The Site origins

Last update: April 2012

Talking to a camgirl, she has asked me why I have this site and I explained the main reason, the bad camgirls. I wanted to tell the world about girls who promise things or let us think they will perform a good private show, but when in private they don't fulfil their promises or simply drag it into a boring chat where the expected nudity is never shown.

That is one of the main reason MyCamgirl was created. But this girl noticed that MyCamgirl has reviews of good performers, including her. Well, the answer sends us back to my first days on the camsite's world.

When I got into this world I was crazy about the camgirls. I always thought that would be all fake, with recorded videos (some times it is), porno actresses... but when I realized that it is not always like that and most of the girls are normal girls, sexy and hot, but normal girls, I became addicted to this. I was always looking for a girl that could look like the girl next door or someone who I have met... someone from my real world. The porno actresses are too hot or too unreal and I don't see that often in my world. Besides that, I was tired of seeing porno actresses. They have become vulgar.

But I began to find many girls who I would like to take her private, but I couldn't. I mean... to watch all the girls would be necessary a tremendous amount of money every day, besides free time. I can have three or four $100 sessions a month, but I can't afford a $100 private session every day.

So, how could I find out the best girls to spend my money? Who were the girls I should definitely take for a private and I wouldn't be disappointed? I searched for forums, discussion groups, blogs... but I found nothing. Nowadays it is quite easy to find forums where people not only debate about the girls, but also provide good material, maybe a little too much material. In my head, a review site would be perfect. So, if there was no site like MyCamgirl, why not create one myself? Maybe there are other people who have been looking for the same thing. So, that was what I did. At that moment I had had already a few private chats in my collection. On April 2, 2007, I created a blog on Blogger called MyWebGirl and published my first review. Which curiously, was about a very good and naughty model, nothing like the bad performers I thought to, say, expose their bad behavior.

This is another reason I started blogging about my experience with the girls. Not only to warn people about the bad models, but also to put in a good word for the great models. On my first reviews you will find a mix of good and bad models. With time I learned to filter the girls in order to avoid those that would hardly be able to perform a good show. After all, it wouldn't be smart to spend money on a girl that I knew she was not going to perform a good show solely to have some bad to say about her. This is why in the most recent reviews you see more of the good models.

Although my idea was to spread the word, in its first year, the blog didn't have many visits, reaching not much more than 100 visits per month. In fact, the first comment was posted only after one year of the blog creation. Well, as you can see, it didn't discourage me and I kept going with this.

In the first two years (2007-2008), I focused on reviews only. But in 2009 I decided to improve the "quality of service", launching Camsites Where She Works to help people find the missing models. At this moment, MyCamgirl was not just a review blog about camgirls. Check MyCamgirl's timeline to learn more on how this site has been developed.