Discussion about MisaAmaane, camming since 2021

MisaAmaane is a Russian camgirl who has been camming since 2021 on freemium camsites Chaturbate, StripChat, and CamSoda.

Name Misa Amaane
Age 19 years old
Country Russian Federation
CWSW page /models/4699804


  • Another of our typical asian girls, although this one seems to be russian, who has absolutely no clue what the word PRIVATE means. Caught multiple times sharing PRIVATE shows to other sites and completely unapologetic when called out on it. Just bans anyone who mentions it and pretends like she does nothing wrong and the sun shines out of her ass. Has a REALLY big pussy for an asian girl, not pleasant to see. No tight hole, no neat lips. A hole that is permanently open like she already dropped a few kids and huge lips that flap around to either side. Not attractive at all for asian pussy. If anyone needs plastic surgery on her pussy lips it is this bitch here. Make sure not to waste tokens on her, certainly dont think about taking her private, she doesnt respect your money. Give her a little longer on the site and she will be a naked, toy stuffed whore doing double penetration for free like all the other greedy little asian whores

  • I am still baffled by how naive and clueless some people are. Cross-show is a thing of this business since forever. It is on any studio 101 guide. Put girls to stream on multiple sites at the same time, and whenever it is possible, perform the same show on more than one site to maximize earnings. With public shows it is even more common. You take a girl in private and on another site she will be in public chat hoping to get some tips. And it works!

    Next time, tell the girl to log off from all other sites. It usually works well for me. Most girls don't mind, a few girls roll their eyes, but all of them end up logging off and staying alone with me.

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