Discussion about Aleksandra, camming since 2022

Name: Aleksandra
Age: 22
Location: Kazakhstan

She is a camgirl since 2022, and works under 2 different nicknames on different camsites
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  • greedy little whore working in Almaty. Works with friend rocksalana. Neither of them turn off camera when they go private so you can just watch the full show for free on the other girls camera. DO NOT pay for private with either of these bitches, they wont respect it.

    also they sit naked for free almost all day anyway, so no need to give tokens for anything with these two cheap and desperate whores. neither of them attractive anyway and both think this work is some sort of funny game. tune in and watch them show off their holes for free and then go give your tokens to some girl who actually deserves them. just two more dumb kazakh whores who wont last long. https://media.mycamgirl.net/attachments/N1rJJEKQNIUnbgI3.webp There was an error displaying this embed.

  • agree. they are both boring. sit naked always is not fun at all. if you like prepubescent girls or have some paedo fantasy then these girls could be for you. min_cha one has huge wide open pussy , looks like she been fucked a lot, so probably a real whore working streets too. just watched their idea of cum show. could have put me to sleep. and the constant teenage giggling isn't cute it is annoying as fuck. all the time both of them on their phone too. i don't think they realise this is supposed to be a job and they supposed to pay attention to their fucking viewers not their tiktok. i have grabbed their telegram channel to see if there is anything even tiny bit interesting there. i will post all their telegram content to cwtv. my recommendation too just to watch them naked and playing free and not need to give even one token to them. dont need to wait more than 5 minutes before one of them has a toy in her cunt

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