What is the deal with livejasmin models blocking private chats?

Why they do this? Years ago I could spy on almost all private chats on livejasmin. Nowadays almost all private chats are blocked. It's fucking annoying. I can't spy and check what the girl is up to. Some girls block the session as soon as it starts, others leave it open until they get naked.


  • You pretty much answered your own question.

    I can't spy and check what the girl is up to.

    They don't want people to spy. Why? Some reasons...
    1. They have a whole scripted routine before getting down to business, and they want every member to go through this routine. It means money to them. If you were able to spy or jump into an ongoing private chat and watch the naughty part, it means that you didn't have to spend money on the initial mambo jumbo chat/tease shit they do in the beginning of every paid session. How long this routine takes depends on the girl.
    2. They do it to prevent piracy. It reduces the chances of being recorded, but it doesn't stop, specially if the girl is popular. They know that pirates only want to record the naughty part. See first point. So, if a pirate wants to record her show, he must pay for the whole thing, which they usually don't want to.
    3. To avoid multiple members. I heard this from a girl when I asked her why she locked our private session. She said that if it was open, other members would join, request things and I wouldn't have undivided attention from her.
    As for the girl on point 3, I told her to unlock it to see what would happen. It took about 10 minutes for a member to join. He started talking to her, and she replied saying she was with another member and he left. But, according to LiveJasmin, she is not obligated to reply. She must give full attention to the member who initiated the session. Only interact with other members if this does not disturb the first member. At least that was what support explained to me a couple of years ago.
    I asked other girls why they do this, and all of them replied with some variant of "because I want". Trying to get a normal answer or rationalize with them is pointless as they see this as an attack and their response is to be rude.
    In my opinion, the first point is, by far, the most common reason. Though, naturally, you won't see any girl admitting that.

  • No, no and no. The ONLY reason LJ models make privates exclusive is because they lie and manipulate multiple members with bullshit about love and interest. You would be surprised to know that most members believe they have some sort of "special" relationship with these models. Unfortunately, unless you are conversing with these models OFFLINE as in personal social media ( not to be confused with their studio social media ) or with personal phone calls, everything they tell you is nothing more than a big lie, no matter how much you are tipping them.

    The reason they go exclusive is to hide this from all their other members that they are doing the same shit to. Kind of hard to keep multiple regular members with promises of love and a future if they can peek in on a private and see you feeding the same bullshit to another member.
  • I don't know, man. If this is the only reason, then 80% of the girls are bullshiting members with love scam. But yeah, if you are saying "I love you" to all members, then hiding the conversations is a smart decision.
    I have been in private chats with girls who blocked the sessions right away. With most of them it was the first private. There was no love shit or whatever. Just 100% hardcore masturbation. Unless... they promise their lovers to not do this and that for other members, but then they do it anyway. If this is the case, then these guys are at a different level of stupidity. These girls are well-known for their fast deliver of hardcore shows, and somehow these guys think they don't shove dildos up their butts to any member because they are "in love"?
    In any case, I know for sure that many girls have their routines, and they want members to go through it. I have caught many girls right after the member left (they were still naked with dildos around) and asked them to continue the show. Most of them said we should talk first, that it would be better if I came back in 5 minutes and start a new private chat. When I did so, I ended up having to chat with them for 10 minutes or so before I could see a nipple. When I refused to do so, and insisted on the show, they refused or acted so moody and robotic that forced me to leave.
    The "avoid multiple members" I mentioned because a girl told me that. But that is 100% bullshit.

  • I know it is not the situation here, and there are indeed a lot of models locking their privates. But there is also the situation where the member locks it. If the member enables two-way audio, the session is locked. It is for privacy reasons, so nobody can hear what the member is saying in private. The other situation is if the member starts that stupid truth or dare game. I don't know why it locks the private. Maybe it is a technical limitation because only one member can play the game.

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    I didn't mean that every exclusive private is done to prevent a cam models multiple love interests from figuring out what's really going on, but that is the majority of it. I just spent the past 3 weeks with the model MelanieSanchez and she is 100% trying to hookup with members. I sent her my IG and she found me there, then after a quick connection on IG, we moved to Whatsapp where she proceeded to tell me how much I mean to her. This all happened within the first few days after coming into her room. After spending some time in her room, she tried to prove to me she was serious by telling me not to tip her anymore on LJ and that we would just talk on Whatsapp.

    Within the following 2 weeks, I noticed she started talking with multiple other members the exact same way she was with me and so the first red flag arrived. Fortunately for me, one of these members took her private and she forgot to make it exclusive and I did some peek previews only to find that she was doing the same exact thing with that dude, that she was with me.

    No, it's not the only reason models make privates exclusive and yes, members going cam2cam or 2 way audio will make it exclusive as well, but models who are playing the lover scam will 100% start privates in exclusive to keep their bullshit from being discovered. Of course, I have the receipts to prove it in this case since she didn't have disappearing messages turned on in Whatsapp.

    Granted, she could have been legitimately serious about it and was simply "playing the field" by showing interest in multiple members until someone said yes, who knows. Anyways, there are definitely quite a few models on LJ that are down for serious relationships if you know what the fuck you're doing.
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    Thanks everyone for replying.
    I get the point. Main reason is to keep in secret what they say to other members so they can pull the same scam on multiple members.
    But why blocking private chats wasn't that common years ago? Girls manipulating multiple members has been happening for decades. Why suddenly almost every girl start blocking it?
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    I am not going to say who because I don't want to be identified, but recently I had a girl kicking me out from her private. It is a girl who always blocks her private. But I managed to join right after it started, before she could block it. She allowed me there until before the pussy part. Then she kicked me out and her private got blocked.
    I asked support if she can do that. I already knew the answer, it was just an introduction to the issue. But they diverted. In the end they suggested me to ask the model in a message. I did so, and she said she only shows pussy in exclusive.
    Now, about whether she can kick out members or not.  Yes and no. It will raise a flag, and LiveJasmin may ask why they did so. If the model has a good reason (like the member was a jerk, the member was doing or asking her to do something illegal), she will be ok. Otherwise, she will get a warn. I don't know if they still suspend models.

  • Sorry to hear this WhatHank and if that happened to me, I'm not sure what I would do. I mean, if you want to see her pussy, why not just take her private yourself? I don't see the point in joining someone else's private if you can see it in your own private. The only reason I think people join model's privates is the hope of seeing something they normally couldn't afford to, which begs to question if that feature is more annoying the positive. I think the sneak peeks are ok because they are far less disruptive. As for multiple people joining privates, I believe LiveJasmin should just get rid of that feature altogether, so models can milk other members for the boring part of the show and then kick them immediately before the juicy parts.
  • I know this is not the main reason at all. But many Russian girls are blocking private chats to avoid problems with police. The other day I had a private chat with a Russian girl who said she blocks because showing pussy is illegal. I heard this before. Some girls say nudity, some say pussy, some say masturbation... It is a porn license matter. They need one, and no studio wants to pay for it. After police raided a big Russian studio last year, all studios started doing this because they are afraid that police is watching them. It is a bit stupid because police is only going after big studios (why bother with a studio that has 5 girls?) and only if the girl is getting naked in free chat because it is easy for police to collect evidence. They are not going to pay to spy on a private chat.
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    I was just now on MFC, and I noticed that most of the girls in private chat were actually in true private chat. But on MFC the model can't block the session, it needs to be the member to choose it before the session starts, and it costs $2 more per minute. I know that years ago some girls were demanding members to choose true private in order for them to accept the private request. I don't know if this still a thing there.
    Also, on Streamate, many of the girls on my favorite list are usually in exclusive private chats. I know many models there say they only do certain things in exclusive. They claim privacy, but it is just to get more money. Some girls charge like $8-$10 per minute.
    On Chaturbate there are many girls only going private if the private is locked. I have also seen on StripChat some girls in exclusive. Funny that they are usually in free chat or member chat on LiveJasmin.
    My point is, this thing seems to be transversal to many camsites. It is not happening only on LiveJasmin. I think models/studios are pushing more better monetize their time. Exclusive sessions are always more expensive, and that is a good way to make more money per minute.
    In any case, I agree with what you guys said. There are indeed many girls blocking sessions simply so others can't see what she does/says to others.
  • I talked to CristinaRous. She said it's because in her country (Russia) she can't show pussy. So, she blocks all private chats to be sure it's only that member watching and the "porn" police won't peek at her private and collect evidence.

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