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Anasteysh Khvann is a camgirl from Kyrgyzstan who has been camming since 2017 on multiple camsites, but mainly on Chaturbate and StripChat.

Name Anasteysh Khvann
Age Unknown
Country Kyrgyzstan
CWSW page /models/5603322


  • Just a quick screenshot to show that this model is one of the girls who shares her private shows to other sites for free. So think carefully before taking her private as it won't be private

  • A lot of models do this actually. Even the ones on elite cam sites like LiveJasmin. One nice thing about LiveJasmin is that if the model doesn't show the Exclusive on LiveJasmin title in he bio, than she is definitely broadcasting on other sites. If she does have the Exclusive title, you can rest assured, it's just the two of you. However, you will need to request the model place your private show as exclusive, otherwise other LJ members can take 20 second sneak peeks into your show as much as they want for 2 credits.
  • Models with exclusive badge definitively can be working on another site. It doesn't happen often, but it is also not that impossible to find. LiveJasmin doesn't police this much. But if you report to them, they will remove the badge.

    About the LiveJasmin exclusive models. Models must meet some criteria to get the exclusivity badge, besides not working on another site. From what I heard, one thing is that the model must come online often, otherwise she loses the badge. I don't know what they define as often. But I have seen girls losing the badge after 2 weeks offline. They need to contact support to get the badge back. They also need to be online for a minimum amount of time. A girl once told me what she is required to keep the badge, but I forgot most of this conversation.

  • Yes, rules are made to be broken. I guess what I should have said is that LJ Exclusive models are required to not broadcast on other sites in order to keep their Exclusive badge. I generally steer clear of models that broadcast on multiple sites for extended periods of time. I know when models are just starting out, they will do this to see which site gives them the most traffic for what they have to offer. However, there are models that broadcast on multiple sites for the entirety of their modeling career and those are probably the most insincere and disingenuous people.
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