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If you wish to request for removal, please read how to request for removal. Models who want to be reviewed/featured on MyCamgirl must attach a model verification when sending an e-mail message.


If you are a webmaster representing a webcam site, you must contact MyCamgirl using an official e-mail address of that site. Messages from Gmail, Hotmail or any free email service will be ignored. The same is applied if this is about advertising.


If you are a studio, use the studio's e-mail address. If your studio uses a free email service (e.g. GMail, Yahoo!,, etc), please, include a link to your studio's official site in order to check the e-mail address. If your studio doesn't have a website, please attach a photo of any of your cam rooms with a sign with your e-mail address and the word "@mycamgirl". In case it is not clear whether a model works for you or not, you may be requested to send a photo from a different chat room. Neither you or any of your models need to appear on the photo.

This will give you the power to request for removal of any material related to your models. Unfortunately, MyCamgirl can not accept any promotional material (photos/videos) from studios without checking with the model first. If you wish to promote your model, the model herself will need to contact MyCamgirl to confirm that she agrees with your marketing strategy.