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Discussion page about Olivia of MyFreeCams. She is one of the most successful camgirls on MFC. She started on NeedLive in 2011, but shortly moved to MFC where she became a top model.

In December 2015, she announced her retirement. However, in December 2023, she made a comeback after 8 years away from camming.

Name Olivia
Age 42 years old
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  • Sunshine.

  • she is fooling members very well with help from her regulars. if someone tips her to flash tits or whateva, one of her regulars beats that tip to keep her dressed. according to her rules, she doesn't need to do whateva the first tipper requested because the second tipper tipped to undo the first tip. she is doing this all the time and this is how she makes money being a nonnude.

  • she's totally ripping off everyone that tips here .. basically these losers are paying just talk her & watch her bounce her bed and act silly .. NEWS FLASH fellas, you can talk to women in real life for FREE!!!

  • @run

    She can do anything she want. If you tip her 20tk and send tip note "tits bb" it only show how naive you are. Even in real life if you want something there is always price and terms and conditions applied. You dont like her Terms & Conditions? Go somewhere else.

    No model has to do "whateva" tipper request unless she agrees prior receiving tip.


    .. basically you are loser who tip for tits or pussy, they are losers who tip for talk & watch.. NEWS FLASH SEB - you can see millions of tits or pussy for on internet for FREE !!!


  • @Lopata

    You've totally missed my point ... when did i mention anything about tipping for tits or pussy? ... whats this thing u call the internet?

  • "14,200 tokens until group show" that a ridiculous amount of tokens for a group show where you're gonna end up spending even more dollars in group. I have to hand it to her she is very good, i mean very good at stringing these losers along.

  • Some of you people cannot see the wood for the trees.All that these girls are doing is trying to create interest in theirs rooms.Its not real she is'nt actually getting anyone to tip apart from the fake ones.If they didnt try and create something interesting you would just see her sitting there staring into space and no one would stay and no one would be on here talking about it,its called marketing.

  • Really, if you are complaining about this girl ripping people off, then you are clearly not paying attention or you are utterly stupid. Her topics are jokes, her routine is based on sarcasm and jokes. The entire act is meant to poke fun at the way the dirty camwhores operate on MFC. The guys tipping know its not serious. Again, the only ones complaining are the guys that never tip and want it all for free anyway.

  • If u have to pay for sarcasm, comedy or just plain small talk with a internet cam girl then you're the utterly idiotic one. There are plenty of females that you can joke around with and talk to in real life and you don't have to pay a dime.

    Most of her regulars act as if they are "holier than thou" ... but I got a hunch that when they're feeling all hot and bothered they are in the other rooms, slapping the monkey to the "camwhores" that PurplePanther speaks of.

  • B0B? are you the same bob people always refer as the guy who overbids all tips so she can stay non nude?

    the game is, she offers two scenarios, nudity and no nudity, sure that her fans will never let the others tip more for nudity. she's smart. i must admit that. whether she is funny or not it is a different matter. i personally can't stay much longer in her room and don't feel tempted to go back there. if you do, great. keep visiting her. it's your money and time.

    don't get me wrong. i like funny girls and nudity/hardcore all the time is boring. but i can't stay in a room where there will never be any hardcore and the girl keeps joking around for a specific audience.

    my advice for all the guys hoping to see some hardcore? go away. she won't do it. not for now. not while she has some heroes saving her from doing anything more than a quick topless. come back in 6 months. maybe the things change.

    and the freeloaders who stay in rooms without tipping only waiting for a girl to get naked... you got no right to complain about anything. pay first, then you can say something.

  • She is beautiful, intelligent, funny, caring, entertaining and just plain marvelous. All you losers ragging on her don't understand her complexity. It is not until you have a relationship with her, like Olivia and me have, that you will be able to fully understand her. At first it took some tokens to convince her but now we are so close emotionally. All it takes to make her happy is a few tokens, which I am gladly willing to share with her.

  • She is just another online prostitute,nothing more nothing less.IF she gets you hard then enjoy her otherwise don't waste your time and certainly don't tip her either way.

  • I know it's your money and stuff. But I can't avoid to notice that you just admitted that you PAID her to like you. The wonderful relationship exists only in your mind. To her this is just a job and you are a customer that she must keep happy.

  • To some, she is the most boring girl. To others, she is the most funny girl. Obviously these two groups are not seeking for the same thing. One wants watch her masturbating, other wants her attention and caring. Different tastes here, hence, a pointless discussion.

  • She is a doll, entertaining & I absolutely love her & she too enjoys my company. I'm always up to tip and what makes her so refreshing is that she really doesn't want a tip.

  • there must be the same person writing the same EXACT thing about models who dont slut it up and show all or do all online....I just read the same EXACT comment on mycamgirl.net current featured model's comments. Seriously there is no shortage of what you seek....girls slutting it up all over the internet. If you already know this one doesnt, then move on til you find something you want. Grow up, stop complaining, and talk about what you DO like AND appreciate.

  • I sorta feel bad for the poor saps that tip ... lol

  • What a sad person she is. I'm not going to talk about her as not getting naked or whatsoever, that is up to her and her members. But why the f*ck does she have to ask her fanboys to fuck up the rooms of other models?

  • I have checked out her room on two occasions. They were quite a production. I have seen costumes (with matching persona), smoke machines, a laser light show, seductive dancing, flirtation with the cam/members, striptease to minimal clothing, non nude with the occasional nipple slip. I have yet to hear her speak, but there is music playing. There were also a couple of PRERECORDED clips broadcast at the point where someone would expect the nude or hardcore show would start. The clips were well produced, if nothing else. The entire show overall was excellent if you were not expecting nude or hardcore. For a new visitor to a room, you should always watch the show first before you tip. She does not provide the typical cam show. It is an entertaining show but is not for everyone. You could argue that she misleads the viewers with her cam name and the wording of her topics but she does provide a unique show. I am hesitant to call it a great show since it is a show that could legitimately could (and should) be found on youtube due to the lack of nudity. I have to give her credit though, it is working for her.

  • Obviously you have not watched her very much. I have seen her ask to people in the room go on a “road trip” to help other cam girls who are in trouble financially and tip them. A sad person hardly, she is very imaginative and from what I have seen and puts on a great show and her “radio” talk show are also fun. Watch for awhile before comment. She is way more that a girl with a laptop sitting in front of a camera. She doesn’t show it very often but that is almost a real stage she has there with a lot of work into it.

  • Obviously, a lot of haters who criticized her once stayed finally in her room. Why ? Because it's Oliviaville, the place where you get stucked in. Olivia is totally amazing, you can just stay and look at her for hours and finally see nothing. And that's why we like her, for talking to us and smiling in every occasion. More, she is really clever, you won't get bored at all if you watch the show closely.

    Olivia, keep going we love you :)

  • She is great, one of the best models I have ever seen. Been with her a year and I have yet to feel bored in her room. She makes everyone in the room feel welcome no matter what they tip her.

  • I guess it's to be expected that a woman who does not become subservient to low class demands by low end tippers is degraded by that audience.

    This woman is taking a different view of what can be done on a web cam and providing Performance Art rather than a Porn Show, and the low class pervs just can't seem to get beyond it.

  • It's fair to say that MFC is a site with all kind of audience. Lucky her for having found an audience that enjoys what she does. But with no disrespect, but she'd be doing the "Porn Show" if what she does was not working. She is there to make money, be it providing "performance art" or "porn show".

  • My guess is she keeps quiet because all of you have so much to say. Often, what few see as failure is seen as victory by many. To put it lightly, no one asked any of you anything, yet you demean a person who does nothing. I would like to do nothing with Olivia. Yeah, that would be fun, though that experience may not equivocate to the dubious propositions of many of you. If a problem exists with her style, might I suggest keeping your mouth closed and let this problem be our problem.

  • salut olivia !!!! tu es superbe tu sais !!! je suis du quebec et je te veux !!!

  • je suis presentement sur freecam a te regarder et tu es celle qui est la plus belle

  • im guest 78122 on free cam !!!!

  • Simple really - you dont like what she does, go to another room.

    I've watched her a few times out of fascination for her loyal followers who really must be starved of entertainment. She is very repetitive and boring. And she's not hot, wouldn't even get a 2nd look in a bar. Her shows seem to contrive of her miming badly to cheesy pop songs. That's it. Sometimes i think she does a 'radio show' where she talks to some members, but all this does is prove that she's thick as pig shit and really should stay silent as she has nothing to say. I can only presume those that worship at her banal cam are extremely dull themselves to find anything here.

  • Just clicked on this girls profile and a warning from my Anti-Virus pops up.Tells me all I need to know about this Russian studio and the people behind it, AVOID!!

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