Gaby K and Klau D, a duo of lesbian camgirls

Sunshine Babes together in bed

Gaby K and Klau D were a duo of lesbian camgirls from Hungary that worked for one year on Streamate and Flirt 4 Free.

Name Gaby K and Klau D
Age Unknown
Country Hungary
CWSW page /models/971


  • The typical studio lesbian show. This Gaby K has like 3 lesbian accounts on Flirt 4 Free, playing with a different girl on each account. Not sure if it is a Hungarian or Dutch studio, but this studio got like 10 girls and put them to play together non-stop for hours. The girls look all the same, do all the same with that cameraman moving/zooming the camera, that at some point the girls are acting like robots. Not to mention that most of the models are not into lesbian thing and forge the whole show. This studio has turned the lesbian fantasy that every man likes into a stupid boring show.

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