Discussion about Beautiful Brittany

Name: Beautiful Brittany
Age: 23
Location: Canada

She works under 2 different nicknames on 2 different camsites
Model page


  • Really small tits. Cunt is so so

  • I checked this one out. This is actually a couple, but the guy is too chicken shit to show himself in public. Private is not worth the time or credits.

  • Sad... I saw it.... I regret .... JUST SAD

  • She claims to be Canadian, she seems more like a Romanian gypsy. There is also some dude in that disgustingly dirty room looks like that she works in a dump, would not hurt them to clean up, or are they just crack heads?

  • Okay, now I saw this, then read this previous post. I feel like I need a shower.

  • So, on chaturbate ..."Access Denied. This room has been banned." All I can say is about time.

  • Back online and room taken off Banned at Chaturbate. Wonder how they managed that and kept same name and profile?

  • So, caught her act last night. Nothing impressive, actually boring. She says she gives "specials" to Canadians. Not sure what that scam is about, but I would b careful about this one. Something does not feel right about her and her partner.

    Anyone know why her room was banned for awhile?

  • Anyone know what happen to her?

    She went off line about 6 months ago, curious what happen to her and her guy?

  • @Sid LOL...I hear she is spending 12 to 18 months in a place where cameras are for security only.

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