Discussion about NellyBliss aka SavvyIvy of MFC

Commonly known as NellyBliss, also SavvyIvy on MyFreeCams, she is a veteran camgirl who has been camming since 2013 under several names on multiple camsites.

Name NellyBliss
Age 32 years old
Country Romania
Model page/models/13085


  • If you like sexy smart women with tattoos on both legs, Nely is the one for you!

  • Is this a new connection? https://xhamsterlive.com/NelyBliss/profile

  • There is a mis-spelling of her xcams account https://www.xcams.com/en/chatfs/NellyBliss/

    Bliss not Blise

  • Her Profile name for MFC is incorrect. It should be: https://profiles.myfreecams.com/NelyBliss (no h on the end)

  • Her Streamate page has a mis-spelling https://www.streamate.com/cam/NellyBlis

    Just 1 s at the end! It is not closed. Can we add this, Thanks!

    She now has a full back tatto with much more each leg. Those tats frame her perfect bum when in doggie position.

  • I am amazed that Nelly is an undiscovered diamond as a cam-model. Her sense of humour, her willingness to try new things are just part of her great personality. Just finished a 30 minute private with her as she explores her new toys for maximum Pleasure. Glad I found her more than 3 years ago.

  • Nelly has a new nickname of NellyBlissX on Streamate/Camcrush. Thought someone needed to know!

    Just finished an amazing half hour with her in private.

  • It looks like NellyBliss or SavvyIvy has retired in 2023 October as her stats are nil on Streamate and MyFreeCams. Too bad as I really enjoyed my sessions with her. Luckily I have recordings on mfc
  • Please share some videos of her. Definitely miss her too

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