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List of 2182 CamContacts' models with detailed information, discussions and exclusive content

What's CamContacts

CamContacts is an exclusive cam site where users can take advantage of conversing with models. There are a lot of unique adult activities that go on this site daily. The user community of this site is massive, and you can get to know models more closely. The site hosts naturally beautiful, sexy, and attractive real webcam girls. On this site, you won't find fake models with cosmetic boobs, bumped vags, plastic bodies, heavy makeup, and plastic surgeries.

That is one good point about CamContacts. Most models are amateurs. Maybe that is why they all want to hide their faces.

It Is a Veteran Outdated Camsite

The site's design was last updated many years. Not a big deal since many camsites take forever to refresh their looks, with some camsites still wearing the same t-shirt since they came to life. But CamContacts is particularly unique because it took forever to change its look, and the changes were already outdated when it did. It was like in 2020, they slightly updated their original design from 2000 to look like from... 2010! They were 10 years too late for the party.

No Public Chat And Credit Card Required For Free Account

This change was only cosmetic. They didn't change or introduce any new features. We still can't see any model in public chat, which opens doors to potential scams. They still require new members to insert credit card information to join the site.

I can give a pass on the design thing. But no public chat and mandatory credit card have always been my pet peeve with this camsite.

There Is No Room Preview

First, I can't check if the model matches the pictures on her profile because there is no public chat. I can only see some pictures on her profile that, as far as I know, can be fake, heavily photoshopped, just pictures from 15 years ago. Very similar to what ImLive allows with their crazy Paid Chat. But at least ImLive has public chat,s and I can check many models before paying anything.

Speaking of paying. That is the problem with no public chat. If you just want to check how the model actually looks like in front of the camera, you will need to pay for a chat.

You Must Provide a Credit Card Even If You are Buying Anything

The other problem is with the credit card requirement. If you try to create an account on the site, the first screen will ask you to set a username and password. All fine. The next step just asks for way too much information that no other camsite asks. They want your full name, address, and credit card info. I agree with this at some level if I am buying credits on the site. But you I am merely creating an account to see how the site works and what options I have.

What CamContact Has To Offer

CamContacts claims that they show the models' real locations. But this has been proved to be easily fooled. This thing with real location comes from the time when CamContacts used to operate more like a "mail-order bride", hence the location being important and relevant. But nowadays, they just have models rolling some love scams without consequences. That is what you normally find in their non-nude categories.

Where are these models exactly? Well, MyCamgirl used to collect data from CamContacts until they removed access to API because they wanted MyCamgirl to send new an insane amount of new customers per week. This ended up banning even big sites. That's why you don't see sites promoting CamContacts. They were all kicked out of CC's program.

That being said, to answer the question of where the models are from, almost all of them are from Eastern Europe, usually from Romania, Ukraine, and Russia. I don't have up-to-date numbers. This is all from 2015.

In 2015, they had roughly 60,000 models registered, but only 4% of these models were online on January 2015. The traffic on the site is pretty slow, and its member list mainly consists of old people.

What Activity You Can Find on CamContacts

This porn website is stuffed with lots of irresistible sensual activities. Therefore, being a member assures you of having the most reliable tips and ideas about CamContacts. Unlike other cam sites, CamContacts features several categories of women who are both professionals and amateur porn stars.

Most of these amateurs are shy to indulge in sex talks. They can even get offended if you begin to discuss more about sex. They are not like the usual sexual plastic dolls that immediately start to play with their vagina as you connect with them on private chat. In fact, most of these sexy-looking cam models are the direct opposite of experienced cam girls.

When you chat with a CamContacts model, the feeling is always like you're communicating with a real-life lady; meaning that they are better as girlfriends rather than being cam sluts. Fact is, there are quite a few Non-Adult categories on CamContacts, so if you desire to make new friends or get married with a camgirl, this is a really a good place to start looking.

Despite their inexperienced displays, these erotic performers are soft and really welcoming to cam site visitors. Also, most of these sultry models are from Russia, Ukraine, and Romania, and cannot understand English language. With this deficiency, they use translation website to interact with visitors. This review explains more about the features of CamContacts, how it works, categories of CamContacts camgirls, as well as how to become a model and earn on CamContacts.

Let's go...

Features of CamContacts

Just like other popular cam sites, CamContacts also have unique features which make it an alluring, sensual platform to satisfy your sexual appetite.

Variety of Models

This is one point that I must give to them. They surely have exclusive models that don't find on other camsites. The sole reason for that is because these models only want to work on a camsite where they don't need to show their faces in public chat, hoping this will protect their privacy.

In general, nowadays, CamContacts catalog is made of girls who don't want to show faces and small studios that put their models to work on less popular camsites as a strategy to avoid competition.

Dedicated Bio Page

Like most webcam sites, CamContacts has a dedicated bio page that features pictures and descriptions of all its models. The purpose of the bio page is to enable you to know these sexy models, especially their fetishes and sexual preferences, physiological features, the types of service they offer, as well as the categories they belong to.

That being said, many profiles are semi-paywalled, with most of the pictures available only for members. And many veteran models still use the same pictures they use since they joined the site 15 years ago.

Also, remember that CamContacts is the first choice for models who want to keep their privacy intact. They don't want to publicly show their faces for all to see. If they post their pictures, they are defeating this idea. Therefore, don't be surprised if the pictures you see there are fake.

How CamContacts works?

CamContacts is premium based. There is no public show or tipping. They are strict and operate in an old-fashion. This means that it does not have a free chat option, so you'll have to opt for the paid chat, which is private. Yes, paying the girl is the only option to talk to her. If you wish to ask her what she is up to in private chat, you either pay to find out, or you can choose the text chat option, which does not feature a video stream, but you still need to pay for it. However, the price tends to be lower than regular private. That being said, most girls will answer with dubious answers or simply direct you to start a private chat.

Once in private chat, you are on your own. If the girl won't do what you want, don't wait for support to help you. They won't refund because a girl didn't want to show her tits. This site enables stallers and scammers. Or, as CamContacts calls them: Shy girls.

How to Sign Up?

The process is easy if you are willing to give away your private info and credit card. The first step is to provide your email and choose a username and password. All good there.

The second step is like a slap on your privacy. It is odd that on a camsite where camgirls choose to protect their privacy, the first thing they ask is your full name and home address. You won't be able to finish the sign-up process if you don't provide them with this information.

Of course, there are ways to go around this. But the imposition they present to you when you try to join them is somewhat intrusive and unwelcoming. In return, it has an undesirable and reverse effect, which turns away many members.

Member's structure and activity

CamContacts as a platform operates in a democratic way, meaning its network is created by its members, managed by its members, and made for its member. That is perhaps the only good thing about this platform.

There's no visible members' structure within the website. Rather, members on the platform can be categorized based on the reason they are visiting the cam site. Remember, CamContacts is both an adult forum and can also serve as a social platform to buy a wi... agh, make friends.

User's profile

All information regarding members on the platform is located in the user's profile, containing the username, age, sex, location, and sexual preferences. This same information applies to the model's profile. Interestingly, CamContacts is one of the very few cam sites where you can categorize cam girls by their country of origin.

Camgirl Chat Categories

As stated earlier, CamContacts feature many amateur models who mostly come from Romania and Russia. These cam girls, who are an amazing mix of races, colors, and sizes, are also a mix of both professionals and amateurs, available to offer whatever type of erotic experience you desire. For instance, there are experienced performers who are dedicated to the alternate sex known as “Dungeon.”

What this means is that these camgirls do humiliation, domination, and submission. This is the perfect place where you can find mistresses for a one on one private chat without ruining yourself because the pricing is lower.

Camgirl chat categories can include:

Glamour Girls – are often adult soft core who are willing to go naked. Women in this category are more experienced, even as they can talk more about sex, relationship, and love.

Make New Friends – is exclusively a non-adult webcam chat where you only chat with camgirls without seeing any nude images. This category does not encourage any form of sex talks with a Cam Contacts model, even as they are not motivated to engage in sexual chat.

A Little Shy – consists of camgirls who are willing to go unclad and talk about sex, but it requires time and effort from them. Ukrainian camgirls are mostly in this category because, in their country, live pornography activities are forbidden. So, they are only allowed to wear swimsuit or lingerie while entertaining clients. This is where people usually find their future wives.

Instant Action - is purely adult hardcore webcam chat where camgirls are willing and ready to go naked and perform live sex shows. But, don't think you will get a cam show straight away. Expect some chat before any action.

Not So Shy – is a mix of both experienced and amateur cam girls. Some of them are ready to go unclad and perform live sex shows, while others are a bit conservative. One of the reasons for this is that most camgirls are from Ukraine, where pornography is highly forbidden.

Fetish – This is basically meant for those whose sexual preferences include pantyhose, lingerie, nails, high heels, PVC, and bondage.

Top CamContacts Models

Sorry, I don't have a list of top CamContacts models. Because of the way the site is, with everything hidden behind a paywall, and the models doing everything to be low profile, it is hard to create a curated list of top models.

Seriously, I can't name a single model that could be considered successful or popular on this camsite. Every good camgirl I ever found working on CamContacts was using the site as an alternative revenue or joined to check it out and never used it again.


The cost of a private chat on CamContacts can vary depending on the performer and their individual rates. The rates can go from as low as $1 per minute to over $5 per minute. The average, based on data from some years ago, is between $2-$3.

The site used to display the models' rates prominently on their profiles. But for whatever reason, they removed this information years ago, forcing people to join the site to find out what was once public information.

It's important to note that additional fees or charges may apply for certain features or activities during the private chat, so it's advisable to check with the performer or the website for any specific details regarding pricing. But once again, some models will tell you to go private chat to know how much they charge for extra services.

Furthermore, non-adult categories usually cost a lot less, normally between US$1-1.5 dollars per minute. Meanwhile, adult categories cost quite higher, depending on the model.

CamContacts pricing in a chart

Premium Show Type Per Minute Cost (US$) 10-minute chat
Strip HiLo $1.25-$2.80 $12.5-$28.00
Open Cam2Cam Session $0.90-$3.30 $9.00-$33.00
Private session $1.36-$4.96 $13.6-$49.6

CamContacts Interface Design

Oh man, it is outdated, to say the least. It is easy to navigate; I can't deny that. But it needs a complete overhaul. They created a new design that is just the same concept with different colors and effects. They may be afraid of what a big change may bring, so they don't want to change much. Maybe that is why, years after the new design rolled out, they still have a very visible option to switch to the old design.

But to be fair, what is the point of doing a true redesign if they don't introduce new features? The site still operates with the exact same chat options and features since 2001.

A website is said to be usable when it has fast and attractive interface, and easy to navigate. This is the reason you can always count on CamContacts as being simple, fast, and easy to use. This adult and friendship chat site looks professional and well-organized at first glance.


How can I make deposits?

You can make deposits via the credit card you provided while creating an account. If you wish, you can easily change your credit card through the "Viewer Services" menu.

Is CamContacts safe?

It is as safe as drinking soda. CamContacts is a legitimate website, duly approved by the authorities. The platform is designed to protect the data of every registered user and cam models on the platform. Of course, its security build up is in line with global best practices, especially as it is encrypted with the SSL feature, just to militate against hack.

Can I get free credits at CamContacts?

Unlike other cam sites, CamContacts does not offer credits when you make a deposit. Rather, its billing system is an instant pay- per-minute billing with a debit card. This means that whatever you spend is what you used. That is very different of how every single camsite operates. CamContacts and Streamate are the only camsites that still work with this pay-per-minute billing and charge members after the show.

The advantage of this billing system is that you can easily predict how much money a private sex show will cost you on CamContacts.

CamContacts: What We Like and Don't Like

Our Likes

  • Suitable to make new friends for relationships;
  • Models filtered by country;
  • Exclusive models;

Our Dislikes

  • No public chat or room preview;
  • Must pay to say anything to models;
  • Outdated interface and features;
  • No tipping;

MyCamgirl's Verdict

This is an outdated camsite with almost nothing different to offer. While all camsites evolved, creating new functions and features, CamContacts decided to be stuck in the past.

You can't see models without paying first. You can't even join the site without giving away your credit card info. Most of the site and its functions are hidden behind a paywall.

The site has potential because it has many exclusive models. But as a service, CamContacts is poor. The only reason it gets models is because there are still many girls out there that only accept to work as camgirl if they don't need to show their face in public.

If you don't mind these points, then CamContacts can give you a fun time. The girls are interesting, and the price for a private chat is not that expensive. But if you are used to interact with girl first, and mainly if you are fan of the freemium concept, then CamContacts is not what you are looking for.