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What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a combination of two English words, "chat" and "masturbate." It is an adult content site for amateur camgirls and models. The platform specializes in live cams. Since its launch in 2011, Chaturbate has grown to become one of the largest and most popular, reliable, and trusted sites that live-stream cam sex.

The platform is heavily moved by public cam shows fed by tips. Although Chaturbate is not the original place where this concept started, it is the site that took this to another level, with thousands of models performing explicit cam shows in open chat for the whole world to watch. The competition, meanwhile, can only reach a couple of hundred models. In other words, Chaturbate crushes its competitors.

Not only that, Chaturbate beat its main competitor on its own game: Free cam shows. In a matter of years after being launched, Chaturbate changed from a small site with amateurs to become the largest camsite with both amateurs and professional camgirls. By largest, it means in terms of models and members.

It’s become a household name due to its practicality, functionality, and user-oriented interactive features. According to Similarweb, Chaturbate is ranked the 5th most visited adult site and the world’s 57th most popular site. The platform’s fanbase is massive, accounting for massive Chaturbate traffic.

The site may look basic, and its design is still exactly the same since its inception. But this basic design allows members to focus on what is important, the cam show. It simply works.

How Popular Is Chaturbate?

Measuring a camsite's popularity may not be so straightforward. But if anything serves as a measure is the number of models online. If the site isn't popular and models don't make enough, then why would they go online there? Quick answer: They wouldn't. That is how you can check how popular Chaturbate is; by the number of models.

Not only models, but online and active models. What is the point to have a lot of models if none of them come online? Let's take a look at the numbers.

Currently, Chaturbate has an average of models online. But that counts models that sporadically come online. A better measure is the number of active models. First, let's establish what counts towards an active model. We are going to take the average time spent by models on the platform, which is , and assume that any model staying online at least 50% of that is considered an active model. This means, per day.

With those numbers in mind, we can say that Chaturbate has active models. That is by far the largest number across all camsites, which naturally ranks the site as number one.

This has been like that for years. If we take a look at the chart with the progression of online models, it is pretty clear that the site keeps growing.

As mentioned before, Chaturbate started small, like all new camsites. But it never went down, and it has been growing since day one. While one particular major competitor has been in decline since 2021. In fact, Chaturbate surpassed all competitors in 2016.

How Many New Models?

Remember, the graph above is about online models, not new models. Let's also see that graph over the years.

It is interesting that, although the site is getting a massive amount of new models, in 2020 the number dropped by half, and it has been steady since then. However, this does not affect the number of online models. That continues to grow.

That begs the question of how old these accounts are. I mean, if the site doesn't get new models as before, then this means that the models that come online are old models, and the site does not renew its collection.

So, let's see the age average of the accounts. Just to clarify, this is not the models' ages. That is how old the account is. In other words, for how long the model has been working on Chaturbate.

If you see the account age growing, it means that you may find more veterans than newbies. The chart above shows that the number is growing, but it has fluctuations. But more importantly, it has a huge difference when compared to its main competitor. The average age of an account on Chaturbate is months while on MyFreeCams is months. This means that the veterans you find on Chaturbate are not so veterans.

Where Are The Camgirls From?

Well, that is a bit tricky to answer. That is because, on this platform, models are allowed to set anything as location. They can say the Moon or Hell. They have the freedom to type in whatever they want.

Of course, it is not possible to rely on the profiles, therefore, making it hard to create a rank of countries. Hard, but not impossible. Since many models work on multiple camsites, and on other camsites they must set a valid country; we can cross-check the information.

Not to my surprise, is the most common country. is pretty much the most common country in most camsites for some years already. So much so that Romanian studios started expanding their businesses to . Let's see the top 10 countries:

Country Models
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)

A word about Latvia. The number seems way too high, and it is. Although there are Latvian camgirls, the vast majority are actually Russians. It is not possible to automatically figure out that; it requires talking to the girl, which the bots can't do.

Unique Features of Chaturbate

There’s a lot that makes a top adult site. Here are a few of those things that work for Chaturbate.

Variety of Models and Performances

If there’s one thing that is working perfectly for Chaturbate, it is its incredibly wide array of models and exclusive activities. There’s something for everyone. While you’ll find individual models doing their solo thing, Chaturbate also offers you the opportunity to view live group sexual activities. You’ll also find couples, 3somes, and more. There are different sexual preferences and orientations, including trans, gay, lesbian, straight, men, women, and so on.

Access to Multiple Free Content

Although you will need to put down some cash to be able to engage the models in private chats, Chaturbate offers lurkers unhindered access to lots of content for free.

This service isn’t what you get on many adult sites. In fact, you’ll have to pay through your nose to even view free chats on some sites. So, you may want to give it to Chaturbate for this exclusive offer.

Exclusive Amateur Content

Chaturbate is exclusively established to provide amateur sex cams to make lurkers get dirtier. You can enjoy genuinely free amateur content. Here, Chaturbate cheap camgirls run their chat sessions, own their shows, organize their private chats, and more. They want to go naked with you and do all kinds of pretty things on cam. Interestingly, you don’t have to pay a dime to view these stunning live shows.

Large Community

The Chaturbate community is so massive that you cannot mention the top 5 adult sites in the world without Chaturbate. As the 5th most popular adult content site, Chaturbate leads the pack in so many ways. More than 200+ models are online and broadcasting at the same time. The platform’s user base of viewers and models is extensive. Plus, the ethnic and national composition of the fans is expansive.

Interactive Interface

Another unique feature of Chaturbate is its amazing user-friendly interface. The site and the app have a great design that can easily be filtered. For example, the intuitive and interactive design of the App makes navigation a lot easier than the web version. Although the App is only compatible with Android and found in Google PlayStore, you can move from one menu to another smoothly and without hassle.

Custom Profile

Chaturbate is also popular for its great custom features. The site allows users to personalize their experience and profile. The profile settings are flexible, and you can leverage the CSS and HTML to control and create your profile and experience. Making the profile page special and attractive is up to you, and you won’t need any knowledge in coding or graphic design to do this. The process is pretty simple and quick.

Stunning Sexy Models

The quality of models on Chaturnate is incredible. The site is home to a wide variety of sexy and fun models who understand different fetishes and positions. Call Chaturbate live sex hub; you won’t be wrong. Their outfits, manicure, pedicure, body types, hair colors, pubic hair, body decorations, sexual preferences, and positions vary from model to model. While these ladies allow you to chat with them, you can also feel their personalities easily.

How Does Chaturbate Work?

Chaturbate is essentially designed to meet the sexual needs of people who seek the sensual escapades of amateur models. Deriving from two words, "chat" and "masturbate," Chaturbate seeks to satisfy you as you watch and chat with live cam models.

The site focuses on interactive experience, and you see in the way its user-friendly interface is designed. There are certainly no dull moments for viewers and models as they engage each other. This is one of the reasons Chaturbate has become a highly successful platform.

While you can talk directly to the Chaturbate models, offering a few tokens as tips will give you unfettered access to their loads of video, movie, and picture content. Chaturbate’s teledildonics allows models to earn through tipping and users to stimulate their sexual drive through interactive sex toys.

The good thing about Chaturbate is that it grants free access to content. Nonetheless, tipping is the real deal for those who want to get deeper into the model's private life. When you tip the models with some bucks, you can unlock exclusive features and see various private activities. Buying a pass for private shows is the icing on the cake for users.

On Chaturbate, there are free and fee-based services. Each of these services has its features. What do users stand to gain using the free Chaturbate services? They include:

  • 100 per cent free camchat;
  • freedom to view multiple cams;
  • Full-screen view;

On the flip side, if you subscribe to the paid Chaturbate site, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • You can tip anonymously;
  • Custom color and chat font options;
  • One-time token bonus;
  • Clean and uninterrupted interface;
  • Ad-free navigation

The cost of Chaturbate tokens depends on the plan you subscribe to. The chart below is the current cost analysis of Chaturbate tokens. As the table shows, the more tokens you buy, the higher the discount you get. Mathematically, there is a drop from US$0.11 to US$0.08 on every token you buy. In the meantime, a one-month premium membership goes for US$19.95.

Token Cost per token Total cost of token
1000 tokens US$ 0.08 US$ 79.99
750 tokens US$ 0.09 US$ 62.99
550 tokens US$ 0.09 US$ 49.99
500 tokens US$ 0.09 US$ 44.99
400 tokens US$ 0.10 US$ 39.99
200 tokens US$ 0.10 US$ 20.99
100 tokens US$ 0.10 US$ 10.99
50 tokens US$ 0.11 US$ 5.99

Chaturbate Pricing and Earnings

The benefit of using an adult site, whether as a model or viewer, is to have fun and make some money. Every Chaturbate cam model profit in one way or the other. In fact, they keep 60% of the income they earn on the platform, and this is one of the most generous offers in the camming industry.

The multiple payout frequency options of daily, weekly, and monthly are better, and many models want it that way. The payout percentage range of 60%-75% is relatively higher than what many sites offer.

As of writing, there are several hourly contests worth over US$11,000 that Chaturbate gives out every month. The model with the highest viewed room will receive up to US$10.00, with the first and second runners-up receiving US$5.00 each. There are 48 cash winners every day.

Apart from the Chaturbate hourly contests, models can also make money through their group sex, private shows, and other means. To be eligible for the earnings, you must submit your documents, verifying your age and that you’re 18 or above. Accept tokens as viewers tip you with them.

Furthermore, models are also allowed to upload video or photo content to their profiles. They can sell this content to make money. Alternatively, the camgirls can set up a Fan Club which enables them to invite individual viewers and check out what they are made of. They will receive a certain amount of tokens from every member of the Club.

After setting up the Club, models can share their links and earn on Chaturbate. Upon registration, models are entitled to 10 tokens. A payout can be daily, weekly or monthly. There are requirements to be eligible for the daily payout option; a model must have received at least two pay periods. It’s to be said that there is no independent merchant for payment processing.

But Can I Have Private Chats On Chaturbate?

Yes, you can. That is the short answer. The models are heavily focused on countdown shows, tips, and any action in public chat. But, unlike MyFreeCams, where many models refuse to go private, on CB, you can find many girls who accept invitations for a private chat. On average, you can find models busy performing private shows. That is a lot more than on MyFreeCams, which has an average of . But that is a bit unfair to compare because, on CB, there are a lot more models online; therefore, there should be more models in private chat.

In any case, just to compare, you can find more girls on this site in private chat than online models on some other sites. That gives you an idea of how big this platform is.

Here is an example of a camgirl who usually doesn't do much in free chat but accepts private chats: MiaKeler.

How Much is a Private Chat on Chaturbate?

Well, this will depend on the model. But the average is $ . That is even cheaper than private-orientated camsites like LiveJasmin,, and Streamate. And if you compare it to MyFreeCams, which has a fixed price of $6 per minute, then you can say that a private chat on Chaturbate is quite cheap.

But if we are talking about a popular model who makes most of her earnings with tips and countdown shows, you will have to put on the table around $12-$15 per minute. The reason for that is exactly because of how successful their public shows are. By taking a model into private, you are taking her away from the general public and tippers. You need to compensate her for the potential tips she won't be getting if she goes one-on-one.

How to Register and Become Chaturbate Member

The Chaturbate signup process is pretty simple, clear, and straightforward. To start with, you can start watching Chaturbate live shows without registering. Once you log on to the site, you’ll be face-to-face with different models showing their skills and movement. The freedom to live-stream sex shows without creating a Chaturbate account is exclusive to this platform. If you choose to verify your email, it may be out of curiosity or for security purposes.

Unlike many adult sites, Chaturbate doesn’t need you to confirm your email or phone to become a member. Besides, you don’t need to link to your social media spaces to sign up and complete your registration process.

Top 8 Chaturbate Models


Anabel Julia is a 25-year-old Ukrainian who also speaks fluent English. She has a deep interest in trans, couples, men, and women. As of writing, she has an average of 892,086 followers. Anabel’s got impressive contest stats and extensive video and picture galleries.

As passionate and sensual, Anabel has an affordable "tips menu." To view her naked, you’ll need to tip for 1500 tokens, while a song request costs 45 tokens. A private message costs 65 tokens, and fingering her pussy comes at 405 tokens. In all, Anabel has up to 6 tip levels.


Emily is followed by a whopping 498,881 followers and still counting. Born on 24 May 1999, this Nunya Beezwax–based Chaturbate model is one the cheap private camgirls you’ll find on the site. Emily doesn’t hide her interest in women, men, trans, and couples.

Her sporty body type will make you cum quickly when you engage her in a private chat. Although Emily has one Sunflower tattoo on her thick body, she neither drinks nor smokes. She is on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. You can join her JayBird FanClub and tip her with a few tokens.


You can find Tiffany on other camsites, but she is usually online more often on Chaturbate, where she performs public cam shows in exchange for tips. You can watch this young brunette from Romania getting naked and masturbating with a huge collection of sex toys.

As long as the tips keep coming, TiffanyHouston will continue with a very explicit show. If she is not performing a show, she is equally enjoyable to watch. It is common for her to be in topless, even without tips, so that you can see her perfect natural tits with pierced nipples almost all the time. When tips start rolling, she will get down to business. Don't be surprised if she already has a Lush up her ass when she removes her panties.


Regina, or as she is known online, SimpleGirl1996, is one of those faceless models with big booty. She reminds me of veteran KarinAss. Not only because of her ass, but because she is 99% of the time sitting with her ass facing the camera. She never shows her face, ever. But, theoretically, you can buy a picture of her face for $50. She has a premium album that says "my face," but there is no preview, so God knows what is inside.

SimpleGirl1996's cam shows are pretty much straightforward. Most of the action happens in free chat, as she rarely performs private shows. As you can imagine, the shows are all the same, with Regina leaning forward on a wardrobe with a realistic dildo placed on a chair behind her. That is the setup. As tips come in, she sits on the dildo and rides it like a pro.

On paper, it may sound repetitive, but she does it so well that it is impossible to resist.


This British camgirl started as HannahJamesCB in 2015, but later she rebranded herself to be HannahJames710. She has been living in Spain, and from there she performs nude shows on cam and produces her own porn videos.


MargoGlorious is a young slim camgirl from Russia with a large collection of sex toys and ready to perform wild cam shows. The best part is also the worst part; she only performs in free chat. You can enjoy all her body and the things she can do with her pussy and ass in public chat. But if you want to take this sexy petite into private chat to have a personal one-on-one chat with her, that is going to be hard since Margo rarely accepts private chats.

Besides the incredibly sexy body, another thing that sets MargoGlorious apart is the sex machine she has. Although not unique, it's surely not that common among studio models. Margo knows how to use it like a pro.


This 22-year-old sporty woman is interested in women, men, and couples. She is an excellent English speaker, making her accessible to English-speaking viewers. Guess where she stays? Island of your desires! It means that regardless of where you’re based, this lady will always be there for you.

You may be liable to a one-year jail term or pay compensation ranging from $250 to $150,000 if you use her video, profile photo, or content without written consent from her. But never be afraid because Kerelai has a lot of sexy content to make your day a fulfilled one.


Laura is known as MelissaLuck as her model name. This 18-year-old has over 31,290 followers, the least on our list. But she’s got under her sexy belt is stunning. There are tattoos all over her body, but she neither smokes nor drinks.

She’s a sporty body and speaks fluent English. Laura has a lot of content on her profile, and she is ready to share nude pussies and licking clits to make your day. Never overestimate the aura she carries with her because she will be down to earth in private sessions.

Pros and Cons of Chaturbate


  • Exclusive camgirls;
  • Huge collection of camgirls;
  • Free cam shows all the time;
  • Amazing HD stream;
  • Straightforward platform;


  • Ads unless you pay for premium membership;
  • Models profiles are not exhaustive;
  • Hard to follow the chat in busy rooms;