The Unique LiveJasmin Glamourification, What The Heck Is This?

LiveJasmin glamourification, what is it?

If you are an active LiveJasmin member, you have probably already noticed that some models, well, many models, have new names. This is LiveJasmin glamourification; it is how they call it, and the goal is to give the model a new name that must first resemble an actual name, look more clean and appealing, and sound more glamour-ish. Like the model is now a brand.

This is new on LiveJasmin but not new in the cam business. Flirt 4 Free (F4F) has the same thing. The difference is that since day 1, F4F has been doing this, and every new model gets a name that F4F’s team chooses for them. However, in the F4F case, it is also to avoid legal issues by not allowing models to choose a trademark as a nickname.

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Some examples of the LiveJasmin glamourification

Some changes make sense, like 1StripperGirl, which was a very generic model name, and now she is NatalyMayer. Or, in another example, to fix what seems to be a typo PauulaNoah dropped a “U” and is now PaulaNoah.

Even well-established LiveJasmin models got new names, like LittleRedBunny, which is not glamorous. However, it could remain unchanged given her status on LiveJasmin and being a nice name. But they decided to rename her to just Ophelia. Later, she managed to convince admins to revert her name back to LittleRedBunny.

Another example is SandraDream. That was already a good name, and they changed it to SandraDeem, which sounds like a knockoff—I have no idea why they changed this one.

JessyBrown, on the other hand, remains unchanged and will remain like that since her name already follows the new rules.

And Evixa, a name invented by the model herself, must stay the same because it looks like a woman’s name. Had that name been Evixo, implying it is a man’s name or EvixaSweetTits then LiveJasmin would have renamed her.

Are all models going to get a new name?

I am under the impression that will happen to all models. But if the model already has a good model name, she will not get a new one. This has been confirmed by someone from LiveJasmin’s team and some models.

However, I have seen NatalyeRose changing her name to just Natalie. It is indeed better since it is shorter and easier to remember. Natalye with Y is not really correct, anyway.

Also, they will skip old accounts that don’t get online anymore. There is no reason to use imagination to find a good name for a model who no longer comes online.

Can a model keep her old name?

If her old name meets the new naming rules, then yes. Otherwise, they are forced to choose a new name.

In this post on ACF, veteran model LittleRedBunny mentions that her account was closed/suspended for not complying with the new rules. Her account was only reinstated when she chose a new name, Ophelia.

This creates a big problem for well-established models that have built a brand name that now does not fit this new rule.

Can a model change her name again?

Someone from LiveJasmin’s team told me that this process will only happen once. However, AnnaMorales, who was originally known as SexyVanessa01, had already gone through the glamourification process and then changed her name again. Now, she is known as simply Vanessa.

How can I find a model’s new name?

Well, it was supposed to be so easy. But LiveJasmin changed things. Goddamnit!

When they started renaming models, the search function would help members find the new name. For example, in the picture below, I tried to find LittleRedBunny, and the search suggested Ophelia.

LiveJasmin glamourification in place suggesting the model's new name
Searching for LittleRedBunny

But then, they killed it. If I search for any old name, the search won’t suggest the new name. In some cases, it won’t even suggest any name. Because of this stupid change, I almost didn’t find SofyaIvanov.

Well, for that, I suggest you find the girl using Camsites Where She Works feature here on MyCamgirl. Give it a try. Search for her name. If she has a CWSW page, then you may find her new name on LiveJasmin and perhaps even accounts you didn’t know she had.

But if you don’t find her on CWSW, try her Stats page. There will be a button to use AI to find other models with similar faces.

How will LiveJasmin glamourification affect the Stats on MyCamgirl?

It won’t affect the Stats. The bots got an update to deal with this. If you try to access a Stats page using the model’s old name, it will redirect to its new name. If you use the search box, it will show her new name.

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