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Name: Stacy
Age: 29
Location: Russian Federation

She is a camgirl since 2012, and works under 13 different nicknames on 9 different camsites
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  • AMAZING GIRL. cute, funny and well a good show ;) xx

  • This girl is awesome! If you never visit her room - you lost so much. Her eyes will blow your mind.

    Unlike other models who think only about how to earn more - Stacy like to know you. She provide a personal service for each member.

    Believe me - you will feel that you are special with her.

    Even if you didn't spend any cent but was polite and funny - she will wait you with open arms in her room.

    In private you will see how this shy and funny girl becomes a passionate goddess, that can make all your wishes become true.

    Since I saw her smile - I can't resist anymore... I'm always waiting to see her again and again.

  • This girl had 2 pages. I've merged them (comments, tags and votes too). I've also removed all the fake votes. Good girl, but doesn't mean you can vote for her 5 stars 80 times.

  • Awesome girl, very friendly and sexy. Can't miss her in private!

  • thank you all :******

    im 19 yo btw, CamFan :P

  • Happy birthday, honey! Always be as nice as you are! Hugs and kisses :***

  • Fake vote party again lol

  • a good-looking girl.

  • a good-looking girl.

  • I've been following her since she started at 19. Back then she worked from her apt. & talked, she speaks very good English & has a good personality She had sex with a male blowup doll Her hours suited the US then too. Now She's on much less, not at US friendly hours & she doesn't talk. At LJ it says she's in private for hours so I had a peek once & she was just sitting there & not interacting. Strange.

  • I know what you mean. This is not strange. It is more common than you think. Webcam sites have too many lonely guys with deep pockets looking for someone to be their virtual gf. These guys are normally insecure. One of the reasons they take their "gf" in private is because they are afraid that another member may take her in private to be their "gf" too, and then he loses the girl. So, they monopolize the girl's online time by taking her in private all the time for hours. At some point they have nothing to do or talk about because they are together for too many hours per day. Many members let the girl sleep, watch tv etc while the member go do something else. What you saw there was probably the member AFK and the girl just sitting there waiting for him. I have seen this with this girl years ago. She was there for half hour just chilling while the member was doing I don't know what.

  • Just to add that this girl is not the type that preys for weak lonely guys. She is a decent and honest camgirl. It just happened that one member decided to make her his "gf".

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