Why so many useless videos on the free VOD?

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Flirt 4 Free's VOD is the best thing the VIP membership gives. But it is full of useless videos of ugly girls. There are 200 new videos every day, but only 5 or so are worth. Although almost every video is hardcore, and some are extremely hardcore, the girls are ugly as fuck. You are lucky to find any beautiful girl that is worth watching.
Why they don't put there videos of the hot top models?


  • Although all privates are recorded, the member and the model need to explicitly choose to share it. Not everyone wants to share their private chats, and a member can only share a video if the model agrees to share it too.

    Flirt 4 Free encourages members to share their videos by rewarding them with credits every time someone buys the videos. This detail is funny because, last time I checked, Flirt 4 Free was not giving a percentage of the sales to models. Yet, they give credits to members. This alone is already a good reason for models to not share their videos. That is why many models have no videos on their private VOD.

    The bottom line is, this is a not so straightforward process that requires both member and model to choose to share the video. It is not a automate system that shares random videos. Models have no incentive to share their videos.

  • Not the answer you are looking for. But there is a guy who always have weird and creepy private chats where he makes the girl wear a ski mask or wrap her head in a plastic bag. Sometimes he makes them cover the whole face with shaving cream or something. You would think models wouldn't want this kind of video being shared, but still, his privates always end up on VOD.
  • Well, they are ugly, but people are enjoying them because every day, Flirt 4 Free gets videos of 200 different girls to add to VOD. And that is only the videos they make available for free for VIP members. They have tons of other videos they don't give free access to.
  • watcher82 said:
    he makes the girl wear a ski mask or wrap her head in a plastic bag
    There are a bunch of videos with girls' faces wrapped in plastic or covered in shaving cream or something.

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