Before you contact MyCamgirl, read the things below


If you want to request for removal, please read how to request for removal. Models who want to be reviewed must attach a model verification when sending a message.

Don't waste your time (mine too) invoking camsites rules that don't protect you or any law. Just read how you can request for removal and then contact me.


I assume that if a camsite/studio wants to contact MyCamgirl it is because of a girl.

If you are a webmaster representing a webcam site, you must contact MyCamgirl using an official e-mail address of that site. Messages from Gmail, Hotmail or any free email service will be ignored. The same is applied if this is about advertising.

If you are a studio, use your official e-mail address. If you use Gmail, Hotmail or any free service as official email, please include a model verification on your message or ask your model to proceed with the request. If you don't want to warn your models about this site and keep them in the dark, please contact me and I will explain you what you can do to get the things removed successfully.


If you want to request a girl, forget it. Don't even send me a message.

If you are a Romeo/Eknight/lover or whatever, don't waste your time trying to remove "your" girl from here. You can't do it, only the girl or a camsite/studio. Just tell her to read how to request for removal. Don't worry, I will not steal her from you.

If you are normal visitor and want to express yourself, feel free to write a comment or send a message. You can also send your questions or any extra info you have to share.

The contacts

There are few ways to contact MyCamgirl

  • e-mail
    • mywebgirl [at]
    • contact [at]
  • Instant messaging (Do NOT send e-mails to these addresses. You might not get a reply)
    • MSN: mywebgirl [at]
    • Yahoo: mywebgirl2000

It might be hard to find me online on MSN or Yahoo, but normally I reply all e-mail messages within 24 hours.