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Name: Morinka
Location: Kazakhstan

She is a camgirl since 2020, and works under 10 different nicknames on different camsites
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  • Another greedy little bitch who doesn't respect the word 'private' - went private today on chaturbate - broadcast it for all on stripchat. Hate these bitches. Do they expect anyone to want to pay for a private that isn't private? Don't waste time or money on this whore. Find someone who doesnt laugh at you as they take your money.

  • Don't tip her - she doesnt respect goals or anything.

    She took 1111 for doing dildo show and just logged off 2 minutes after making goal with no show.

    She took 666 twice!! for soing striptease show and didn't do either...

    She has dice game but has never done any prize yet for any rolls of the dice

    Dont waste your money with this bitch.

  • and like first comment just saw her go private on one site but show it free on all other sites where she works. greedy bitch who does all for money and dont know what 'private' means

  • Never waste tokens on this bitch. Watched her for a few days now. She never respects private show. She always leaves camera open on other sites when in 'private'. Also she does everything free anyway. I saw her do cum show with dildo for half an hour for 0 tokens - she was just bored and wanted to cum. And seen her do blowjob shows for free too. So just wait in her room and she is going to do free shows when she bored. No need to give her anything.

  • again today she goes private on chaturbate and shows it free on stripchat. also had goal of 666 for striptease - but stripped naked for only 15. so really no need to tip her a lot for see her naked

  • cheap asian whore. geropeb got it right. absolutely no need to give tokens to this girl. she does literally everything for free. just sit in her room for a while and she will get bored and just do free cum show for her operator. gets her tits and pussy out constantly. she even looks really fucking stupid, like an empty-headed whore. clearly only good for this job. selling holes for a few cents.

    from what people writing in her room, it seems her name is Akerke, she is in Almaty, her telegram +996707374764

  • haha - just as i write here the bitch does a private and shares it... someone stuck the video on anon-v and had this to say about her in the comments. I couldn't agree more:

    greedy Asian whore takes a private show on chaturbate but keeps the camera running on stripchat to get more money. so what did she earn? a big fat 0 tokens - in 20 minutes of fucking her pussy, she didn't get one single token on stripchat which is exactly what a greedy little whore like this deserves. she disrespects private show and now has her video on porn sites as karma for it. stay away from this cheap piece of trash. just listen to what she says in this private show. she begs to be fucked and begs for money like some desperate and pathetic whore who sucks dicks for $1 in an alleyway outside a nightclub so she can pay for her drug habit. i wouldn't put my dick anywhere near this girl even if she paid me. one look at her tells you she is a drugged up and diseased whore who fucks anything that has a pulse. she looks like she is pumped full of drugs when she works.

  • she has new account now - probably because all know she just a cheater on her old accounts. dont be fooled with new account - stay away from this cheap whore

  • Stupid bitch sets some crazy low prices thinking it will help her get some money at last. Some dude in chat even trying to teach her that if she puts low prices at the start of a new account, she will be stuck with them always as people will learn that is what she is worth. Moron thinks she can just magically make them expensive later and people wont complain https://media.mycamgirl.net/attachments/ybdJ1eE5wiNq2CMc.jpg There was an error displaying this embed.

  • she made it to 816/999 for her goal then decides to take short break - and comes back and resets goal to 0/999 again. Banned all the people who had tipped towards goal and complained about her resetting it. Real bitch.

  • Akerke Smailova from Astana, Kazakhstan. Attended school 29 in Astana. Old vk for her where you can see her photos - id236380700, id239215689, id485078053

  • she is back working same as before. takes privates one site - shows it free other sites. dont pay this greedy kazakh whore - just watch for free. really a huge whore, she dresses like a cheap whore, her makeup done like a cheap amateur whore, not one bit of classiness in her. just wait and she will be naked and playing for free - no need pay for show boobs or pussy - she will do free pussy play if you wait cos she looks so fucking cheap and stupid no-one wants to tip her. I watch 2 privates she show free today on sites and she dont know even how to tease men. the first second she in private she just naked with 2 finger up her pussy and her cream everywhere begging for be fuck. no dance or strip or tease. just fucks herself. same for blowjob she do today. no tease. no nice lick and stroke and play. she just shove cock in mouth and choke on it. no wonder this bitch make no money. she have no idea how to be sexy - she just know how to be stupid whore and no-one pay good to see this. she dont even wear panties - pussy free to see all day in her room.

  • do NOT give money to this greedy bitch. she works multiple sites and doesnt know what private means. when she tales pvt show on a site, then 100% you can see it free on other sites. she looks like a cheap greedy whore and she is a cheap greedy whore. and what others write is true , she is an ugly desperate whore and just shows all for free anyway. doesnt think anyone will notice her on sites like cam4 , whoring it up there while someone pays for the show on stripchat or cams. on cam4 she is TeplarAssassin

  • cant add new nicknames again, so i write here. this cheap little whore is back on all sites with a new name. chaturbate / stripchat / cam4 / bongacams / cams / streamate : NamiAyuzawa . dont give her money, she is a greedy lying cheat, and if you just wait she will get desperate and do shows for free or with her operator for fun. no need to pay her for it.

  • I wish I had checked this site before giving any money to this bitch. I THOUGHT I was having a private show with her until another member pointed out she was on about 6 sites and hadn't closed her cam on any of the others. I was paying for a free show for all the world. And to make it even better I find that the show is on every porn site now too, and has her saying my name in it. I told her my name to say as I THOUGHT it was private, not that all the internet was watching us. Stay away from this bitch, watch her if you like her but dont waste any of your hard earned money on her.

  • still cant add new nickname here on site. but she back working chaturbate as : ako_okame_

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