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Name: Miriam
Age: 35
Location: Romania

She works under 4 different nicknames on 5 different camsites
Model page


  • it has completely disappeared ... like many ....

    adios beautiful girl

  • I do not understand this woman from Eastern Europe that she connects only 10 min or 1 hour max, and who is absent one week or one month ... and do not want to talk

    Since 2010, I m'interresse little lazy with models. it's a shame, because the pro's are not all shy or reserved and is serious in their job. And above all we know when they are connected

  • she exist yet or no?

    Because LJ or XLC and other, she doesn't work since a long time.

  • Yes XloveCam at the moment, but very rarely since 2009 ... Girl is no fun and no top. Good Luck JackRabbit55

  • I noticed when connected lovsex, she is never present. Even on website not indicated here.

    It is to believe what this hate. Anyway it really does nothing to change, so no interest to continue with this still absentee.

  • finish ... has disappeared permanently -:((( without warning

  • After about 2 years of absence, I have viewed by chance on chaturbate , but by the time I was logued and offline: (((

    She uses SKYPE or YAHOO for show, this is why we do not see more.

    What disappointmenta shame

  • hopeless ... I have seen 1 min and it is never reconnected. She did not respond to my emails. someone to let that info here, hoping that I connect at the right time...

    I leave some photos you will understand ...

  • We do not know ... This looks like a fake video in loop,and those breasts are again, and no sexy...

    She can be sad of these new breasts...

  • Indeed it is a video false on chaturbate.com of 30sec in buckle.

    I understand not that chaturbate not banned this model FAKE (in live)

    I do not risk to go pv there


    Its it is one slut

  • I think models are or were allowed to use recorded videos on Chaturbate as long as they say so. I remember seeing some girls that instead of "chaturbating" or "in private" had a label saying "recorded". Not sure if this is still allowed.

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