Irina aka KissofaCobra of MyFreeCams

KissofaCobra wearing black hat

Irina, better known KissofaCobra on MyFreeCams, is a veteran Russian camgirl who has been camming since 2014.

She is known for her explicit and hardcore cam shows that she performs on public chat in exchange for tips. These popular shows helped her rise to the top and finish multiple times in Miss MFC top 20.

KissofaCobra is blonde with big fake tits that were well done. She has a slim figure, a nice round ass, and a pink pussy that she keeps well shaved. She can be described as a supermodel. Depending on how many tokens she gets, she will perform anal sex in front of hundreds of viewers, who will keep tipping to push her boundaries.

Although she has kept her MFC account active, since mid-2021, she has been online only one day.

KissofaCobra is Andrew Tate's ex-girlfriend, a British-American criminal living in Romania known for running scams through the cam studios he owns. She has been in and out of relationships with him since she joined MyFreeCams. In 2019, pieces of evidence were shared on Twitter of her connection with Andrew Tate, which links her to criminal acts in the camming industry, including scamming members and camgirls. This may explain her online absence since police investigations started against Mr. Tate.

Name Irina
Age 32 years old
Country Russian Federation
CWSW page /models/15322


  • Not only is this cam model drop dead gorgeous, she is charming, genuine, and one of the funniest, classiest people on the face of the planet. She is appreciative of every tip she gets, no matter how small, interacts constantly with her fans, and has created an atmosphere in her room that is just fun to be around. Her many regulars can attest to that.

  • Absolutely stunning girl with an infectious personality, it's just a shame this PillowMetal guy is in her room 24/7 talking bullshit. Whenever he's there he just doesnt shut up. Dude needs to get a life.

  • I was a big fan of hers when her and Rosie were camming together as RosieBooBoo - Irina is just sex personified, gorgeous and down for whatever too. (though her "squirt" shows are just her letting a little pee out - I called her on it and she blushed for days afterwards lol) just a straight up fucking fantastic show and deserves the super star status she currently has.

    BUT ..a word of warning. For some reason she kept going on about how single she was and wanting a sugar daddy (not my thing) or that we should meet up for real (also not my thing).. just weird as you could often hear male voices walking around the room just off-cam while the girls are naked (so not some random room mate or her

    I told her I dont fall in love with camgirls or even meet them but she kept on bringing up how single she was and that we should meet or get married etc ... The icing on the cake for me was when I talked Irina into a BG skype show and the "random fuckbuddy" she bought along for the fuck show had the same huge snake tattoo she does.. so obviously her man for real.

    Maybe she is so popular now she doesn't have to run that game anymore but if she has you under the impression she is sad and single and needs a man in her life.. she is playing you out. an obvious line that probably works on the lonely loser types.

    I resented her continuing to try and use it on me especially as I dont care either way if a model is married or single or has 10 long as their shows are good I will spend.. so I havent been back.

  • Obviously this host didn't really want to meet you. But assume a host sincerely wanted to meet you. (Unlikely, but not impossible.) And assume she's not a pro. Why wouldn't you meet her? You'd rather wank off to a girl on the internet than fuck her in real life? That does not make any sense to me.

  • he wrote why she would not meet for fuck she has a dude so she be taking u for shopping only , so not be a idot

  • Fair enough question - plenty of nice looking girls where I live (Australia) who will fuck me for free :) so I don't think spending thousands for plane tickets, hotels to some run down East European or Sth American village (with the risk of getting mugged thrown in just for fun) is worth the effort. If i was lonely or unable to meet girls in real life, or if Aussie girls all get ugly and refuse to sleep around (worst nightmare!) then I might change my mind.

    Also, I got a bit of a naughty past so can be an issue getting into other countries...

    Hope that make more sense now?

  • @White Knights. Yeah makes more sense. Sounds like you're not philosophically opposed to meeting hosts, it's just you're in Oz so it's too much trouble logistically, legally and financially for you. Question though. If there are so many nice looking girls where you live who are willing to fuck you for free, why spend so much time and money on these sites? Why not just fuck the nice looking girls in real life for free? That's what I would do. Seems cheaper and more satisfying.

  • HA! Sounds nice - if I could I me! Aussie girls are hot as fuck..and mostly keen to sleep around..just not always with me :D I wouldn't describe myself as some pick up artist or stud..just a regular single dude. So, on those off nights when I can't pull or can't be bothered heading out on a sketchy Tinder date.. I might find myself on MFC playing with models... I have athing for the Eastern European girls - those accents just do it for me!

  • @White_Knights_Suck, I heard she did BG shows. When was this? Before she got her own cobra tattoo?

  • She is a thief. Don't buy anything from her. You won't get it.

  • The guy you heard in the background is her boyfriend Emory Andrew Tate (kickboxer)... google him.

  • She's an attention seeker just like her boyfriend Andrew Tate. He's been begging to become famous/relevant. Never got the fame he wanted from kickboxing, tried to get famous on big brother and failed. Now he's trying to be controversial on the internet because he's hungry for recognition. Obvious she's only with him because of his money. He's not even that rich, cars are leased and house in bucharest is rented. Fake it till you make it. Losers.

  • She is a liar and a thief will never give you what you purchase or conveniently forgets and don't hold your breath if you win a date with her it won't happen as for Tate she works for him

  • Very true James Bond. That's why I'm done

  • Basically a whore for both Tates maybe they take it in turns to have a go in exchange for her to live in there house

  • She's also not Russian, she's Slovakian. Biggest liar and scammer on MFC. So many guys fall for her bullshit. I find it funny. :)

  • she is only interested in money sad thing is that guys actually think she care about them when all shehe is doing is playing everyone of them while she and tate count the money and stay in expensive hotels round Europe trying to convince them she needs the money its ajoke

  • Guys its really stupid to think that all cammodels tell the real info!We dont and we dont have to becouse all this virtual world is full of sick perverts like the ones here porsting her real name!!

    !Most them keep it as secret becouse of security reasons and it is really pathetoc to come here and write any models names!!

    James Bond besides that its not your fucking business how we spend our money!!!An obviously every camgirl is interessed in money- it is or fucking job to talk to loosers like you! In real life no one of these beautiful girls woul even look at you on the street so better shake your wallet and pay for the attention we give!

    Really sick of reading bullshits under models profiles, if you dont like her- just dont go in her room ! Not stalk her like idiot and pretend to be smart ass in front of other idiots!

  • @Another Model: And it's exactly this arrogance which makes us 'losers' upset, stalk and post 'shit...

  • your arrogance is unbelievable yes you are entitled to spend your money how you want to but to lie about going on dates and sending your customers stuff is basically theft and taking advantage of people who help you make a living so if you think they are losers think you should look close to home @Another Model if you are so good you shouldn't have to lie to get your tips

  • She always is doing date raffle..I wonder if any of winners ever get to meet her?Or its just a bullshit?

    If she is liar and thief then how come she still have so many regular members tippng her?

  • I've been lied to by her many times in the past and I didn't get my date either. I also know of several others who haven't gotten their dates but I won't mention their names. I'll let them speak for themselves if they wish.

  • Didnt you tip her 60k for a date?

    and why is she refusing to do it?

    if its true then it is such a scam, you should report her to mfc !! andcome out loud, becouse its a big money !

    She and her friend Mel are two of the most arrogant bitches on the site, pretend like they are the hotest ones..Ok Cobra is hot but that Melanie is just trying to copy her,looks like absolute crap.

  • She says I didn't get my date because I made her feel unsafe. Because of reasons listed in other posts like lying, theft, ignoring messages, delaying or refusing to send things that I paid for like videos, panties, Skypes and all the other bullshit she sells I called her a bitch, slut, whore, piece of meat and everything else I could think of. She's notorious for that. As far as meeting kingofirina all I can say is congratulations. I believe your only the second date raffle winner that she's met. He must be a hell of a guy. She'll probably send me a WhatsApp message saying she'll forget all this and love me forever if I'll put $1000 in her bank account. It's happened before. Everything has a price with her. No thanks Irina...........I'm good. Believe whoever you want to guys. It's your money.

  • Even when she is trying to convince anyone about how honest she is bullshitcomes out of her mouth how can someone be scared to go on a date but still be friends for a start unfortunately friends to her are basically cash machines all one way one day she will realise you can’t treat people like idiots some of the men on her spend sometimes a week wages apparently what she makes in hour so surely they deserve what they pay for but she has no

  • You cant really be mad about cobra pretending to be someone else or her being from somewhere else when you have guys like Bill, who wanted to meet her and now he doesnt mind exposing information about her.I wouldnt feel comfortable to be around this kind of member either.Whatever happened between you two im sure she has a reason why she didnt meet you and im pretty sure you know what that reason might be? ... Not to be taking sides but surely there must be a reason for it...As another cam model i dont tell where im from for the exact same reason... And so what if she has a boyfriend? So what if she has 10 boyfriends? Or not at all? Is it affecting your life in any way? Shes there as us all of us to give shows and make friendships with members and make money .I dont see why is it any of you guys business who she is with or not. Shes NOT your girlfriend to be owing you apologies or explanations for that...After all if you dont like her go to other rooms like mine hehe

  • you are correct it is non of our business about her private life but she tries to convince that she is single and wants something more and happy to take money of men who want to get to know her for real she asks not the members she quite happy to take thousands knowing full well she has no intentions of meeting them so really she is false impression and constantly scamming people

  • Where are you getting all this information from? That she takes thousands and doesnt meet?How do you know what youre saying is even true?..

  • I know she didn't meet me from personal experience. I also know why she didn't meet me and I mentioned that in my previous post. Did you read it? I also know she didn't meet James Bond and he mentioned that in his post. I also know for a fact of 3 others that won date raffles that she didn't meet because the winners told me that she hasn't met them. That's where I'm getting my information. Where are you getting yours?

  • So, she lied to you to get money. Good on her. That's her job. If you're dumb enough to believe this (or any) model's bullshit, then you got what you deserved: nothing. Jesus H. Christ. And sure, she's going to get fucked over at some point as well... because she's a lying scammer and it will ultimately catch up with her. But, for now... she's doing the scamming and she's good at it. And she knows that, "a fool and his money are soon parted." Sounds like a good businesswoman to me.

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