HallieBear aka AdoredHallie

HallieBear, aka AdoredHallie, OneChicFox, and many other names, was a Romanian camgirl who worked on multiple camsites for six years.

She was sometimes tagged as non-nude and sometimes as nude. This was due to her performance changing according to the paying member and the camsite.

She was also known for being fired multiple times from the studios where she was working.

HallieBear had a particular member running a guerilla marketing campaign to draw attention to her name without actually talking about her. Namely, on MyCamgirl, this person would create multiple pages of random models and add the name HallieBear to the list. This was a poor attempt to give more exposure to her model name.

Name Hallie
Age 29 years old
Country Romania
CWSW page /models/11798


  • Is she still active?

  • Oh yeah more than ever

  • What site is she working on now ?

  • She is back on Livejasmin.com, imlive.com, and liveteenporn.ca as onechicfox.

  • But she is truly not worth the effort to view... really became super diva bitch now.

  • She's listed as a non-nude model, but after you've taken her pvt a few times, she becomes more comfortable with you and will eventually go full nude.. She started out doing smoking fetish pvts for me in nothing but her lingerie. Eventually she would dance and strip full nude. Now when I take her pvt, she goes full nude and masturbates with her fingers for me. It's all about building up a relationship with her. It takes time, but it's worth it.. Her body is beyond amazing.

  • Sadly it appears she may be done camming and moving on to focus on her art.. Part of the reason may be because the studio she worked for when "Non-Smoking" and a good chunk of her pvts were smoking fetish based.. Since she seldom did nude or masturbation, she would do some sexy seductive smoking in her pvt shows. She said she got less pvts now and was making less money.. Sad.. It's fucking retarded to not allow these girls to smoke when there is such a huge demand for "Smoking Fetish" fantasies.. A lot of these studios aren't even allowing the girls to wear stockings or use toys..

  • She seems to be offline since Jan 31th. Anybody knows if she started a new account?

  • She got fired... AGAIN ... from her last studio. Good thing for her Bucharest has so many porn studios. She is working again this week, but not sure if she will have another account on sites . You know Maria was a good girl when she started this about 3 years ago. Shame what has happen to her actually.

  • She got fired... AGAIN ... from her last studio. Good thing for her Bucharest has so many porn studios. She is working again this week, but not sure if she will have another account on sites like myfreecams or chaturbate

  • She is on today... went private with her... I used a different name. She definitely goes all the way now. I was surprised at her new attitude, and lack of caring.

    Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in her performance. It is all very rehearsed and tired. She does not seem interested. I mean we pay a lot of money at the LJ site.

    I guess as well she has let herself go and is not as attractive under the clothes as I thought she would be. Her tits are not that great and the bottom side, well lets just say it looks very, very well used. She could do with a shower and shave.

  • Can you share a video or a pic?

  • google adoredhallie or onechicfox and look at images... also check out xvideo, pornhub, xnxx, and almost any porn site. She has been around a long time.

  • I seriously doubt you took her pvt because she still does not do nude or masturbation in her pvts unless you are long time fan who has showed her respect.. And by the way you're judging her appearance proves you're not privileged to see her nude. She is still fun and just as beautiful as ever. Not much has really changed about her. But if you need to degrade her online and post about it on a site that few people know exist just to boost your sexist mentality, then by all means, keeping posting your fiction.

  • The people here speaking about her are lying... She's awesome and doesn't often if ever show her stuff...

  • Just because she does not show you, doesn't mean she does not to others. This girl is very sneaky, and is good at making you believe in "alternative facts" (LOL). She say she never does but believe me I have snooped on several of her session in the past and present and she does anything for the right amount of money.

    But, to be fair that is why she is her. This is a job for her. She cannot get any other kind of work, she is a school dropout, so this is all she can do. Not sure about her parents support, but I believe she has a sister in this business too.

  • just at her site again... and Byron, I can tell you you are very wrong about her. WOW, she looks good now naked. She has been working out it looks like. Still funny looking tits but the ass has gotten better.

  • I have seen her tits, and they are great - not weird.

    First you said her body was "used" and now you say it's great. She blocks "teasers" during privates so you haven't seen anything that way. You're just full of lies, probably a jealous cam girl.

    I'm a long time member and friend of hers, I know that she only undresses for a special small amount of people that she likes.

  • Byron,

    You are long time member and friend of hers? Then you know her real name? Yeah, right. I do not think so... LOL... Go back down into your parents basement.

  • Wow lol the jealousy is real

  • Gone to her site today. Seems like an very angry or troubled girl. Would not pay to private at her rates with that type of person. No fun.

  • Funny, I have been to see the studio where she works, her studio in is in Bucharest. Was inside recognize the interior. Romania is a great country, a bit of trouble now, but was really good in the past.

  • Got a question: Why all the hype over this girl???? I went on line and saw her in free chat. She is NOTHING SPECIAL at all. She moves around a lot, threatens to ban people, say free chat is not friendly. I mean get real there is nothing there. No reason for any special attention. All of you get a life, as there are a lot of better, prettier, personable and sexy girls on any of these sites than her. Just my opinion.

  • Seems like the same loser changing names to give the appearance of multiple people posting.. How pathetic.. Did Maria hurt your little feelings?

  • You are pathetic, leave her alone.

  • You are all pathetic

  • I thought maybe the number of douchebags on the internet had reached it's upper limit, than I saw this comment section.

  • Agreed the number of douchebags keeps getting more and more every day. Pursue your own lives, not other people’s lives.

  • OMG... You are all right and you are all wrong. They are all opinions, and opinions are like assholes. Everyone has got one. LOL. But one thing for sure she has ALOT of sites listed.

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