AlaiaRhode (BonnieMorgan), LiveJasmin Russian Camgirl

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AlaiaRhode, formerly known as BonnieMorgan, is a Russian camgirl who works mainly at LiveJasmin. You can also find her on SkyPrivate under her original name BonnieMorgan. People refer to her as a non-nude model, but AlaiaRhode has been performing hardcore cam shows and selling homemade porn videos. Her schedule is not regular, and she usually comes online on the go. It is common to catch her shopping or eating out. After she changed her name, hardcore cam shows became less common.
Name Alaia Rhode
Age 21 years old
Country Russian Federation
CWSW page /models/4406122


  • Straightforward when it comes to ask for tips. She started the show getting naked and right away told me to tip for more. She is not subtle or have a cute way to ask for tips. She simply says "tip me tip me".

  • Oh she does that in free chat too. I saw two guys hanging in her room, just talking and interacting with her. One of the guys made a joke, they all laughed, and she was "hey guys, why you don't tip? tip me". She expects tips on a private oriented site and she doesn't even do anything to deserve it.

  • She was BonnieMorgan before and got a new account. As BonnieMorgan she appeared camming from different chat rooms that were somewhat well decorated like a studio. When she got a new account to be AlaiaRhode, her style and behavior changed.

    I had a private chat with her when she was BonnieMorgan. She did almost all good except that she was always pushing for tips and she was soulless. She was seriously annoying begging for tips in private. No excitement at all during the show and acting clueless about what to do. I kept peeking on her shows and I noticed that in almost all private sessions she was not doing much, i.e. being non-nude. Until one day when she started blocking members from spying.

    I asked her what she was up to in private, and she said she would just chat. No show or anything. She is even mentioned in another site as non-nude. Well, she is not non-nude. If she told you that, she is bullshiting you and you were probably scammed.

    AlaiaRhode naked in white bed rubbing her pussy with her red dress next to her

    Funny because she has been selling sex videos of her being fucked and sucking a cock.

    So, when she got a new account, she also changed. First, she does not have a regular schedule anymore. You never know when she will come online. When she is online, she is always broadcasting from her phone, doing her day-to-day stuff. If she is at home, you will see her taking a shower, drying her hair or cooking. If she is out, she will be in a taxi, walking around in the city, shopping malls, or eating something at a restaurant. Anyway, like a instagram streamer. She probably thinks that this concept can work on adult webcam sites. It actually can, if the girl has a huge fanbase or if she has a sugar daddy. She has neither.

    Since she became AlaiaRhode, she has never been in a room that you can call room for private chat. No wonder why she rarely has private chats. When she has, she instantly blocks members. I won't give a try. She was clear that she only chat in private, even though she is not on hot flirt. I won't try getting support to help on this. They will simply give my credits back and tell me to never spend money on her.

    It is strange because she is selling explicit videos. If she is non-nude, why would she produce homemade porn? In any case, the porn Alaia does is really homemade. All recorded by her phone. The cameraman is her boyfriend and all the videos are recorded from his point of view. Yeah, just him holding the phone while fucking her or getting a blowjob. Their performance is just ok. They are just having sex without any excitement. The blowjob is only decent because AlaiaRhode has a very beautiful face. But she isn't not a great cocksucker. It is just an okay blowjob.

    She charges $45 per video. Each video is about 2 minutes long. It is not a bad price. I'd say it is fair because LiveJasmin takes its cut. But if it was 100% to her, I'd say it is a bit on the expensive side.

    These homemade porn videos AlaiaRhode does seems to be her only source of income because she really does not have that many paid sessions. How she can afford to go shopping and lunch at restaurants almost every day is a mystery.

  • She is now charging 4.99 per minute, and she asks for tips to get naked in private. She says she does not want to ask for tips, but then she makes it clear that she won't do anything explicit if you don't tip her. She only explains that when you are already in private.

    Report her if you can.

    • Take her in private chat
    • Ask her to get naked
    • When she asks for tips, close the private chat (rate the session with 1 star if you want)
    • Report to support

    Be straightforward, and don't stay too long. Keep it under 3 minutes. Otherwise admins may not refund you claiming that you were enjoying talking to her.

    Make sure you ask her to get naked, and she asks for tips. If she tries not to make it so obvious, just ask a straight question like, "so you only get naked if I tip?"

    You need to produce evidence so admins can see that you wanted something that is included in the price and she asked for credits to perform that.

    The 1-star rating is just to drop her rating. It plays no role in getting a refund.

    I have no hope of getting her banned. But maybe with enough reports, admins will force her to move to hot flirt. She is a sugar baby looking for rich sugar daddies to flirt and chat. She does porn for extra credits when she isn't milking money from lonely guys. She should be in a different category.

  • I admire your efforts to get her punished. But it is all in vain. She makes decent money with her lonely sugar daddies. That is money to LiveJasmin. They won't bother to enforce any rules on her because that could force her to move to another site. They know very well that if she wants, she can take her sugar daddies with her.

    Her sugar daddies are the guys who will spend good money multiple times on her for months or years. Guys reporting her for not getting naked are the ones who will pay for a 10-minute private and never spend money on her again. It is all about long-term paying members vs one-time members. LiveJasmin will always favor long-term.

    That is why they will leave her alone. And she knows it. As long as she has members spending money on her, they won't do anything.

    I had private chats with her when she used to get naked without tips, and the price per minute was lower. She is ok, but she is not worth $4.99 per minute.

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