Discussion about SaraHoland, camming since 2023

She is a camgirl since 2023, and works under 8 different nicknames on different camsites

Name SaraHoland
Age 20 years old
Country Russian Federation
Model page/models/7908975


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    She told me she was dating a member. But either she is too naive or the story isn't exactly how she says.

    So she is Russian and she is dating a member from France. They started dating 2 months ago (the dates here is based on the day I talked to her). That means that after 4 months camming, she felt in love with a member.

    They never met in real life. Everything is virtual through LiveJasmin. But... She was set to move to France to live with him. August 29 was supposed to be her last day at work, and after that she would move to France.

    Now, a few things that make this sound odd. First, although not impossible, due to the war, it is very hard for a Russian person to get a EU Visa. It needs to be family reunion or work visa to make it somehow easy. Or some trick. But it still is hard.

    Her English is very basic. She had to use translator for most of our conversation. Although, sometimes I think she is just too used to translator that she automatically translates something that she probably knows the meaning.

    Her knownlodge on French language? Zéro! She knows absolutely nothing other then bonjour and oui. Yet, she is set to live there with a guy she met 2 months ago on a camsite.

    How will she go about her life if she can't speak the local language or even English?

    How can she decide to make such a big change without even meeting this guy?

    On August 29... She was online. LiveJasmin actually said it was her birthday. On the week after, she was online too. Bottom line, she never really moved to France and she is still camming on that Russian studio.

  • Interesting. But sounds like a fantasy story she created. I saw her online the other day. Is there any update on that?
  • She said it didn't work out, that the guy turned out to be a jerk and they ended up never meeting. She told me to go private so she could tell me the whole story. I didn't go. I am not gonna pay to listen to a story that afaik it can be a lie to entertain members.
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