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Name: Luna
Age: 26
Location: Romania

She is a camgirl since 2022, and works under 3 different nicknames on different camsites
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    Public Service Announcement - [removed], is a scam model from Bucharest, Romania. She has manipulated people in the past for financial gain. A report was sent in to LiveJasmin about it with proof but they refused to ban her from their platform, so we are presenting this information to you all, so that you don't become another victim to her nefarious ways.

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    Just an update about [removed]. She was in fact banned from LiveJasmin, so justice finally has prevailed in the cam industry in regards to manipulative scam models.

  • Hi. I can't say whether she is a scam model or not. I don't even know her. But I don't have the time to investigate this, and it is not my job. Just two points I'd like to mention.

    You accused her without any proof. I am not saying you are lying. But you forgot an important piece: the proof. Maybe you provided that to LiveJasmin, but you didn't prove anything here. In any case, as I said, it is not my job to investigate. So, whatever proof you have, don't share it here because you most likely will post personal information, which I will have to remove, and I won't be running any investigation to figure out if your claims are real.

    The second point is that she has not been banned from LiveJasmin. Her account is still active. She simply didn't come online in the last 3 weeks. Maybe you checked her old account. That one is closed, indeed. Or maybe they shadow-banned you.

    And since your original comments mention her first and last name, please, refrain from posting personal information.

    And lastly, this is the second scam you report here. Two different models, same issue: Manipulation and lies. Think about it.

  • Think about what? Do you know anything about how Studio 20 runs in Romania? Do you even know the level of corruption in that business? Of course not. Nothing wrong with a Public Service Announcement. She didn't come online in the last 3 weeks and you call that an active account? You do realize there are accounts of models who haven't logged in for years that are still "active" so I wouldn't get your hopes up about models not getting banned. The fact of the matter is, 90% of Romanian cam models that work in studios, specifically Studio 20 are literally taught how to manipulate people. Not necessarily for offline financial payments, but you'd be surprised just how many models get paid offline. Think about it. LiveJasmin pays out only about 35-50% of what a model earns. It's not just models who think that is highway robbery and you will find that a lot of members are tipping models offline for all kinds of reasons. Some good, some bad, but all against the rules of LiveJasmin.

  • With the recent allegations made against Andrew Tate, his brother Tristian and their two female accomplices, both Romanian born women, I guess it just goes to show that what I've been saying all along is finally getting some much needed attention. I guess this is the part where I say, "I told you so" when it comes to Romanian cam models. Granted, they were arrested for other crimes, Andrew Tate is well known for admitting to scamming people out of money with false promises of meeting women from Russia, Ukraine and Romania. So like I was saying, never ever believe anything a cam model says.
  • I noticed a site admin modified this model back on March 1st, 2023 and removed it from the recent discussion list. Any particular reason for doing so?
  • I noticed a site admin modified this model back on March 1st, 2023 and removed it from the recent discussion list. Any particular reason for doing so?

    I edited it because the formatting on the first post was broken. Her picture was huge, taking the whole screen. I didn't remove the discussion from the recent list. The list is auto-updated as new comments are posted, pushing the old discussions to the bottom. Right now, this discussion appears there in third place. Though, it will jump to first after my comment.
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