butt Implants
Shaved Pussy
Anal fingering
Fake boobs
Black Hair

Andreea_Pink: Exclusive Insanely Huge Booty

Who Is Andreea_Pink?

Andreea_Pink, or simply Andreea, is a veteran camgirl from Romania who started camming in January 2006 on Throughout the years, Andreea worked on multiple cam site platforms using different names. Namely:

  • BabeLove4U on (her first camgirl account)
  • 00SensualAndre, 00HotAndre, and PinkAndre on LiveJasmin
  • PassionSquirt on XLoveCam
  • Andreea_Pink on Streamate

Andreea_Pink is her most recent account, created in 2016 after she made the decision to work exclusively on Streamate.

Despite her esteemed and extensive background in the industry, loyal fans who have been fortunate enough to witness her awe-inspiring live performances unequivocally assert that she surpasses all expectations when it comes to delivering explicit content with sheer finesse and unparalleled mastery.

Astonishingly, those fortunate enough to have watched her invigorating live shows unabashedly admit that their deepest desires and longings were not only met but thoroughly and gratifyingly fulfilled beyond measure.

As a result, her fanbase has been growing over the years. Her gallery has been bait for new fans as she has loads of explicit content there. Some of this content includes hot sex videos and high-quality pictures.

Early Years as Camgirl

Andreea_Pink, a strikingly beautiful and ambitious camgirl, took an incredible leap of faith toward her burgeoning camming career when she fearlessly stepped into the alluring world of in 2006. In order to captivate the undivided attention of her potential visitors, she chose to adopt the enchanting and unforgettable alias of BabeLove4U, exuding an air of mystique and allure. While this nickname didn't have the usual base name, Andreea, that fans got used, it was an enticing and commonly followed practice among camgirls during that era, as they yearned to entice and magnetize a steady stream of enthusiastic guests to their virtual realms of seduction.

From the moment she adopted the alluring and captivating name BabeLove4U, an embodiment of her unapologetic confidence and allure, she unabashedly delved headfirst into the world of performing explicitly intense and unfiltered shows, wholeheartedly and fearlessly embracing her profession as a camgirl right from its very inception.

Her first years were mainly on and LiveJasmin. She worked shortly at XLoveCam in 2010 and again in 2012. But between 2009 and 2014, LiveJasmin was her main camsite, where she used the name PinkAndre.

Moving To Streamate

Since 2016, she has been exclusively camming on Streamate. Although, it is worth noting that she is also available on Jerkmate, which is essentially a clone of Streamate.

Andreea_Pink in pink room nude in bed spreading legs

The decision to move to Streamate wasn't due to lack of traffic but instead for the type and quality of traffic. While on LiveJasmin, PinkAndre would have many private chat requests, the sessions would be short, and most members would demand too much from her for a low price.

On Streamate, Andreea_Pink performs shows almost exclusively on private chats, which she charges $5.99 per minute. She rarely makes use of the Streamate Gold Show option, which allows members to watch a show for a lower price.

A Different Romanian Camgirl

Due to the excessive application of heavy makeup and the implementation of extreme body modifications, which contribute to her distinct appearance, Andreea_Pink does not bear a striking resemblance to the archetypal Romanian camgirl. However, concealed beneath the layers of cosmetics and transformed facial features courtesy of botox injections, lies a naturally dark-haired individual embodying unmistakable Romanian heritage.

The Unnatural Huge Ass of Injections

Andreea_Pink started to perform body enhancement at an early age. The list includes breast implants, lip injections, buttock augmentation, and eyebrow microblading.

Her first modification was lip injection since it is easy, cheap, and fast to do. In her early 20s, Andreea injected Botox on her lips for the first time, and since then, she has been regularly using Botox to maintain big lips.

Andreea_Pink asshole closeup
Andreea_Pink nude in bed in doggy position finger her ass for anal cam show
Streamate camgirl Andreea_Pink laying down in bed and fingering her pussy with a lush in her ass

Following the lip injections were the eyebrows. She shaved her natural eyebrows completely and put in place a dark tattoo that resembled real eyebrows.

Then, she stepped up and decided to put implants on her tits and buttock. These enhancements are the most remarkable features that define Andreea_Pink's image. She is known since day one as the busty brunette with a huge ass. Her fans know her ass is fake, and it looks fake, but they enjoy the view of Andreea bending over to show her asshole.

Looking for another camgirl with buttock implants? Colombian camgirl EstefaniaBrown from LiveJasmin has a detailed review on MyCamgirl that reveals all her body.

Doing Anal On Webcam

Because of her impressive and compelling booty, one of the most requested sex acts from paying members is for Andreea_Pink to perform anal sex on cam.

She usually prefers to use her fingers, positioning herself in a doggy position in front of the camera, with a good view of her asshole, and fingering herself with one or two fingers.

It can happen that she steps up the game and uses a dildo, but this does not happen often.

Style of Cam Shows

The goal of the body modifications was to turn Andreea_Pink into a live sex-machine. Since her first time on cam in 2006, that is what she has been offering to her members and fans. Her private cam shows usually include:

  • Striptease
  • Masturbation with fingers and sex toys
  • Oral sex
  • Anal sex

She delivers every show with a high level of naughtiness, giving the paying member a very porn-style sensation.

With approximately 192 snapshots, I can reveal a way to observe her room discreetly without even stepping foot inside. So, how can you gain access to her snaps? It's quite simple - just navigate to one of her Statistics pages, where you'll find a specific section dedicated to the snaps.

Where Is Andreea More Often On Cam?

For more than four years, between 2009 and 2014, she was streaming mostly on LiveJasmin as PinkAndre, with some sporadic appearances on XLoveCam. But since 2016, you can find Andreea_Pink only on Streamate.

Streamate has been Andreea's favorite camsite for many years. It is an American camsite established in 2003 and based in Seattle. It is one of a few webcam sites that are part of the founding sites of the camming business. Based in the USA, this well-proven platform has been through many changes that, in the long run, built a stable camsite.

From Premium to Freemium: The Big Leap

This camsite expanded and moved on from a private-oriented concept to be a cross of premium and freemium. Yeah, privates still are what gear Streamate. However, with the accession of Gold Show and the capability of tipping, the paradigm on the platform changed deeply.

Almost all girls make money through old-style private chats, either semi-private that any member can join or true-private. And the cost isn't that cheap. Although the average cost is about $3.70, which is accessible, you can easily end up in a girl's room that charges $7 or more for an exclusive 1-on-1 session. That is what you can call premium service.

Watching excellent shows on Streamate for a reasonable price is still possible. Your option is Gold Show. You can buy a ticket, which in most cases is as cheap as five dollars, and if the model sells enough tickets, the show begins. If the show doesn't initiate, you can have your cash back immediately. The Gold Show has a description, so you can have an idea of what you will get. Nudity and explicit content are included in almost all shows, and the shows tend to last between 5-10 minutes.

On Streamate, you can also buy premium content from the model's gallery. The model can also send locked pictures and videos through messages that you can open after sending a tip. That is an easy option to buy custom content on the site.

Overall, Streamate is a strong platform with amazing and rare models. Generally, models that you can't see on freemium sites like MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, or StripChat because these models like to perform shows in private. Hence, if you can't find a model that amuses you on a freemium site or you would rather have a more personal and intimate session, check Streamate.

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What Is This Page About?

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