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Location: Romania

She was a camgirl from 2012 to 2016, and worked under 5 different nicknames on 7 different camsites
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  • The deeper the better

  • I think that there are some guys that don't give a shit about the ladies and to post pictures of a model from a private shows that someone likes to kiss and tell. it also shows the disrespect and disregard of the lady. The funny thing is if you really ever knew the lady you would know when you kiss and tell your a total ass hole to her and try to have a good time with the lady again.

    the lady is incredibly beautiful and kind and friendly woman and to be shown so much disrespect after a private goes to show that the member has no care for anyone but himself.

    it is truly sad that a member betrays the trust worse then stabbing someone in the back.

    you know that little white speck on the top of chicken shit......? its chicken shit as well ass hole

  • Refer your model friend to this link:


  • all over the net dude , just copied and pasted

  • they were from the videos she was selling i think.

  • your the second to give me shit for this girl..i don't give a shit she's just a cam girl selling herself

  • i agree with afotl...pretty chicken shit thing to do , and she was not selling the vids , the site she WAS on was selling them and she has put an end to that ....its guys like you that have made her scared to come on cam to try to earn money to live....she is one of the sweetest women to ever get to know , and you just fuck it up for the ones who actually care for her....

  • hey a friend if this is who i think it is mssg me on the site

  • Wait, so that was not from a private you had with her? That's why all you had to say was "the deeper the better". Ok... I'm going to remove the pictures. Come back after you actually have a private with her.

  • thank you

  • Guys are so funny, they have absolutely no idea about anything concerning women.

    the come in here and say things like multi orgasms when none of the guys who say this have been in a private with the lady long enough for any woman to have multiple orgasms.

    They think that going in to a private for 5, 10 or 15 minutes with a strange man would turn on any lady to have multiple orgasms. guys are so stupid thinking a lady can turn on being turned on like turning on a light switch. Get a life idiots and if you think the lady does you do not know acting or what it takes to turn on any lady.

    maybe its the other way around the guy cums prematurely and can't get it up for another hour so they have to spread lies about the woman. But we all know that this woman would not cum for any one of the guys on these sites, and if they really think this they are total egotistical idiots.

    and all the other lies they tell about these ladies just shows this lady exactly what they are.

  • It looks like you're projecting your own feelings here. The way you are talking in long lengths about the cumming of a man compared to the cumming of a woman says a lot about your own fears and feelings concerning said matter.

    Sometimes it's like American Wrestling, a good fake show can still be entertaining. The moment you're both aware of what's happening, you both can have a good time together.

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