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Russian Federation


Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Age: 21 years
Description: She is a camgirl from 2022, and works under 20 different nicknames on 1 different camsite
Studio model
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Who Is Russian Viky?

Viky, or Lauren, is a Russian camgirl who started camming on LiveJasmin in December 2022 for a cam studio when she was 19. Since then, her studio created over fifteen accounts for her. Always on LiveJasmin. Most of her accounts start with Viky or Viki, like:

  • VikiBoyd (her first account)
  • VikyLewis
  • VikiKoval
  • VikiCandel

Just to name a few, her studio creates a new account for her on average every 20 days.

VikyLewis smiling to the camera
VikyLewis wearing white panties looking herself into the mirror
Busty Russian camgirl taking a topless selfie

Vik Multiple Accounts

The situation with Vik's multiple accounts has been discussed in the discussion about VikyLewis. A member who spoke with Vik said the studio creates multiple accounts. Their strategy is to create a new account every time her earnings start to drop and have an advantage over other LiveJasmin camgirls.

New accounts experience a phenomenon in the first weeks that attracts more traffic. This is due to the high demand for new models on LiveJasmin. By creating a new account, she gets the "new" label again and is listed as a fresh new camgirl on the site. Members that haven't seen her before may notice and take her into a private chat.

This only works if the model sets a moderate or low price. The model won't get many private chats if setting a high price. Vik's studio always sets her initial price at $0.98 or $1.99, making her more interesting for a broader audience.

The effect fades away after a week or two when most members have already had a private chat with her and lost interest. At this point, her studio creates a new account. That is why she gets a new account every 20 days. It is the moment when the traffic drops.

Another Russian camgirl from the same studio to try the same strategy is MirandaBradberry of LiveJasmin, and just like Vik, she also only works on LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin Rules On Multiple Accounts

However, even though Vik has over fifteen accounts, LiveJasmin has not allowed this Behavior since 2015, when they imposed a new rule forbidding models from having multiple accounts. Before that, it was common for many models to have at least two accounts. There are instances when they allow a second account, but not for traffic purposes.

In order to achieve that, her studio has been using multiple ID documents to bypass the check. LiveJasmin checks the documents thoroughly but does not cross-check the details. So, if a model has an ID card and a passport, even though both documents have the same names, she can apply for two accounts because LiveJasmin does not look for other models with the same biometric data. They only check if the document is valid, if the person is of legal age, and if the person on the document matches the person on camera.

Because of the last check, where LiveJasmin checks if the document belongs to the person on camera, it is not possible for Vik's studio to submit documents of another person.

Vik's Stories on LiveJasmin

She does not post often. But from time to time, Vik posts stories. Some are non-nude, others are nude. She rarely posts explicit pictures, like pussy closeup. But she will sell any type of pictures via private message for as low as $15 per picture.

Her LiveJasmin stories are cheap, costing just $3 for one week of access. This is the lowest price a camgirl can set on LiveJasmin

Vik's Cam Shows

Despite charging low prices, Vik always performs explicit cam shows doing sex acts that members usually only find on expensive camgirls. For example:

  • Oil show
  • Bath Shower
  • Anal sex with fingers
LiveJasmin camgirl nude in private chat sitting on chair
Russian camgirl nude in bed and rubbing pussy
LiveJasmin Russian camgirl licking dildo while in topless

She does all that without asking for tips. Vik also has a vibe toy connected. But unlike most camgirls, she never asks for tips. In many occasions, she turns the Lush on auto so it can vibrate without tips and make her cum faster.

Because her low prices attract members with low credit balances looking for a quick show, often her private chats end too early, not allowing Vik to have an orgasm. In fact, in many cases, the private chat ends so fast that she does not even have time to start masturbating.

Vik never delays her shows, and she never blocks her private sessions. If you see her busy in private chat, you can peek at her show and have a good chance of catching her nude.

Improving Cam Shows

In the beginning, Vik was camming from a regular bedroom. Mostly sitting on an office chair. Although she has a bed in the room, the bed is placed too far from the webcam, not giving a good experience for members. As members ask for a good view of her body, Vik has to use the chair for masturbation since it is closer to the camera.

In mid-2023, she started streaming in a different room with a better setup. This allows Vik to masturbate in bed without her video stream losing quality. She also started streaming from her phone, which gives freedom to her to walk around in the studio and give closeups of her body.

Russian camgirl masturbating in bed with dildo
LiveJasmin camgirl riding a dildo in bed
Camgirl in the shower finger her asshole with lush in her pussy
Russian camgirl masturbating in the shower

She sporadically, at request from members, streams from a bathroom to perform a show in the bathtub. However, because the bathroom may be in use, and setting up things there is not easy, Vik does not do bath shows often.

On MyCamgirl, you can find over 950 snapshots of this Russian camgirl. It can give you an idea of how Vik looks on camera. But you won't be able to see any nudity. That is because she only works on LiveJasmin, where models are only allowed to show some nudity if they are selling tickets to a VIP Show. As Vik has never performed a VIP Show, she has never had a chance to show her tits in public chat.

LiveJasmin is Her Only Camsite

It is unknown why Vik only works on LiveJasmin. But it is possible that the reason is the new account trick. On other camsites, this phenomenon does not happen often. It is also possible that the studio is used to the LiveJasmin platform and feels more comfortable using it. Because Russian studios often don't speak English, they don't avoid camsites that don't have the software translated into Russian. MyFreeCams and Streamate are two major camsites that only support English.

I will make a statement that most people find controversial: LiveJasmin is one of my favorite camsites.

I am not able to say the reason for her choice. But I can say, as a paying member, that LiveJasmin is a solid camsite. The cost for a private cam show isn't that high. To be fair, it is quite low in contrast with the other camsites. The video stream is wonderful and stable, in full HD, and the site has never gone offline.

It has its issues. Because of Jasmin's guidelines, models have almost the same look, with identical room setup, pro lighting, and make-up. On a certain level, it is boring. But, with more or less 1000 girls online at any given moment, I eventually ended up finding a camgirl for my liking.

The site has also changed some rules to safeguard the models. For instance, in the past, models should have performed hardcore shows immediately after a member started a private chat. Theoretically, it is still like that. But in fact, models have more freedom to say no and decline to perform a show. On one hand, that is perfect because the girls should have the right to decide what and when to do. On the other hand, viewers start a private chat, putting money on a show with a girl that promises things like fingering and live orgasm as part of her show, but once in private, things change, and she explains she can't, or she demands tips. That is one point LiveJasmin should fix. Figure out a way to give more authority to the girls without upsetting members.

What Is MyCamgirl About?

MyCamgirl started as a simple blog to share authentic reviews on camgirls. I'm a fan of camgirls, so I created the site with the intention of adding one thing to the community by producing guides on how best to access camgirls and tips they might not learn about. The initial idea was to review bad experiences and expose scammers. But it turned out different.

The site evolved into more useful features as it grew with brand new features, like Camsites Where She Works (CWSW), which has been created to help members find other accounts a camgirl might have. Years later, CWSW still provides the most helpful features to members looking for camgirls.

CWSW truly is a tool about camgirls for camfans who want to learn more about the girls they like. This has tons of information regarding your chosen camgirl, including her nicknames, her stats, or videos, and exactly what she's doing at any given minute.

Several years later, the Statistics pages were launched. It's a certain area where users can check camgirls' online activity. Such things as once they were online, for how many hours they stayed in private chat or in a group show.

What CWSW Means?

Camsites Where She Works (CWSW) is a section launched in 2009 that lists the various webcam sites where a particular model works.

Many models work on several webcam sites, and this feature is useful for users who want to check which camsites their favorite model may also work. By knowing which webcam site a model uses, users can follow them across different platforms and perhaps find them more easily for private shows. Sometimes for a lower rate.

It is worth mentioning that different webcam sites may have different rules and requirements for models and may offer different features or payment models. As a result, a model's choice of cam sites may depend on many factors, including their personal liking and the types of traffic they bring.

What Are MyCamgirl Reviews?

Have you been likely to use the camsites but wondering which one is apt? Our company is right here to fix your concern by letting you know what you ought to look out for in a site that will stay true to your expectations. By sticking to the considerations we have provided, you'll affirmatively choose the most readily useful platform using the apt models of your preference.

The initial thing you need to do is get clarity about your requirements. Though some people wish to take part in an individual session that is interactive, others may want to be a part of the Livestream. Thus, it's important to decide the services you want in order to filter the camsites according to them.

For example, if you want to join the live streams, you'll skip choosing the internet sites that don't offer that service. Moving forward, you ought to check the safety factor by reading the reviews written by other users and figuring out exactly how their general experience is. If you see numerous negative reviews, skip that camsite and keep looking for other platforms which can be safer. Once you have a listing of favored camsites, take their trips, learning about the service offerings and the process to avail them. Once you are satisfied with everything, you should buy the subscription and begin utilizing that camsite.

How MyCamgirl Knows So Much?

You can't keep using the exact same camsite for months rather than get annoyed by it. Once you've used or experienced all of the sessions available on the platform, you would expect something brand new. Moreover, you are okay with reaching the exact same models. However, an improvement in the relationship will help. So, it is time you explore more options in order to find other choices that can offer you a break that is much-needed in your routine.

As soon as we discuss investigating other platforms, you may just look at the web and select one camsite based on your instinct. Nonetheless, in this manner, you may overlook the causes and finalize the camsite that does not provide the experiences that are expected. So, it is useful to use the statistics offered on our platform to have live insights into the website. You can understand the total quantity of users that build relationships with the camsite every day. We additionally give information regarding the busy time and the kind of solutions that folks prefer using the most on the platform. Knowing these specific things, you'll compare different camsites to determine which website caters to your needs effortlessly. So, the next time you wish to change the experience, change to our platform, and we will allow you to with decision-making.