Girls going straight to gold show

How that works? I saw a girl going to gold show right after she finished one. There was nobody there. It was only me. It happened so fast that I couldn't even see the gold show details.


  • LOL... really? Is that your question? Models have a button to start the gold show any time they want. The reason this option exists is to allow them to start a show without reaching the tip goal. You know, when the girl is ok to do the show anyway for less than the goal.

    But as always, girls/studios tend to use features for things they were not designed, and many abuse the system. Usually they do this when they are already doing a show on another site. But there are also girls doing this so they never stay in free chat. Your only way to see them and talk to them is buying a ticket.

    I am curious. So, I have joined some of these girls to see what they were up to. Some were doing shows on another site, and I could even hear the tipping noise. Other girls were just sitting there legs wide open with a lush, and checking instagram while waiting for members.

    I've seen a few using this feature like a "away mode" for when they want to take a nap. The Member Chat on LiveJasmin used to suffer from the same problem, but LJ started cracking down on this trick.

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