Big Changes On MyCamgirl: It’s Evolution, Baby!


Everything has changed, as you can see. It is a completely new system. I will walk you through the major changes.

Important stuff

  • Your password won’t work on this new system. You must reset it first. The system will be sending emails explaining this anyway;
  • Some data (more than what I would like) may not be available or may not be working for now. This affects statistics and comments. If you know something is missing and/or wrong, email me so I can try to fix it;
  • Some functions may work slow, mainly search function and fetching some data too. But it still faster than the old site. If it is slow there, email me;
  • The big tips list that was available on Behind The Scenes is currently unavailable because BTS is off. The list will come back in the future;


Camsites Where She Works (CWSW)

  • The URL scheme has changed too. The base URL is There you can list/filter CWSW pages.

    Each CWSW page has its own ID, like before. The ID’s didn’t change. If you know the ID already, you can just add it to the base URL, like this:

    If an old ID is not working, email me;
  • CWSW pages no longer user slugs on the URL. It is just ID. If you add any text after the ID, it will fail to load the page;
  • On the model list, you will see many entries with unknown. Those are models without a name. The name, not the nickname. You are free to edit the page and submit a revision;
  • Edit button. Top right. That allows you edit/add information. You can only edit a page if you have an account. Changes need to be approved;
  • Adding nicknames to an existing CWSW page is done using the Edit button;
  • Tags are now moderated. You can add, but they won’t appear before it is approved;


  • Just a small change on the URL. It is /reviews instead of /review. Links with /review will be redirected to the right URL;
  • Old reviews of models that no longer work have been removed;

For models

  • The new system honors your previous removal requests;
  • Verified models still have verified status, no need to submit it again;
  • If you have verified status, but you can’t edit your settings/privacy, email me;
  • Models may need to wait a bit to have their profiles verified;

Feedback, suggestions, and bug reports you can send to