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Requesting for removal

Before explaining how to request for removal, allow me to explain how the site is organized so you don't get lost and ask to remove something that doesn't exist.

Depending on which part of MyCamgirl site your material (videos or pictures) was posted, you can request for removal. If you have material posted on:


The reviews are the origin of MyCamgirl, and they feature a detailed review about your performance on cam, with pictures and videos. Not all camgirls have a review.

Where can I find these reviews? Browse through the list of reviews or use the search feature to check if there is a review about you.

What can I request to be removed from my review? You can request to remove any video or picture, plus any comment that is harmful to your privacy or that is based on hatred. The review itself can be removed if you are no longer working as camgirl.

Can I make changes to my review? You can change/add pictures or videos, but you can't change the review itself, i.e. the text.

* Any request must have a model verification.

Camsites Where She Works (CWSW)

This lists all the nicknames that a model has or had. Unlike the stats pages, CWSW entries are not created automatically. They are created by any user, and nicknames may be added later by anyone, there may or may not exist a page for you. The page has a photo to easily confirm it is the right model, a list of nicknames (it must have at least 2), tags that are added by any user, comment section and ratings.

Where can I find CWSW? Camsites Where She Works. Browse through the list or use the search feature to check if there is a page for you.

What can I request to be removed from my CWSW page? You can request the photo to be removed or replaced. Any comment that is harmful to your privacy or that is based on hatred. Commenting can also be disabled.

Can my CWSW page be completely removed? Yes, if you are no longer working as camgirl.

Can you remove a particular nickname? Yes, under certain circumstances. Please, explain why you want to remove a nickname from the list.

Can you stop people from creating a page with my nicknames? No.

Can you stop people from adding nicknames to my page? No.

* Any request must have a model verification.

Model verification

You have two options, and a possible third option. Just choose one.

DM on Twitter

If you have an official twitter, you can send a direct message (DM) to @mycamgirl. This method does not require any verification picture, and you don't need to follow @mycamgirl. You just need to say in the DM what you want to remove or hide.

By official twitter, I mean the twitter account that is used by your cam persona and it is listed on one of your cam profiles as your official twitter. Do not send a DM from your personal twitter.

Send verification picture by e-mail

This option is only required if you can't or don't want to use twitter.

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign with the following written (handwritten is fine):

"I am MODEL NAME and I want to confirm my email to".

Attach this picture when sending your request. Obviously, you have to replace MODEL NAME with any of your known nicknames.

If you work as a couple, only one of you need to appear in the photo.

Tip: Don't use your personal e-mail. If you still don't have an e-mail address for your model persona, then get a free e-mail. And if the e-mail service asks for your name, just use a fake name, because the name may appear on your e-mail messages.

You must:

  • Write that exact sentence as explained above. Do not write just your model name;
  • Take a clear picture. Turn the lights on, for example;
  • Include in the email (not on the sign) the link(s) to the page(s) that you want to remove/change.
  • Tell me what you want to remove/change. Don't just say "remove everything". See above what you can request.

You do not need, but you can if you want:

  • Ask/pay someone to handle this process for you. But keep in mind that this process is simple and free;
  • Seek legal advice

You should NOT, never, under any circumstance:

  • Provide any documents or personal information, never do this;
  • Send nude photos, never do this

Check the the contacts to know to where you should send your request.

Talk to the camsite

This is the possible third option, but not available for all. It will depend on site you work. I can tell you the sites that contact MyCamgirl on behalf of their models to have pictures/videos removed.

  • Chaturbate
  • ImLive
  • LiveJasmin
  • Streamate

This list does not include sites that use third party services to take down content. These are only the sites that directly contact MyCamgirl.

I can't tell how long these sites normally take to act since I don't know when they got the request from the model. But I can say that at least Chaturbate and LiveJasmin help out active and inactive models, so it does not matter if you are no longer working.

Keep in mind that, with some sites, this option is not a sure thing, and since you need to send your request to them, and then they send it to me, this will take longer than the other options.

If the site you work/worked is not on the list, you can try contacting them anyway. Maybe they help models but no one has ever asked for their help yet.

Keep in mind...

  • After being verified, if you need to request anything else, you do not need to submit a verification picture again as long as you use the same e-mail address;
  • If you get a new account on any camsite after submitting your removal request, this account won't be affected by your request because there is no way to automatically connect you to this new account. In this case, you must contact MyCamgirl again. But you do not need to provide a new verification picture;