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MyFreeCams, or MFC for friends, is one of the largest adult camsites with thousands of models. It is My Free Cams, and almost everything is for free.

Live webcam models have been said to be the engine room of the porn industry. As the video performer streams on MyFreeCams, model members make a lot of money. The viewing members have fun, leisure, and sexual moments through this medium. While there are many webcam websites out there, MyFreeCams has got a lot of differences. What is MyFreeCams? What does it offer? More importantly, how does MyFreeCams work?

What is MyFreeCams?

MyFreeCams is a camsite often considered the creator of tipping and free cam shows. The site was created in 2004 by the same guy who now owns the majority of OnlyFans, "Leo" Radvinsky, to provide a platform that will meet people's sexual and fun desires.

People see MyFreeCams as the ultimate free camsite where they can watch thousands of naked girls for free. While this holds some truth, the real big deal with this site is freedom. This, together with the explicit free cam shows, pretty much made MyFreeCams stand out. Before that, every single camsite had strict rules to "protect their businesses," but that would limit the freedom of models and members.

MyFreeCams Is More About Freedom

The first impression people have about this platform is that everything is free. This is partially true. If there is a camgirl masturbating in public chat, you are not required to pay to watch her. You don't even need to create an account. This is MyFreeCams' main selling point, but the site is more about freedom than free stuff.

For example, at the beginning of the camming industry and for several years, it was highly forbidden to contact members off-site. Although nearly impossible to police and enforce, almost every camgirl feared being caught doing so. MyFreeCams came in and allowed models and members to interact on other platforms and social media sites.

Members can exchange messages and chats with models and vice versa in the chatrooms and private messages. When models are doing live video performances, they send live video clips to members who tip them or subscribe to premium fan clubs.

The Variety

Regarding the variety of models, this camsite is home to only female webcam girls. It was set since the beginning that males and transgenders are not allowed on the site. Period!

The platform works as a freemium cam site, allowing you to watch cam shows in free chat without paying a dime. Of course, the girls don't work for free. But the concept of community and the habit of tipping end up feeding the public shows.

That being said, there are a lot of girls who won't do much in public chat, saving themselves for expensive private chats. This camsite has a fixed rate for private chats of $6 per minute. If you want an exclusive private session, that would be $8 per minute. Either way, this is higher than the average on any other camsite. On top of that, there are some girls who will require you to tip before accepting your private request. Usually, they ask between $20-$50.

How Does MyFreeCams Work?

The site works by providing access to members to see live videos, audio, and photos of models. Only female users can sign up on the platform and earn money through the token tips they receive from members who want to watch their shows.

This camsite can work either as a freemium or premium site. In freemium account allows members to choose not to pay or fund their account. On the other hand, the premium account requires that members fund their accounts and spend some money to engage the models in a private session. Whether you opt for the freemium or premium accounts, you will be able to see sexually exclusive webcam shows.

MyFreeCams is an adult chat site that supports users and models to exchange conversations. The site hosts most of the best-known models from different ethnicities, including Romania, Colombia, Asia, Africa, and America. The site is home to female can models, with more than one thousand camgirls coming online daily.

However, the site has more American models than you would find on other cam platforms. Members have the freedom to access a wide range of account options, including freemiums, premiums, and high-rollers accounts. You can chat with the models in the chatroom while you watch them perform live videos.

Where Are MyFreeCams Models From?

Here is top 10 countries among the active models:

Country Models
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)
( %)

Unlike most camsites where Colombia is the most popular country, on MyFreeCams, is the top country with models, followed closed by .

How Popular Is MyFreeCams?

It used to be freaking popular around 2008-2012. Let's say, MyFreeCams was, by far, the most popular camsite while it was the only camsite allowing public shows. Then, Chaturbate joined the chat, and slowly, the competition started getting stronger. Other camsites started allowing some nudity in free chat. Soon, MyFreeCams was no longer the only camsite with free cam shows.

For a long time, models wanted to work only on MyFreeCams, but as other camsites started getting popular, too, they started using MFC less. This explains the drop in new models. The platform reached the point that the most prominent camgirls are veterans who have been camming for over a decade. They are great for keeping a group of regulars entertained, but these models are often not the cup of tea for new members. Watching them is like start watching a TV show in the sixth season and trying to understand jokes from the first season. New members feel like outsiders. That's why they look for new models. But since new models don't join MyFreeCams that often anymore... there is a cause and effect.

For a decade, between 2010 and 2020, MyFreeCams had an average of 135 new models joining the site every day! Considering that they don't allow duplicate accounts, that really was 135 new girls available every day. But... in 2021, the average dropped to 46, and in 2022 MyFreeCams got about 18 new girls joining the site daily. Right now, there are about new models joining MyFreeCams every day. This is a lot lower than most camsites, even the small ones.

Surely, considering that MyFreeCams only accepts female models, while every other camsite also accepts males, couples, and transgenders, it isn't a fair comparison. But comparing it with the past, the drop is huge.

Let's see the graph:

How Many Online Models Are On MyFreeCams?

With fewer models joining the site, naturally, fewer models are online. On average, we can find about models online on MyFreeCams. These models put the site in # .

Because new models don't join the platform that often, what we normally see are veteran camgirls.

As you can see, there is a big and clear drop starting in 2021. Not only fewer girls joined the camsite, but there were fewer camgirls online.

Now, let's check something else. These camgirls coming online, are they new or veterans? Because if veterans are leaving, even with not too many new camgirls joining the site, it would surpass the veterans at some points. So, let's see the graph of account age. This graph shows how old accounts are. That is not the models' ages but for how many months they have been working on the site.

The current average account age is months. It is one of the highest across all camsites. This is the effect as the number of new models drops. The veterans are not the ones causing this. Rather, the fact that new camgirls don't want to join MyFreeCams anymore is the real issue.

By the way, what is a veteran? You can say that a girl work for three years is a veteran. But how about the ones working for a decade? Veterans too, but how to classify them? For the sake of simplicity, let's say that a veteran is any girl who has been camming for at least two years. It sounds not long enough, but many camgirls (globally) quit in a year or less.

Using this definition, currently, % of the online models are veterans. It is not the highest, but it is one of the highest (ImLive has freaking % veterans). This means there are more chances of you finding the same faces daily. If you compare with direct competition like Chaturbate ( %) and StripChat ( %), they have about the same quantity of veterans but a lot more new models. So, on other camsites, veterans are not quitting, but new models are still joining in mass.

MyFreeCams Free Services

Here are some of the free services you can use or try your hand at while using MyFreeCams:

  • Search – You can search and filter models based on their categories. You can filter by age, ethnicity, location/region, hair color, body size, and more;
  • Add bookmarks – You can also add bookmarks. It's unlimited, unlike LiveJasmin, which will push you to spend more to add more to your favorites;
  • Layout – Models can set a profile layout for themselves. In other words, they can customize their profile page to suit their preference and specialties. Click on the green ‘customize' button on the top right corner of the site;
  • View Chat rooms – Members can see the chat rooms of the models, although they may not be able to send messages;

Paid or Fee-based Services

Since the free services have certain restrictions on what members can do, the best idea for most users is to explore the fee-based option. With the latter option, you can do the following:

  • Engage in private shows – Private shows are available for members to chat with MyFreeCams models, but you must be willing to tip them with some tokens;
  • Private messages with videos: To enter the private message mode with a model, click on the MyFreeCams model's profile to start chatting with her;
  • Act as Spy Voyeur: As the name suggests, you can spy on the models' movies, videos, and pictures, but you cannot chat with them;
  • Group shows: Intended for the members who can tip models with 10 tokens;
  • Private show: To interact with the model, you're required to tip 60 tokens;
  • Club shows;
  • Tip;


Well, MyFreeCams can be the world's cheapest camsite, or the most expensive. It depends on how you make use of it. Obviously, I am talking about the public cam shows that you don't need to spend a dime to watch. But let's focus on private chats and group shows.

MyFreeCams has always had a fixed rate that models can't change. It is 60 tokens per minute for a regular private chat that anyone can watch (but not interact with the model,) and 80 tokens per minute if you want the session to be truly private.

For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that 10 tokens = $1. So, one minute in private chat costs $6; in true private, the cost is $8. This is by far the most expensive price for a private chat. I can say that on most of camsites, with a few exceptions, any camgirl charging $6 won't have that many private sessions. On most camsites, the average for a private chat is under $4, with some girls charging under $2.

Considering that many MFC camgirls are also camming on these other camsites and charging $2-$3 per minute, the price asked on MFC is insane. So insane that it looks like the site wants to encourage members to tip rather than pay for a private chat.

If this is a true strategy, it isn't a bad strategy at all. Private chats limit models' earns since time is limited. You can't spend more than 60 minutes in a 60 minutes period, duh! The tips give the models a chance to earn more per minute.

Group Shows

But there is a cheap option, and that is called Group Show. Don't confuse it with Countdown shows. Group Shows occur behind closed doors, and only paying members can watch it.

It all starts when a member initiates a Group Show. But it does not start right away. It takes two more members to start. After reaching a minimum of three members, the model can accept or reject it. Once the Group Show starts, other members can join too. You can leave at any time, and you can even return as long as the show is still active.

The Group Show ends when no more members are watching the show or if the model decides to end it.

But, and this is a big but, group shows have become unpopular. Years ago, around 2012-2015, it was a big thing, with some girls having more than 50 members in their group shows and effectively earning more with this type of show than with public or private chat.

The drop is so abysmal that it looks like the platform made deeply substantial changes to how Group Shows work. But nothing changed. Group Shows still work the same way as before. There is absolutely no reason for the sudden drop. Maybe a slow drop over the years. But not a drop like that overnight.

The site is one of the world's cheapest webcam sites. It provides opportunities for members to use or try various services for free. However, while you can try the service, the site doesn't allow members to send private messages to chatrooms for free. In addition, members are allowed to read only the first message they find in their inbox. They cannot read further messages unless they paid. The pricing is relatively cheaper compared to what other competitors offer out there.

Quality of Shows

MyFreeCams features a wide range of shows and chats in different categories, meaning that members will never run out of events at any time. To start with, there is the standard Free chat. This show allows every member to participate. There are big groups that welcome everyone without charging a dime. However, there's a restriction on getting private with a model. Regardless of the show you choose, it is the models who decide the kind of show to enable or disable. They also have the freedom to choose when to restrict the other show options.

The private shows are also available, and they allow participating members to tip MyFreeCams camgirls with 60 tokens per minute. If you cannot afford the per-minute token to have a private conversation with a model, the show allows you the luxury of spying for 20 tokens. By spying, you can only see the models' photo, audio, or video content without access to private chat sessions.

The third type of show available is the True Private show. In this category, members will need to pay as much as 80 tokens per minute to tip the model. Here, there is no room for spying. It is strictly a token-based show for interaction.

The last type of show is the Group show. Here, the cost is cheap, and members can interact with the cheapest camgirls for just 10 tokens per minute. Only three members can take part in a session at the same time.

MyFreeCams Camscore

This is one of the site's most talked-about features. What does MyFreeCams Camscore mean? It is a way of grading the model based on the number of tokens they make over 60 days. In other words, models are organized on the front page of the website and given scores in order of their token earnings per hour over two months. What it means is that the more tokens you earn, the higher your chance of getting on the homepage of the MyFreeCams site.

MyFreeCams Features

Personalized Profile Page

While some webcam sites only allow models to have fixed and non-adjustable profiles, MyFreeCams works differently. Camgirls have the freedom to choose their profile layout. This personalized experience supports models in designing how they want their profile page to look. All you need is a bit of knowledge of CSS/HTML. You can give yourself a perfect fanciful profile page outlook. You can also pay to get a great profile layout.

It is important to know that when you click on ‘Start my Webcams' on MyFreeCams, your webcam automatically turns on and is shared for free with all models and members on the site. However, models can edit and access the videos and content people can view.

User Interface

One of the attractive perks of MyFreeCams is the popularity of the site shows. However, the downside is the outdated look. No doubt, you'll enjoy every moment and money you pay on this site because of the quality of the show and the array of models available. But the site needs to improve on the layout and design.

The UI is not friendly or fanciful. You can access various functions and features of the site on the go. With the MyFreeCams share option, models can easily upload their audio, video, movie, and photo content and share it with MyFreeCams members. They can also become more social, create blogs, announce goals, or form free-to-join clubs that loyal members can be part of.

Flexible Banking options

One of the standout features is multiple MyFreeCams payment methods. Members won't have to scramble for methods to fund their accounts to get credits that'll be used to tip the models. While the site supports credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) for deposits, billing is done under a different company name. Some of the payment methods include Direct bank deposit, Bank Wire Transfer, FedEx Check, Paxum, Okpay, and more.

The minimum deposit depends on the method that you choose. For Check in the Mail (for Canadian and American members) and Direct Deposit, a minimum of $20 is charged. Domestic Wire Transfers and International Checks in the Mail (for the UK and Australia members) cost 100$. The minimum deposit on International Wire Transfer is 1000$ while Payoneer requires you to deposit at least 20$.

High Payout Percentage

A sought-after feature of a trusted and reliable webcam site is an excellent payout. With a 60% payout percentage, MyFreeCams remains a webcam site to beat. The site's cheapest camgirls get paid as much as the premium ones. The good news is that this site has a consistent payment schedule. The models receive their payment on the first and 16th of every month. Most users attest to the consistency of the site in fulfilling its payout schedule.


Does MyFreeCams give a refund?

You can always get a refund from this site. MyFreeCams refund policy supports users to their loyalty. The token refunds are meant for all categories of users and shows except spy shows, group shows, and issued tips. MyFreeCams users can also pay back only $1000-worth monetized tokens to their account wallet. But they need to do this on or before the 30th day after buying.

What is the average age of models on MyFreeCams?

MyFreeCams is home to a wide range of ages on its site. You will find young and old camgirls, but the average age range is 30 to 40 years. This range is perfect if to get all kinds of fetishes on the go.

How to Register on MyFreeCams

While you can sign up for free using MFC email, the most seamless process is to follow this process:

  • Go to
  • Click on the ‘Create a Free Account button. Depending on your region, the site may have placed a restriction. This way you won't have access to the site;
    If you're not banned, you'll need to fill out the form on the redirected popup window;
  • Confirm your email and agree to responsible webcam age requirements. You must be 18+ before you join as a member.

There you have it!

Top 5 Best MyFreeCams Models

Before listing five of the finest models on MyFreeCams, I feel that I should make a reference to models that put their names in the site's history but are no longer camming. Most people don't know or don't remember them, but they were as big as the number #1 model right now.

  • Mellanny was a Romanian camgirl. Probably the first, together with Shyutza and Goldenlady (CrazyM), to get the status of celebrity;
  • ShyUtza became a star in a couple of months. She worked for four years until 2013 when she quit without a proper goodbye;
  • Olivia was one of the first models to think out-side-the-box when she turned her stream into some kind of radio show;
  • AspenRae, whose public shows were the source of many popular animated GIFs, quit camming in 2019 to pursue a career in bodybuilding;
  • One of the best entertainers, SophiaLocke stopped camming but continued producing porn;
  • lovely_cath, NikiSkyler, Violet420, GinnyPotter, to mention a few others that were top models with the hottest public cam shows;

Now moving to the current top six MyFreeCams models for review.


A long-time MFC camgirl who has been entertaining mass audiences for years. AmberCutie is a geeky woman with big natural tits, a round ass, and a perfect pink pussy that she enjoys fucking on cam. This American camgirl is a good example of the MyFreeCams essence. She is funny and entertaining, carries her chat room with jokes and nice talk, and wraps everything with a delightful hardcore show.


Once the winner of Miss MyCamgirl, Kati3kat started her career on Chaturbate in 2014, and that was where she built her huge and loyal fanbase. In 2015, she moved to MyFreeCams and took her fans with her. Kati3kat counts so many fans in her army, and they are so strong that in less than five months, they put her in the top 3. Since then, she has finished #1 more than five times.

Kati3kat is an American camgirl with a strong gamer style, a slim natural body, and a desire to please her audience with jokes and masturbation.


If you don't know SinCityVEE, maybe it is because she is rarely online, and when she is, she mostly performs Club Shows, which requires a fan club membership to watch. This 30+ years old busty Asian-American camgirl is so successful and has so many members tipping big that she doesn't need to come online to put her name on Miss MFC.

Since she has been mostly doing Club Shows and True Privates, it's not easy to see how her shows are. But when a camgirl is in the business for so long with the same members, and they pretty much pay for anything she does, it's fair to assume that her shows are essentially chit-chat and jokes.


Although this Russian camgirl has rose to success mainly due to a single big tipper, we still need to admit that RocknRose has talent. Maybe not the type of shows everyone is looking for, but she definitively adds an artistic touch to her stream.


This nymph is one of the kinkiest MyFreeCams MILF camgirls you can find on the site. BeyBeee's blonde hair, green eyes, and straight sexual orientation make her the perfect fit for guys with an incredible taste for a slim and petite body. This lady is admired by more than 3548 MyFreeCams members. That's staggering, isn't it?

Popularly known by her profile headline Moonian, this femme lives in Lara Beach, and her occupation is gangbanger. She attends Witch and loves Horngry as his favorite food. BeyBee also admires dogs as her closest pet.


Not all porn ladies out there love flashy things. Our next model is one of those MyFreecams camgirls with a faint taste for special attention and recognition. Her petite body and blonde hair and green eyes make her one of the most sought-after models on this site.

She prefers to be addressed as bisexual. This single American lady has got what it takes to make you cum on her sexually attractive body and choking boobs. She has an amazing number of admirers, up to 4104. She neither drinks nor smokes. Her favorite food is seafood and fruit.

Paige's fetishes include wet pussy, small boobs natural, sexy, squirt, tender, naughty, big lips, shaved, and more.

Pros and Cons of MyFreeCams


  • Lots of live free cam shows to watch;
  • Multiple banking options;
  • More than active models


  • Slow, sometimes not responsive, customer support;
  • Outdated design;
  • Navigating the website is pretty complicated;
  • Restricted only to female models