Discussion about Aerona Marshall, camming since 2016

AeronaMarshall, previously known as RarityGirl, is a Ukrainian-Russian camgirl who has been working exclusively on LiveJasmin since 2016.

Name Aerona Marshall
Age 25 years old
Country Russian Federation
Model page/models/6600903


  • Very moody girl. She acts like she is doing us a favor and we are the most annoying person in the world. For anything I ask her to do or show, she rolls her eyes with a face of disapproval. No matter how nice we are. Even for a normal chat she acts like we are stupid jerks.

  • I decided to check out her LJ profile and some things I noticed are...

    1) her intro video that I watched was basically her watching a video of another model or some other girl dancing sexually and she just copied her movements. Considering she's been camming since 2016, that's either a gross disgust for your job or a completely lazy and ignorant approach to her chosen profession

    2) she does have 1310 ratings with 5 star average. However, I was always under the impression that those ratings were only allowed by members who spent at least 5 minutes with the model in private in order to protect models from people spamming 1 star with multiple accounts if she pissed someone off. Unfortunately, this isn't the case and brand new accounts can submit whatever rating they desire which makes the rating system a completely unreliable system.

    3) she barely works, which means she's probably married since most women who do this for the money will work all the time. This might also explain her overly confident and smug online presence you claim she had with you.
  • I don't know if she is married. But years ago she did cam shows with a guy. So you may be right about her being married.
    I also don't know how she is now because I haven't been to her room in a long time. But when she was RarityGirl, she was nice and had a good attitude.

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