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The adult industry is both wild and exciting. However, the excitement comes when you go for the best and most entertaining adult site. A lot of research goes into coming up with the most used and visited camming platform in the industry. AdultWork comes as one of the leading adult sites for those who seek to have their sexual life re-enlivened.

In this AdultWork review, we've examined the services and offerings of the platform and how users and models can enjoy themselves and make money in the process.

What is AdultWork?

I will answer this with a very straightforward answer that AdultWord's owners may not like it. AdultWord is an all-in-one adult site that can't really properly offer all. With its dated design, cluttered menus, confusing options, and sketchy profiles, it is for sure one of the worst adult sites on MyCamgirl's list.

Why is it here, then? Well, around 2010 AdultWork was somewhat relevant. The site was and still is quite big in the U.K., but in that particular period, the site got an unusual influx of camgirls. Most were studio models from Romania, but also some British and American camgirls. Even camgirls that you would never think they would join such low-quality site.

That was their golden opportunity, but they did nothing to retain those models. I mean, the site never changed anything to work better with camgirls, and it never adopted a decent stream system. They never had live chat rooms; all cam shows were scheduled beforehand, which is a confusing concept hard to understand.

Not to mention that cam profiles are not adapted to the services the girl offers. So, even if a girl works as a camgirl doing cam shows only, her profile will show as "not available" for other services. For instance, the site allows girls to offer escorting services, and all profiles show the escort icon. Even if a camgirl won't escort, the icon will be there to indicate that she does not do it. That leads people to think that she may do it in the future, or maybe she can do it for special members. It also gives the impression that if you look around, you can find camgirls offering this service. Although you can find some, they are extremely rare.

Since the site never did anything to be a better platform for camgirls (it still has the same look as in 2008!), they slowly stopped using the site. The site is mostly useless now.

The Polite Explanation of What AdultWork is

AdultWork is an online platform that provides exclusive adult content. It was founded in 2003 with the sole objective of serving as a virtual meeting platform for people who love sex cam and other adult entertainment activities. Initially, AdultWork was designed to target the UK adult entertainment market. However, the site is filled with various non-UK sex workers who are experts in cam sex and escort.

Unlike many other adult entertainment marketplaces, AdultWork allows a member to run the platform themselves without interference. What it means is that the platform only provides you with the tools and necessary support to efficiently own and run your mature activity. This way, AdultWork can mitigate risks, and minimize costs, while members can manage their investments and activities. Except for a violation of the terms of service of AdultWork, whatever activities you carry on the platform are completely independent of the site owners.

How Does AdultWork Work?

As an AdultWork member or model, there are several activities and options you can lay your hand on. As a member, you can search for independent escorts. There are local escort residents in your location; you can also find escorts outside your territory. Members can use the tabs to look for or view recent profiles and updated profiles based on sexual orientation. A click on the "escort" tab on the site's homepage shows you the profile, name, and age of an escort and the services she's good at and ready to offer.

In addition to viewing the sexual preferences of escorts, AdultWork also offers a wide array of paid and free webcam shows and webcam-based services. While viewers have the webcam option privately with camgirls, the models can increase their picture gallery. They can also add more movies, interviews, wishlists and more. The webcam option also allows models to expand the info about their shows.

Next to the webcam on AdultWork's homepage is the phone chat option. Some models offer phone-based conversations. Phone chat services come in three ways. You can book and get called (outcall); book and you call in (in-calling services), or through DirectChat. But you'll need to register and check the appropriate box. Whichever option you tick, the process is simple, easy, and efficient.

There are models ready to exchange text messages with you. The AdultWork SMS option comes in handy to help you participate in an SMS chat. The requirements are that you must have verified your mobile number on AdultWork and have purchased enough credit to book the messages models send to you. There are alternative and fetish sex services that AdultWork offers. Viewing fellow members offering these alternative fetish preference services, click on the "alternative" button.

AdultWork Payment Methods

AdultWork supports a wide range of payment options. It means viewers and customers have various methods to purchase tokens that they use to tip the models. For payments within the UK or EU, customers can use bank wire. However, those outside these zones will have to settle for Cosmopayments or Paxum. You can request transfers anytime, but Tuesdays are the best days to make a request.

Models get a payout percentage of 65%, but 70% for those who do a book. Meanwhile, there is a 5% fee for using the Cam It Feature. The payment request is often made on Tuesdays to enable the models to process the fund and have it reach their bank accounts in 14 days. If your payment request comes any other day, you'll need to wait until Tuesday and another 14 days to get your AdultWork account.

AdultWork Pricing

AdultWork's prices are reasonably affordable and you don't have to break the bank before you can have access to the camgirl shows. This low rate allows you to enjoy the various excellent services of the platform. You've got no worries.

The amount to pay for a service is not hidden on AdultWork. To have an insight into how much you'll pay, simply hit the profile of your fave camgirl and wait for the page to load. Within a minute or so, a price list will pop up, showing you what you're required to pay and how to go about the payment.

There are several ways you can get paid on You can use Paxum, a third-party e-Money by having your credits deposited into your bank account. Paxum will in turn issue you a prepaid credit card that you can use. Alternatively, Paxum also supports the transfer of funds to your existing credit card. The other method of getting paid on is by cash. You can pick up your money at the Post office, but you have to wait for a week.

How To Purchase and Send AdultWork Credit Vouchers

Members are allowed to purchase credits. You can send the credits to anyone, including your colleagues and friends, using the on-site email address. To get these credit vouchers, you'll need to log in to your AdultWork account. Go to 'Vouchers' and select the number of credits to buy and send. Enter the email address of the beneficiary of the credit. You can either send the mail directly or set a date you'll like the email to be sent and delivered to the recipient.

Once the person signs up with his email address (which you'll be required to provide when filling out the form), they will need to click on 'My Details Page' to redeem their voucher credit.

AdultWork Secure Communication

Another important feature of is its provision of highly effective and top-quality communication channels. The site works with a discreet and secure system which helps keep your conversations outside personal email. This built-in on-site email system ensures that your chats remain online and in the portal to prevent others from accessing the info. For escort bookings, the site provides you with a booking form to fill out and set up a meeting with an escort. This way, you can be sure of a smooth understanding of the price and ensure the client pays the right price and for the right services.

Top 6 AdultWork Models

Well, I can't really make a top 6 list. I can't even choose one single model to say she is the top. Anyone making a list of AdultWork top models is selecting random models for marketing purposes.

Seriously, how can I rank or even try to figure out a rank if there are no models camgirls? There is no public chat concept, only scheduled shows. I can only see profiles with dubious or old pictures that may not represent the model.


Is AdultWork legit?

Yes, the AdultWork site is legit and safe for models and viewers. The platform's customers can feel safe with their data. Models can also rest assured that information won't be shared with unauthorized users. The site uses an SSL data protection system that helps encrypt data shared between your website and the browser.

What is Credit Voucher Used for?

Once you have sent the credit voucher and the recipient has claimed it, they can use it for a wide range of purposes. They can use the credits to access camgirls' profile pages, phone chat sessions, webcam sessions, private galleries, and view movies. They can also use the credits to SMS chat message forwarding and buy items from the site's Mall and purchase objects being sold and auctioned.

How to Conduct Phone Sex on offers members the opportunity to conduct sexual activity via their smartphones or tablets. There are two ways to get this done. You can either use the booking form or the phone number.

In the case of a booking form, you will fill out the booking form, make a payment, and the client will pre-arrange a call time with you. You can either accept or reject the service. Alternatively, you can use the phone sex option. This involves the client calling the platform's number and connecting him to you. You can accept or reject the process. Either way, the client earns some money, but the model's number is kept anonymous throughout the call.

Whether you opt for the webcam booking system or phone call, you won't receive any notification as long as you don't mark yourself as being online and available. Once you mark yourself as being available, you will receive a call from a model.

Pros and Cons of AdultWork


  • Amateur and pro porn videos;
  • Full-length and short porn content;
  • Planopy of services;
  • True amateurs models;


  • It contains way too much intrusive ad content;
  • HD content is unavailable for a non-paid, free membership package;
  • Outdated design;
  • No updates on the features;
  • No public chat. Scheduled cam shows only;