Colombian GabrielaParisi Of LiveJasmin

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GabrielaParisi is an exclusive LiveJasmin model known for her booty. She has been camming for a studio since 2021.

There is a MyCamgirl review titled GabrielaParisi - My Terrific Booty Shaker And Her Next-Level Ass that reveals everything she does in private chat.

Name GabrielaParisi
Age 22 years old
Country Colombia


  • She is still hot, A LOT. Her ass is a dream. But she is getting out of shape. Looks like she has been working more in the studio and less at the gym. I wish she could balance instead of only work/eat/sleep.

  • She used to be online in my timezone. But changed to be online for US audience which is a better time for her in Colombia.
  • @Tomcat Exactly. I had a couple of privates with her and watched a bunch of VIP shows. But then, she proved to her studio that she knows how to monetize traffic, so they moved her to a different schedule to meet the American audience.
    Well, glad I had a chance to fuck that asshole a few times for half the price she is charging now.
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