Discussion about Diana, camming since 2008

She is a camgirl since 2008, and works under 33 different nicknames on 13 different camsites

Name Diana
Age 33 years old
Country Romania
Model page/models/2187


  • This girl has also been known as SuesseRuby on a series of German Web sites last year as well, using the same profile pictures as NotyAngel and DyaHotPussy. Wow. She really has been around this little girl [removed]

    <i style="color:#E01B4C">Edited by MyCamgirl: Edited to remove dubious insinuations about this model.</i>

  • <i style="color:#E01B4C">Edited by MyCamgirl: Edited to remove dubious insinuations about this model.</i>

  • Shocked/GrindingMyTeeth... You do realize that as admin I can see things that can help me figure out whether a comment is legit or not, don't you?

    Whether your story is real or not, posting multiple comments under different names will not cause your comments to be more credible. In fact, it does the opposite. After all, why would you come back here 5 days later posing as a different person and corroborate with your first comment?

    Maybe it is a true story, I don't know. But your actions made you lose the benefit of doubt. Therefore, the comments have been edited.

  • I do believe that if the comments were submitted by the same individual, they would not be 5 days apart, quite the opposite in fact, they would be posted closely together. And, In addition, there is evidence on a member profile at MFC to corroborate the statements made here in good faith. I do not know what you think you see behind the wall here, but I will guarantee the comments were made independently, and are 100% truthful. Have you checked either party via the email addresses you demand be supplied. NO. I do believe you should restore the comments in their original form, or at the very least communicate with the posters asking for verification of their knowledge.

  • Both comments were posted using the same e-mail address. The comments can't be restored.

  • Interesting, I know who grindingmyteeth is, now, and he does not have the same email address as me, promise you that. you are saying they both came from my address then. Send me the logs, to that email address, please.

  • I laugh at you all, as I am the fool member that did fall for the model's offer of commitment to me saving her from her horrid, boring and lonely life as a video chat model. Getting home address, phone numbers, and much more personal information lead me to believe her tale of commitment. I did come to Romania, I did establish a business, she did assist a little in getting that business started (she read the lease to me, Romanian) , she visited my home, many times, alone and in company of others, we still talk to this day about her promises and commitment. However, her goal, as evidenced at one point by a demand to *pay out* a non-existent contract to the tune of 30,000 MFC Tokens, was to obtain the highest financial benefit possible for her and her then boyfriend. Fortunately, I baulked at the contract payout, as, when it was required for her to sign one to me in exchange for the 30K Tip I was required to make, she backed out of the demand. Only 2 weeks ago, she apologised for being a *Stupid Girl* and lying to me, admitting she could not do as she promised from the start. However, 10 months later, I am still in Iasi, still trying my best to keep a small business running, and suffering at the hands of so many Romanians, quite similar to her. And Romania wonders why it has the reputation around the world that it has. I do not. I will happily supply the password to her gallery on my profile to you, Mr MyCamGirl, via email to my address, which is not the same any of those mentioned above, I will bet. You can choose if you wish the attached screen picture to be published here, a small sample which clearly identifies the truth of what I say. Many members are my friends at MFC, I do not know who these two are, but I can guess one. They all know of my commitment and are all astonished at what has eventuated, along with about 30 models who would have jumped at this opportunity had it been available to them.

  • Those two comments were also posted using the same browser that you are using.

  • I have no reason to think your comment is fake. I can confirm that you are not only using a different e-mail, but also posting from Romania, where you claim to be right now. And you have attached a picture. You have done everything different than those two first comments and have tried to make your comment more reliable. I just don't have no comment to make about this situation because I don't know this girl, so I shouldn't/can't get involved.

  • I saw the first comment, and was happy to remain anonymous, with it clearly describing a truthful situation and believe it should have remained. I never saw the second comment, so I have zero to say. I would have preferred not to *out* myself, although when I discovered this situation of her getting away scott free suddenly, I was compelled to post.

  • additionally, you may now also understand why I might be able to guess who one of the messages was posted by , LOOL

  • Not sure why they are pussy footing around when dealing with you EEL,my guess is someone working under the pseudonym mycamgirl is affiliated with MFC and knows you from there....No fool like an old fool as they say,and your acting like a fool with these women they are simply using you for the money,and people like Rackstack work for the site to keep you happy and coming back for more....You would in the long run be far happier finding a women who is closer to your age.IF you want to just enjoy these women for wanking then there is simply no reason to pay,what ur paying for is the fake interest they show in you,dont think its only you they do the same shit with everyone doesn't matter who they are.I am sure if mycamgirl is really not affiliated with MFC he would also agree that your better off not paying and just enjoying the view and saving your money for better things,I bet he won't tho.

  • No idea who you, Beluga, or Rackstack is, but, firstly, I meet my girls and do not just sit and wank over them at my apartment I tell you, over a dozen have been here ;) :P. Secondly, I am not looking for another wife, I already tossed the one I had for way too long. Thirdly, I do not pay very much at all to MFC for the attention I receive from the many models that take my camera, it is a quite mutual thing, I tell you. I show a small amount of appreciation in my own way and never receive complaints. EVER. This particular situation involving Diana, is significantly different to how you dream it was. There was never a dream of any long term *relationship*, it was business, from start to finish, sadly, she was manipulated subsequent to my arrival, and really had no choice, but that does not excuse her from the actions she and others here have been engaged in trying to ensure I fail in my venture. The best part is, I can pack my equipment, move anywhere and do it wherever I want. Now that I am in Europe, I have no boundaries to where I can go, and when, plus with invites to 4 countries to do what I do there, I am spoiled with choices. Far better off than 99.9% of members at any site, that do only ever wank over these girls. Come out of the closet Beluga, let me know who you are. I bet I do know you, or at least, you know of me from MFC.

  • This girl told me in May that she LOVED me... It was REAL love she said, and wanted me to save her from having to do this work. it cost me 5000 tokens before I realised she loves everyone. When she vanished without a word in June, I guessed I was not that important after all. I still pop into her room now since she came back this month, but she acts like a different girl now. Still fun of stories I hear, but nothing for me any more. Nice outside, but a true demon inside. So sad.

  • I have knowen this girl for about six months, During this time i found her to be nothing but an exceptional model. Always polite honest and accomadating. She has a killer body and gerat pesonality. I have heard all the stories..... and reserched her on the internet. I am yet find anything that would convince me otherwise. I would everbody to spend the time and get to know her before writing her off.

  • Good way to start a comment Scott, with a lie..... You have not known her 6 months, you have been around 6 weeks, done one private, and made a hidden account so you can pretend you are not there. You have a story, and know that if anything was said in that room by me was a lie, she would have jumped in and bitten me, but she did not, not once did she say anything about the truths you were being told, just commented that all are welcome to be there, and if not happy, can leave. And no one is asking anyone to *write her off*, it is only that you need to be very aware of the tactics used to extricate tokens/money from you, and you seem to have learned this, as you do NOT support her, just sit around all day and take from her, like so many others do, she gives to leeches, and has a dozen like you, never do anything, and take all she has to offer, listen to her crying on your shoulder about what a demon this man is, who travelled 15,000 Kms at her behest only to have all he has done taken for granted and not recompensed. There were NO tips given as *gifts* all were in recognition of the planning done and efforts that were expected to be there, once the promises she demanded were fulfilled. All of which were fulfilled, and much more demanded and given to ensure the business she wanted to work in was there when she was ready. Sadly, we all know now, she then chose to *change her mind* when there was no more to be taken freely, she had to start contributing, then it was all suddenly so different. Finally, do not ever forget the demand that I pay out a 30,000 Token NON-existent contract, so she could come work with me, ... this was almost 2 months after she broke her first series of promises. Everything I say is evidenced, can easily be proven by MFC chat logs, phone text messages, Yahoo logs, and even some typing in the 25 skype chats we had. And the Eels first comment here, is evidenced, and proves beyond a shadow of doubt, all I have said is 100% fact, no story, no fairy tales, just a statement and her confirming it is CORRECT. Provide something yourself Scott, which shows anything other than you being told lies yourself about the whole issue. Maybe you should have the password to the gallery which has a lot of this evidence in it, easy to be seen by any that ask.

  • Seems she has found another to *love* her for a while, eh Scott?? Do not be fooled Scott, like me, you will discover you are only as good as what you can give, and it seems now it is support in words, as you do not help her with tokens, do you? I did with tokens, and did not do me any good in the long run, she really loved me, like she did the eel, and god knows how many others, now, and before us, 18 names, across 11 or more sites, NOT once a success at this, tells you something about this girl.

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    Posted by electriceel999: April 18, 2013

    You are AMAZING .. KISSES to you sweetie , muahhh

    I find this very interesting that after posting all the negative comments here I find this on her profile .............................

  • I saw someone add a name, SuesseCandy , however that 20th name seems to have been removed. VERY CURIOUS ... She also has another account, with SecretFriends, I am not sure of the name used there. I include here a picture of that profile, to verify the name/account on the Dutch and German sites. Same profile images as NotyAngel and CarryCandy. She has been around this little cutie, and, it appears learned all the tricks. Use her ;) , do not let her use you.

  • Wow, this girl goes through accounts like babies and nappies. On her fourth account this year, who is she running from. The same fools sit lonely in her room every day ... another account to a 300 score in a week? Again. And so lazy, never does a thing usually.

  • Has been very busy lady, https://mycamgirl.net/models/2187 , NewDayanna, CpllnFire4U, Newdyanna, BestDayanna, CandyCarry, CandyCarryX, NotyAngel, CarryCandyX, DyaHotPussy, CplInFire4U, DyaHotPussy90, DyaHot4You, Dayanna, DyaAndre, SuessRuby, SuesseRuby, Cinderella4US, CindyRellaXX, FoxyCarry, GynnyG, Missdyxx ... and several other names across numerous sites unlisted here. Whatever you do, if you find her, do not believe the fairy tales, she has favourites and some others, but will lie all day about all her members to all the others. Sexy lady when she has her top member with her, loves his cam. https://media.mycamgirl.net/attachments/D2lNGBxoSqyJGJZu.webp There was an error displaying this embed.

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