Discussion about DeliciousAngel

DeliciousAngel was a Russian camgirl who worked for only exactly five years between 2016 and 2021. She was blonde with blue eyes and big natural tits.

Russu claimed to be non-nude, but she was seen multiple times flashing her tits in public chat in exchange for tips. She also used to perform shows on Skype, where she would sometimes have sex with a guy.

Name Russu
Age Unknown
Country Russian Federation
CWSW page /models/18557


  • Her account 'DeliciousAngel' is on stripchat.com. But there is no dropdown option for stripchat so I used cams.com. Admin please add stripchat to your list of cam websites.

  • does meet with big tippers

  • claims to be glamour model but actually just one of those many cheap romanian whores..... give some tips then ask how much for a fuck and you will be surprised how cheap she is.

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