JulieConner aka MirandaBradberry of LiveJasmin

JulieConner, formerly known as MirandaBradberry, is a busty Russian camgirl who started camming in 2022 on LiveJasmin.

When this discussion was created, Julie only had accounts on LiveJasmin.

She joined LJ on December 2022 as MirandaBradberry, but only worked for fifteen days across two consecutive pay periods. After that, she disappeared for two months, returning in February 2023 under the name JulieConner.

She offers explicit cam shows featuring anal sex, dildo, vibrator, orgasm, and fingering. She was gifted with big natural tits, and a round ass.

Name Julie Conner
Age Unknown
Country Russian Federation
CWSW page /models/6290215


  • edited March 2023

    She was MirandaBradberry on LiveJasmin for two weeks. Then she disappeared for two months and returned as JulieConner. I am sure she didn't reach the minimum payout on those two weeks she worked as MirandaBradberry. So, unless she convinced LiveJasmin to pay her anyway, she performed shows without getting paid.    

    Now as JulieConner she sits there on mobile doing nothing, looking boring, waiting for something that never comes. That is a waste. She is so sexy and hot, and playful. She does great shows. But the boredom that is her chat room makes you think that she is not worth.    

    But she is quite good. She got an amazing ass and a sweet pussy. I was surprise to see a newcomer to agree to put a lush up her ass so easily.

  • She has been creating new accounts on LiveJasmin. She uses the account for a few weeks before getting a new account. Old accounts remain active but not in use.
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