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This is a discussion page about Romanian twin sister Anook and Alesia (sunriseTWINS), who have been camming on MyFreeCams since 2010.

Name Anook and Alesia
Age 32 years old
Country Romania
CWSW page /Anook


  • actualy sunriseTWINS are from Romania they born there and they living in madrid not barcelona..for sure

  • Hi,

    i know them personal for a long time and they realy living in Madrid not Barcelona and they born in Romania.They moved to Spain years ago..And i know they lie too

  • Do you know if they work on other sites?

  • just mail me at my email..


  • ey, what happens? i want to known too. Damm!!

  • What Erick had to say, most part, is not really a secret and confirms what I already knew. But he prefers to keep this chat with me through e-mail. I have to respect that.

  • ok, no poblem. i'm joking.

  • hey u guys, why do u even care where they r from?? u cant sleep at night if u dont know where they live or what?? whats ur problem...they r in spain...and so it is!! i know these 2 girls better then everybody here on the website, so scrue u...they live in madrid and they say they r from barcelona so there wont be any problem with some lunatics here on mfc...whats the deal? they have 2 protect themselves... they r coming in romania 2...they live like half in spania and half in romania...what is ur problem man???

  • @ Diana,I'm jealous that you know the sunriseTWINS that good and better then anyone..How long and how good do you know them Diana???

  • Poor poor Diana,first she has the guts to come here to brag about the Twins that she knows them that good and if i ask how good and how long she scared to talk and answer ;)

  • i know them for 3 years , so pretty good !

    poor poor u erick...ur only speaking 2 dont fall asleep ;)

  • These girls seem to have vanished from MFC, have they changed their name or moved sites?

    Wonder if anyone got that laptop...

  • Now that you said that... I have noticed just now that they didn't appear on Miss MFC February.

    Well, these girls broke some MFC rules, including incest, which is highly forbidden there. Their shows are really hardcore. Also, they are known for using pictures of Gisele (LoveGisele/xoGisele) on their profiles on cam4 and LiveJasmin. It just surprises me that MFC has took so long to take actions.

    That being said, their account is still active. It is just the profile that is inactive, that's why you are redirected to main page when accessing the profile. Maybe they got suspended, not banned. Or maybe they are on vacation and turned off the account.

    If they got banned for doing incest and MFC has applied to them the same they applied to the triplets, they may be forced to either have an account to each one and work separately or, if they want to work together, don't touch each other on cam. This is what I heard about the triplets. Although the triplets still touching each other, but it's softcore now.

    I don't think they have moved to another site. Unless they have been banned for good, they have no reason to leave MFC. They are quite famous there and camming on MFC is very profitable to them.

  • They did indeed break some rules, it will be interesting to see if they reappear, I will keep an eye out.

    Keep up the good work.

  • well one if the sisters gor a account on MFC SUNRISEalesya, she work alone.the last day was active.

  • Thanks for the info elasticman.

    Then, I can only assume that MFC suspended the twins account and forced them to get separated accounts.

  • I just talked to SUNRISEalesya and she said that the twins account got banned. No more girl/girl shows between them. That's why she has this new account.

    Her sister does not have an account yet.

  • It's almost Spring,and a new sunrise just got born..


  • I know the girls fairly well. Alesia and Nataly have concentrated on their own pages now... Its hard to stop a SUNRISE.... :~D

  • These girls ask 1600 tokens for just simple oilshow,way too much imo..Nataly and Alesia allready had their birthday on 11 december(see wishlist)and now after 6 months a second birthday.

    So what is real and what is not,what is right i think they forgat...

  • Is that a countdown where many members contribute to a public show or are they selling a video? 1600 tokens for an oil public show is a normal price. Some girls ask more, others ask less. Many members end up contributing with 10, 50 or 100 tokens and others don't even tip. But if they are asking 1600 tokens for a video, it is pricey, but they have the right to set whatever price they want.

    As for their birthday. Someone has already drawn my attention to that a couple of months ago. They have 3 different amazon wishlists and in each wishlist they have different birthdays. But I must be honest, I've never seen them celebrating 3 times in a year or using this to get more gifts/tips. This was probably due to privacy.

  • Dear Diana i know both these girls in real life however i find it very sad someone like you would have to use others for your own self centred attention however to libel someone is a illegal offence and hopefully when i get hold of the owners of this server they will supply me your ip through the courts and maybe we can see how big your mouth and wallet is then and rest assured allied legal don't play childish games so if this is your site may you take the 7 days grace i give you until the court orders and cost fly your way and if you don't think I will do it have a word with the owners of hamster

    Thank you respectfully

  • my apologies Diana it is my cam girl that post is for i have managed to find the server and hosting site now i will deal with them and having heard from the girls they are alive and well and confirmed they know you.

    However to any other members posting a blog remember you can comment you don't like a show however be assured anything you post defamation wise will be followed with a court action.

    and that been said thanks for all the positive feed back too guys these girls are good people and to use Diana's words "what does it matter what some loser who sets himself up as a cam girl reviewer matters in life" To my cam girl do not intimidate girls for your own kicks

  • a lot of bullshit here .... but is ok ...when is only bla bla bla ... u guys dont have your own life!!!!dont have what to do at home ...i understand ..boring life !!!!! i love to be popular ...keep talking about me !!!!! Alesia

  • They are working together again. They are naked right now under SUNRISEalesia's account doing some kind of countdown. Tips make them play with each other tits. I don't know if they got approval from MFC to do so. But as they are just average models when they work alone, doing incest shows is the only way the can get back to big tips. It is all about money. These girls would suck a horse cock and cum swap if they could make good money out of this.

  • I want my 200 tokens back from friendlist,Cause the list it's worth of nothing..they never reply emails!!

  • This is another scam. Tokens spent on tips are not refunded. So if you don't like what you get, you can't ask for your tokens back. That's why the twins don't care whether you tipped or not to be on their friends list. Wanna be treated as they like you? You need to tip much more than 200 tokens. These are the kind of girls that no matter how cool you are, or cute or gentleman, you only have a chance with them if you have money. They are moved by money, man. Professional gold diggers.

  • Bro...they're cam girls. Of course they're motivated by money. Who gets naked on pay cam sites and don't expect to get paid? It's pay, they get naked. The odds of even the coolest guy meeting them is slim to none. Common sense.

  • Facebook accounts of the sunrise twins[removed][removed]

    And this account might be the girl who wrote here Diana.She worked also as a webcam girl soem time ago and maybe she still is active in this field.[removed]

    <i style="color:#E01B4C">Edited by MyCamgirl: Do you think it is cool to post a link to someone's facebook if you are not sure that is Diana? Plus, her facebook is irrelevant to this debate. The same for the twins facebook accounts. But their accounts were closed.</i>

  • u really are boring guys !!!!!!!!!! get a fuking life and go to work bastards.... i dont give a shit if u have mu fb cuz ill never accept idiots like u :)))) ... stop fuking pathetiks guys

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