Discussion about ErikaBonnie/ElisaDove of LiveJasmin

ErikaBonnie, formerly known as ElisaDove, is a Romanian camgirl working exclusively on LiveJasmin since 2018.

Name Erika Bonnie
Age 23 years old
Country Romania
CWSW page /models/6341557


  • I found out today that she is still camming on LiveJasmin as ErikaBonnie.

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    First, I am not sure that Elisa/Erika is 23 years old. I had a private chat with her in 2018 when she was ElisaDove on LiveJasmin. Her profile said she was 18, but she looked like at least 25. But you never know. Women put some makeup that make them look way older.

    Elisa/Erika is VERY kinky and dirty. There is no limit. Well, no limit as long as I had credits to tip her. Back in 2018 she didn't have the 'anal sex' tag on her profile. So, I innocently asked if she could put a finger in her ass. She said yes, and started fingering her asshole. When I asked if she could put two fingers, she said I would tip 25 credits. Just out of curiosity, I asked how much to put four fingers. I thought she was going to reject it or ask an absurd price. But she asked 75 credits. Which mathematically makes sense.
    I don't like to tip in private. But she wasn't listing anal as one of the things she does. I was paying extra to get some extra. When she saw the 75 credit tip she was surprise and all happy, blowing kisses and thanking me.
    I thought she was going to take forever to start doing it only to squeeze more credits from me. But she actually got in position (doggy) in 2 seconds. Put one finger at a time, and in less than one minute she had four fingers stuffed in her asshole. With one hand she was trying to open her ass, and the other pushing four fingers.

    Of course, I am not naive nor stupid. Though it was looking like she was putting four fingers, I know she was probably putting two or three. It would require her more time and preparation to use four fingers for real. But it was rather enjoyable with Elisa bouncing her ass on her four fingers.
    I never had a private with her since she became ErikaBonnie. But her profile now says that she does anal sex. I don't know if she still asks tips for that or if it is included in the price. But I know that she is now charging less for a private. I paid 3.49, and she is now charging 2.99.

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