Discussion about Lexy, camming since 2021

She is a camgirl since 2021, and works under 12 different nicknames on different camsites

Name Lexy
Age 24 years old
Country Russian Federation
Model page/models/6182368


  • For the love of god. These stupid studios. She keeps getting new accounts everywhere for no reason. It's hard to figure out where she is. I thought she quit but after all she just got a new account.

    By the way, she is Russian, and the studio is Russian, too. But they are on the Estonian side of the border. It seems like studios and girls are establishing businesses there to avoid instability on the Russian side. The studio opens a business and then hires the girls so they can get a visa. Of course, the company they create is not registered as a cam studio. Most likely as a model agency or whatever that doesn't require a license.

  • Not easy being a beautiful Russian girl with nothing else to offer, since Russia doesn't allow porn / cam models. Of course, the studios that don't bribe the government are the only ones that get raided.
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