Discussion About Daiana of LiveJasmin Camming Since 2021

Discussion about Daiana. A Romanian camgirl who has been camming exclusively on LiveJasmin since 2021. She previously used the names DaianaElton and DaianaEltons.

Daiana is known for performing extreme anal sex shows. There is a review about Daiana on MyCamgirl with exclusive pictures and videos.
Name Daiana Eltons
Age 25 years old
Country Romania
Model page/models/4828986


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    She used to be sexy and interesting. Then she got the Romanian camgirl starter pack and... nothing is interesting now. Big fake and unnatural tits that are too big for her body. They look like two balloons that are about to pop. Cheap makeup. Cheap hair color. Low quality skank tattoo. And smoking all the time. Everything she wears or puts on her looks low-quality and bad taste. The big botox lips with glossy lipstick look exactly like a cheap slut. She thinks she is being classy with a pinch of sexy but has no idea she looks like a cheap slut.

    She was one of my favorites 2 years ago. Now she is just another formatted Romanian camgirl.

  • Yes, I remember her when she started. The price was lower and the shows were better. For what she was doing I think she had the right to raise the price. But her shows are not that interesting anymore. The last two times I checked she was trying on clothes in a changing booth and chilling by the beach.
  • Unfortunately, Romanian cam models who start out in studios are brainwashed into thinking all that fake shit is necessary. Then you have the ones who go that extra mile by getting everything XL. The fake tits, the fake lips, the fake ass. You name it, they get it done and it's all so obnoxiously done.
  • Studio moved her to prime time, and now she comes online only for the American audience, which is known for bringing big bucks. She keeps her privates open for anyone to spy. But lately there have been some long exclusive privates. I guess she fished a whale who wants a true one-on-one with her.
    I agree with what others said. She is not as beautiful and natural as before. She didn't have to do any of what she did to look hot. Right now, I wouldn't pay a dime to see her naked, let alone pay for hours of exclusive chit-chat.
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