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Sara Kelley

Russian Federation
Sara Kelley

Sara Kelley

Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Age: 23 years
Description: She is a camgirl from 2022, and works under 10 different nicknames on 1 different camsite
Shaved Pussy
Big areolas
Long hair
Lovense lush in ass
Anal sex

Who Is Julie Conner?

Sara is one of the many camgirls in the camming industry who have been helping her members fulfill their sexual desires. The 22-year-old Russian model is a camgirl who has worked under ten unique model names on one cam site: LiveJasmin. Most of her names have Sara as root:

  • SaraKerr
  • SaraReese
  • SaraLeons
  • SaraWeiss (her first account; it was created in June 2022)

Just to mention a few names. But she also had accounts with the names MirandaBradberry and JulieConner.

SaraKelley standing in topless and red lingerie

Debuting in June 2022 when she was 20 years old, this cutie has made several appearances in live sex videos. Her performances in private and open sessions endear her to many fans. She's got immense experience when it comes to feeding her fans with sexual content.

Multiple Accounts on LiveJasmin

SaraKelley is just one name that this Russian camgirl has adopted. As of this writing, she was holding seven different accounts on LiveJasmin. In chronological order: SaraWeiss, SaraMelony, MirandaBradberry, SaraKelley, JulieConner, and SaraWeiss.

It is unknown how her studio manages to get so many accounts under her name on LiveJasmin since this is not allowed by the site. This trick of getting multiple accounts is believed to be due to poor understanding from the studio on how LiveJasmin works. The studio thinks that after a certain period, the account stops getting traffic for not being new anymore. Vik is another LiveJasmin camgirl who does the same trick, and her explanation sheds some light. According to Vik, her studio does that because of the traffic new models get. When the traffic fades away, they dump the account and get a new one.

This leads to Sara moving to a new account every two weeks and confusing members.

Lush Is For Anal Too!

During one of her first private chats under the name MirandaBradberry, Sara performed an anal show that was at the time unique for her. At the request of a member, she tried to put the pink sex toy, Lush, in her ass. Surprisingly, Sara didn't have much trouble and, with help from some lube, in under 30 seconds, she put the Lush in her ass and started accepting tips to make it vibe.

SaraKelley in doggy position fingering her pussy
Sara putting lush in her asshole
Sara with lush inside her ass

So, if you are wondering whether Sara does anal, the answer is a big yes!

Her fans believe she is one of the best among many other camgirls that offer sexual stuff. Therefore, the number of fans continues to increase, making her a star in the industry.

MyCamgirl has many snapshots of Julie Conner. To be more precise, there are around 109 snapshots. That is enough for you to lurk in her room and check what she is doing. If you want to check her snapshots, you need to go to one of her Statistics pages. The snaps are specific for each account she has or had.

Where Is Julie Conner More Often On Cam?

If you are asking yourself where she goes online often, we have the answer. Her nickname, MirandaBradberry at LiveJasmin, is the one she has more activity. This information is particularly crucial in this situation because Sara is always moving from account to account.

LiveJasmin is one of the oldest camsites remaining in the camming market. This camsite has been in the game since the early 2000s, and a surprising number of over half-million camgirls have streamed on the site throughout its history. It has continuously held a solid amount of models live, with about a thousand girls on average, typically. Some folks call it as LiveJasmine, but that is just incorrect spelling.

The site has been called Jasmin for some time they chose to use a shorter and more friendly brand name. But after a while of pushing people to use Jasmin, they dropped the idea and brought back LiveJasmin's longer version. They also tried to develop its own social media under the name LJ. It was an interesting idea where models were posting private content. But in the end, they closed it down.

On LiveJasmin, you may find camgirls willing to do all kinds of private shows, from softcore strip shows and dancing to solo masturbation and blowjobs. Models may also do other things, but they will not be listed anywhere. For those secret shows, you will have to take a chance and speak with the girls to figure out what else they may be willing to do in private chat aside from what they explain on their pages.

As for the prices, it got a bit more expensive over the last years, but it is still more affordable than the other camsites. I mean, the average is just $2.20 for a minute in private chat on LiveJasmin; meanwhile, on other sites it can quickly go to $4 or even $6/minute. The low cost does not affect the final result because almost all camgirls will deliver their top shows. Of course, you still can find camgirls asking for surprises in private chat to do things that should be for free, but that clearly goes against the rules, and the site does not encourage it. Pro tip: Just close the private chat if the performer pushes you to send gifts to her in order to perform something that is not a bonus.

Regarding choices, much like all the other sites, you can find pretty much girls from all ethnicities. However, in specific countries like the USA and Canada, you will have difficulty finding any girl. The vast majority is from eastern European countries, namely Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. There are also a lot of studios from Colombia, though some girls from these studios are indeed from countries near Colombia.

The country usually does not influence whether the final result will be decent or not. It also does not affect the cost. But, if it happens that you find a girl from the UK, USA, or Canada, you can be sure that a private chat with them will be 100% more than all the other girls. Their shows will not be better or worse, just similar. Then, it is your call to pay the prime cost to watch a girl doing almost the same that another girl could do. Of course, if you are able to find a girl from these places. You will move on before you find one.

Overall, LiveJasmin is a great camsite. The site has a customer-first approach. This means that in case of an argument with a rogue camgirl, they usually side with the client. Needless to say, this does not mean that you can abuse their impartiality. Try to scam them, and you will get your account deleted.

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Since 2023, users have the ability to use MyCamgirl's face search with the assistance of AI to search for other nicknames and accounts a camgirl might have.

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