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ImLive! Ancient camsite that keeps reinventing itself. Find on MyCamgirl exclusive list with 3747 of their models and what they do in private chat.

With the proliferation of porn sites and adult forums, it is difficult to get a handful that offers a satisfying user experience. Going by the different features embedded in the myriads of sites, it is expected that users go for one that suits their sexual desires. With over 15 years in the live porn industry, ImLive boasts millions of registered users above the age of 18 years, as well as thousands of the cheapest camgirls on its platform.

You can always find a soft, welcoming companion online to help recreate your sexual fantasies in the most pocket-friendly way. This review explains what is ImLive, its features, how it works, the costs, and how to navigate the ImLive cam site.

Here we go!

What are ImLive and its Features?

ImLive is one of the finest paid adult forums with thousands of active webcam models. Regardless of the time you choose to visit the site, you will always have a large number of interesting choices to make.

The adult platform has in many ways proven to be one of the choicest low-cost webcam sites which offers a variety of unclothed sensual shows, ranging from cheap multi-viewer XXX performances, private cam2cam shows, as well as monthly specials featuring some top ImLive models in the adult entertainment industry.

Though ImLive does not offer free sex shows, the platform has a free chat option where users can know the models better, and know what performances these sultry models can offer in a private sex cam show. Usually, the essence of the free chat is to know more about the model's fetish skills and disposition.

ImLive review is premised on both professional and wannabes models. This is with a full understanding that sometimes users do more with experienced babes, while few others choose those who are too shy to please on camera.

Interestingly, the site provides several attractive features which are uncommon with other competing cam sites, and this includes a multi-viewer channel that allows viewers to watch several live cams at the same time. Its user interface is very simple, with a clear intent of offering the user what they want.

Aside from getting the cheapest per-minute private charges from these professional models, users stand the chance to join the hosting of Discount Clubs at an incredibly little price, and as well have unhindered access to explicit videos. With the many irresistible promises from ImLive, one may wonder how ImLive works. We will find out below.

How Does ImLive Work?

Aside from some differences in operations and amazing features, ImLive works like every other cam site on the internet space. Obviously, there are lots of services to offer for free on ImLive, but because it is a paid site, live sex shows are strictly premium based. Of course, ImLive provides a per-minute payment for one-on-one time with your choice camgirl. These shows normally go from $ to $ for every minute spent.

If you add another host for a Group Cam show, then the cost increases between the range of 1.26 to 10.90 credits per minute. For newcomers or users on a budget, you can opt for a Candy Show, which costs between 0.25 and 1.00 per minute spent. Like other paid cam sites, ImLive shows can possibly increase in price.

This is the reason you need to register and join your favorite Discount Club to enjoy lower charges on their Videos, Private Shows, and other perks. In addition, you have the opportunity to get general discounts on ImLive immediately after you join the platform's FREE reward program, which is designed to offer users special bonus credits and other benefits.

Is ImLive a Busy Camsite?

ImLive was never a busy camsite. Though, around 2008-2010, the site had more models than it has nowadays, and it was sitting near the top 5. But it always had a big difference to its competition.

Currently, the ImLive has an average of true active models. This is taking into account all models that have been online for at least half the average time. Confusing? In other words, on average, a model spends hours per day online on ImLive. MyCamgirl considers that any model reaching 50% of this time ( hours) is an active model.

Notice that this counts models in Paid Chat, which can inflate this number. You can see what a Paid Chat is a little bit below.

Where Are The Models From?

To no one surprise, is the most common location with models, followed by , and . Numbers may seem low. That is because it is not easy to find out the true country of the models on ImLive.

Using the true active models set, here is the list of the top 10 countries:

Country Models
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)

Are Models Still Joining This Camsite?

Honestly, not that many camgirls join ImLive. Every day, about models join ImLive. That number is so low that it puts ImLive as # biggest camsite in terms of new models.

Nowadays, the site is mainly used by studios as an alternative camsite to avoid strong competition. They see ImLive as an opportunity for new models to have a better chance to have a private chat since the number of models online is significantly lower than on other camsites. The only problem with this idea is that the site is also low on traffic. They have fewer models, but also fewer members.

Here is the evolution of new accounts over the years:

Features of ImLive

Here are amazing features which make ImLive an irresistible adult forum to explore your sensual fantasies. It is imbued with several interesting features from other platforms.

Variety of Models

ImLive remains top-notch because of the assorted types of camgirls available on the site. This clearly means that you struggle to find your perfect choice. Besides, these sultry models come in various categories of race, location, colors, sizes, and fetish preferences. With this difference in categories, you are sure to find your favorite performer.

Dedicated Bio Page

ImLive camgirls have dedicated bio pages. This is simply put in place to enable you to know them more. This can be in areas like their fetish preferences, the categories they belong to, their sexual inclinations, physiological features, as well as other types of services they offer. The platform also enables you to view their pictures, videos, and audio materials. Interestingly, the complete details of camgirls on ImLive are not hidden.

Free Chat Functions

One amazing feature of ImLive is its magnanimity for free chat. This cam site does not always consider money in entertaining its users, as it wants every member to have an idea of what sensual experience they can get from these top ImLive models. With this feature, users are allowed to interact with models, thereby knowing what their fetishes are, and knowing what they can offer during a private show.

Paid Conversations

ImLive members enjoy more services when they pay. But this comes after they have utilized the free chat feature to know what they should expect from their favorite models. Aside from that, services offered by ImLive are pretty cheap compared with other cam sites; the many benefits you can enjoy for paid conversations include being added to the Discount Club so you can enjoy lower rates on their explicit videos, Private Cam2cam Shows, a free reward program that offers a special bonus credit, a general discount on all ImLive services, and other several perks.

Easy-to-Navigate Interface

The beauty of a website is its easy navigation. ImLive is one such cam site that is very fast to load and easy to navigate. From navigating to the multi-viewer sexual performances to using the private chat option and browsing through other services, ImLive is sure to offer you quality videos while you stream live with its HD camera.

You can also control models' vibrators by way of interacting with these toys. With this, a simple cam chat becomes very natural and engaging. Immediately you log on to the website, a list of available models pops up on the screen. Additionally, the Multiview screen allows users to get a peek into six rooms. Some of these rooms can be free while others are paid. In fact, there is so much to experience as you navigate through the ImLive site.


ImLive has one of the lowest average prices for a private chat. With an average of $ per minute, it puts this site in # place. So, if you are looking for a cheap camsite, ImLive is your answer.

Prices start at $ and it can go as high as $ . Though, on a camsite like ImLive, $ is really not that common. Usually, those are the so-called porn actresses that ImLive pay to come online. You can expect to find girls charging a lot less than that.

ImLive has an organized pricing system. Normally, the type of account you operate will determine the amount of money you spend on the cam site. As already stated, ImLive is cheap compared to other cam sites out there, but of course, you can spend lavishly if you wish to. As said, the average cost of a private meeting is $ per minute and as low as $ for every minute spent. The models are allowed to set their service charges, depending on your agreement with them.

Nevertheless, after registration and your first ImLive Credit purchase are made, the bonus Credit attached to the first-time purchase will have a certain percentage increment. For example, if you purchase 100 credits, an extra 15 Credits will be added. This perk applies to other categories of Categories your purchase.

Also, the price for Candy Shows on ImLive differs on the type of model you meet. Some of the girls may charge one Credit for a 30-minute Show, while others may charge up to 10 Credits for only 5 minutes of show.


ImLive PumaPay

ImLive Paid shows

No of credits


No of credits


Type of chats

Price range





Group shows






Candy show






Private chat show






ImLive and Its Problem With Paid Chat

That is the name they call, and I used to use this term too. But I think "paid wall" is a better term. It is a feature that allows models to set themselves as "in private chat," when in reality, no one took them in private. If you have ever used LiveJasmin, then you know the "member chat" option. That is the same idea.

The problem is that, unlike LiveJasmin, models abuse this feature. Many models spend hours or even the whole day on paid chat without performing a show to anyone. They rarely show up in free chat. There are mainly two reasons for this:

  • They don't want to show their faces or deal with members in free chat;
  • They use this feature as a trap for a silly scam;

I can sympathize with the first reason. Not the best business strategy, but that's their decision. The second reason is the real problem.

Many models have great pictures, often taken and photoshopped years ago. Members feel tempted to have a chat with them, but they are never available in free chat. The only option they have is to bite the bullet and pay to see them on paid chat. Often they are not even in front of the camera.

So, the member needs to hope they heard the notification and come to the room. When they get in front of the camera is when, in most cases, the member realizes that the super hot girl from the pictures got 12 years older, is out of shape, and wears poor makeup in a dark, messy bedroom. By the time the member realizes this is a trap, they already spent a few dollars.

On average, there are models using the paid chat feature. When you go to the site, these models are shown as being busy in private chat.

Reporting this issue to ImLive has proven to be pointless. The best you can get is a refund. But they never do anything for the models to change their behavior.

Top 5 Best ImLive Models

Before listing some of the best ImLive models, I must mention how easily this camsite loses great camgirls to competition. It is a mystery what happens for models to move away from ImLive. But it is most likely due to the site's lack of traffic and its outdated system, which essentially stops models from growing their careers.

Some models were actually streaming exclusively on ImLive before moving to another camsite. For example, the popular Australian porn actress AngelaWhite, chose ImLive as her first camsite. But after some months, she moved to MyFreeCams. Then there is the case of the popular Angel Dee, who worked exclusively on ImLive for eight years but decided to move to Flirt 4 Free.

Julies is another veteran camgirl who decided to move away from ImLive after almost ten years working exclusively there. LovelyBeccaa, a top Romanian camgirl now working on Streamate, at the beginning of her career, worked on ImLive. Natalie of LiveJasmin, a successful Romanian camgirl on LiveJasmin, also left the site. And Russian camgirl Anlina Blu, started on ImLive, but ended up finding success after moving to StripChat. Another example is GiselleMurray of LiveJasmin, who worked briefly on ImLive without much success, and later she became one of the best earners on that camsite.

Perhaps the most curious and mysterious case happened with the famous busty American camgirl KATEELIFE. At the peak of her popularity in 2013, she joined ImLive. Katee logged in only once, had two long private chats, and then never used the site again. Her account was left open for months until she shut it down. Why? Maybe she was testing the waters there and didn't like it after one try.

This list is just to name a few great camgirls from different countries and styles that were with ImLive but dropped the site. They are all camgirls that could make this platform more popular and appealing. After all, camgirls are the main reason people go to camsites.

In any case, here are the top 5 ImLive models you can engage in both public and private shows.


CrystalQuinn is a lover of knowledge and one of the top camgirls for ImLive. This 25-year-old hottie is always ready to go wild and nasty when an experienced male companion turns her on. In case you crave sluts with piercings and tattoos, CrystalQuinn is your perfect choice.

Just as earlier mentioned, she is easily attracted by a smart and intelligent man and one who effectively communicates and connects with her fetishes. This Caucasian has a petite build, big boobs, laced with green eyes, and black hair, and she smokes.


Attention that Kiara is a great example of a camgirl who abuses the paid chat feature. She has NEVER shown up in free chat. In almost 3000 hours of online activity, she spent less than 1 hour in free chat. But somehow, she gets plenty of private chats, which makes her a top model in the platform.

If you are looking for a soft, intelligent camgirl on ImLive who is versatile, KiaraSilva is at your service any day, any time. The 22 years old Hispanic curvaceous slut loves to be dominated while performing sexual moves.

Her fetish preference is mainly oral sex as a bisexual, and her favorite pose is the doggy style. KiaraSilva loves to dance and smile, even as she is eager to learn new languages and cultures. She is an embodiment of love and is always motivated to spark a conversation.


I will start the list with the most popular and successful ImLive model in the last few years: CorinasSecret! If you value size and quality, then CorinasSecret can be your favorite model. She is a professional in her craft and can offer you a lifetime experience in just an encounter with her. CorinasSecret is a reflection of elegance, style, attitude, and refinement.

The 25 years old flirty bisexual is graced with a huge D-cup breast shape and desires new pleasures while making love in unusual places. Her hair color is brown. CorinasSecret is a makeup artist by profession, but she's got the skill to make your dick up for squirting. This bisexual has all her body tattooed and her pubic hair shaved.


Zarameyers is fluent in Spanish and English. This Hispanic flaunts her C-Cup breast shape, long blonde hair, brown eye color, and big ass size. Although her body is tattooed and her vag is shaved, this 20-year-old bisexual is no stranger to a wide range of fetishes. She's an expert in foot fetish, anal training, wet and messy, Gags and blindfolds, Tit or Nipple torture, Whips, and more.

If you're a great guy for rude sex, Zarameyers is the best pick. A passionate sexual escapade turns her on. Like to pamper a model like a baby? This lady wants you to fuck her so hard until she's unable to walk.


JessicaLarsen is a Romanian camgirl who joined ImLive in 2021. In October 2022, she was awarded the host of the month. She likes romantic adventures, refined positions, and walks under the moonlight. Don't dare this all-brown eye and hair-colored femme if you're fake or will fall on your feet pretty quickly.

While Jessica doesn't smoke, her shaved kinks, big ass, and C-cup size will turn you on almost immediately after she opens her clits to you. She's got so much to display in terms of her expertise in a wide range of fetishes. Ask her, and she'll be willing to tell and show you the stuff she's made of.

Our ImLive Verdict

The porn industry is saturated with lots of sensual content. Some users of these sites prefer recorded sex videos that they can always watch at their convenience, while others would rather love to enjoy an amazing experience whenever they feel the urge for sex.

Whether it is cunt or tits you are looking for, ImLive cam girls have all that. Their erotic skills can leave you hard like a rock. What else can you desire from a live cam site? These filthy sluts will make you believe that there is no better erotic site in the whole world. In fact, gorgeous models on ImLive are always willing to go nude, masturbate, and give you an everlasting pleasurable experience.

To have the best cam experience, you need to set the right tone for a babe. Send her seductive signals like sexy gifts and grins just to attract her attention. Immediately you get her attention; she will, in turn, make an effort to satisfy your sexual desires.

Tons of female, male, and transgender models are always waiting for you to get into their chambers and relish private live cams with them. Don't worry; there are a few, easy steps to becoming a member of ImLive. You only need to visit the website and register your details free of any charge.


How can I register on ImLive?

To register on ImLive, you need first to visit the ImLive website and input your email address, username, and password. Remember that during registration, you don't need to include your credit card details until you are ready to purchase credit points.

Is ImLive Customer Support reliable?

Of course, Customer Support on ImLive is very reliable if you have a technical problem or require assistance to perform an action on the site. Its support system is very fast and always available 24/7 to attend to customers' requests and inquiries. You can find a link to the customer service center at the bottom of every page on ImLive. Nevertheless, before you contact customer service personnel, it is important to research their level of knowledge regarding answers to common questions.

But don't count on them to help you if you spend $2 to peek behind the curtains of a paid chat only to find out the model is nothing like the picture.

Does ImLive offer free Benefits?

Though ImLive is a premium webcam, users are still allowed to use a free chat function to interact with models on the platform. The free chat feature is designed to help users know these models and understand what their fetishes are, including what the cam girls can offer them as they go on a paid private sex show.

What are the boosts on ImLive?

Boosts on ImLive enable affiliates to grow traffic and increase earnings and user loyalty. If this is achieved, you can earn up to 2.5 dollars for every 100 clicks on the cam site.

Is ImLive legit?

Without a doubt, ImLive is very real and operates legitimately on the internet space. The cam site has lots of hot babes who are always available and willing to offer users an unforgettable sensual experience with their seductive performance. ImLive has been existing for more than 15 years in the live porn industry and has won several awards from AVN awards to YNOT, and then XBIZ awards.

Pros and Cons of ImLive


  • Pocket-friendly private sex cam shows;
  • Plenty of fetish chat rooms;
  • Discount clubs;
  • Prompt customer service response;


  • No free nude feature;
  • No labeled chat rooms;
  • Models hiding behind a paid wall;