Discussion about Cristina, camming since 2022

She is a camgirl since 2022, and works under 3 different nicknames on different camsites

Name Cristina
Country Russian Federation
Model page/models/6104329


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    Does anyone know what happened to her? She was set to come work next day but then her account disappeared.

    LiveJasmin won't tell me what happened. I tried to find other girls from the same studio. But I don't know if the studio had other girls working on LiveJasmin.

    Very strange for a girl who had a very steady schedule and had private chats all the time.

  • Does anyone know what happened to her?

    Check the page you came from. Her new nickname is there. CristinaRous on LiveJasmin.

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    Her previous account was banned because a girl in her studio broke some LiveJasmin's rule (I don't know which one), and the whole studio account was banned. The studio is currently not allowed to return to LiveJasmin. She went to a different studio to continue working. That was what she said. I wouldn't be surprised if the studio got a new identity to bypass the ban.

    I'd say that is why some studios tell boogeyman stories to scare models and stop them from breaking the rules. But some models are reckless anyway and think it is okay, without caring if that risks putting out of job many other girls.

    By the way, she always blocks private chats. She explained that showing pussy is prohibited in her country (Russia), and studios fear the "porn" police.

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